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domingo, fevereiro 19, 2012

'Ladyboy' Smear By Consultant In Feud Over Divorce
A hospital consultant waged a poison-pen campaign against her ex-husband accusing him of being gay and branding his new girlfriend a Bangkok ladyboy, a court heard.

[Ireland] [Commentary]
‘I know I’m a woman, and my gender should be recognised’
Last year, transgender woman Louise Hannon was awarded damages by the Equality Tribunal after being discriminated against at work. Here she describes how the fight for recognition is not over – and how proposed legislation introduces humiliating new hurdles.

[Sweden] [Commentary]
"Time to abolish the requirement for sterilization at sex change"
Everyone is equal here. From the Christian Democrats' side, we have been clear that the issue of sterilization at sex change - as well as other issues related to children - requires careful thought and analysis. Many transsexuals are met with hatred and fear, in violation of the principle of equal worth of all - the hallmark of Christian tradition of ideas and thus the Christian Democrats. Therefore, it is
our opinion that the requirements for sterilization at sex change should be abolished, writes Christian Democratic party leadership.
Christian Democrats u-turn on Swedish trans sterilization
Sweden will remove the sterilization requirement after strong pressure from the national and international community

[Commentary] Forced sterilisation of TS/TG and gender variant people in Sweden will be stopped

Mudança de nome e género sem efeito retroactivo
Um tribunal rejeitou um pedido de alteração de nome e género nos diplomas escolares a um homem transexual depois de se submeter a uma cirurgia de correcção de sexo, com base em que equivaleria a uma alteração da história.

He was a she. But a killer?
The case of a transgender husband convicted of murdering his wife had 1920s Sydney society in thrall, writes Tim Barlass.

[New Zealand]
Corrections' stance on prisoners "dangerous"
Auckland-based transgender support and advocacy group GenderBridge is describing Corrections Department policy to treat people based on the gender on their birth certificate as "discriminatory and dangerous".

Advertising Standards authority says contentious ad is misleading
Advertising Standards Canada (ASC) has found that a transphobic "Stop Corrupting Children" television ad created by the Institute for Canadian Values is inaccurate and misleading.

Pubertal blockade safe for pediatric patients with gender identity disorder
Pubertal blockade can safely be initiated in pediatric patients who experience gender identity disorder, according to researchers at the Canadian Pediatric Endocrine Group 2012 Meeting. With exposure to hormones such as estrogen or testosterone later in their adolescence, these patients will experience normal metabolic processes.

Northwestern professor co-authors study on LGBT suicide risk factors
A Feinberg School of Medicine professor has tapped into the causal factors behind suicidal thoughts in lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender youth.

[AK, USA] [Commentary]
Religious attacks on Prop 5 are off base
Last week Jim Minnery, of the Alaska Family Council, registered a committee named "Protect Your Rights" with the Alaska Public Offices Commission (APOC). According to their website, the group was formed to oppose Proposition 5, also known as the One Anchorage Initiative. The initiative would add "sexual orientation" and "transgender identity" to a list of protected classes in Anchorage Municipal Code.

Rubio targets prison health care costs
A South Valley lawmaker says he's seeking to change a state law that has the unintended consequence of allowing prison inmates to receive breast implants, sex changes and other procedures some consider medically unnecessary at taxpayer expense.

DNA evidence in dispute in murder trial
Investigators took dozens of samples from the murder scene of Robert Piserchio for DNA testing, but only one sample suggested Acaica Lyndarr might have been at the scene and that was very remote.

Antidiscrimination ordinance approved by Cheltenham board
Cheltenham Township became the 27th municipality in Pennsylvania to enact an antidiscrimination ordinance to protect lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender residents Feb. 15 after a 7-1 vote by the commissioners.

White House Holds LGBT Health Conference
The Obama administration rolled out its first campaign-season LGBT conference Thursday in Philadelphia as it seeks to publicize its accomplishments — and court gay support for reelection.

Maryville transsexual woman trying to raise awareness
The latest attack on the LGBT community in Tennessee has convinced Carla Lewis to speak up.
After the introduction of several controversial bills, Tennessee is getting a lot of national attention for its tolerance level for the LGBT community.

Mazatlán encarcelará a quien reparta condones en Martes de Carnaval
El próximo 21 de febrero se celebra el Martes de Carnaval. Como ya es una costumbre, la comunidad LGBT participará en el tradicional desfile de que se realiza en diversas ciudades de nuestro país. Lamentablemente, como seguramente todos hemos sido testigos, este tipo de manifestaciones no son bien vistas por algunos sectores de nuestra sociedad. Sobre todo por grupos conservadores relacionados con la iglesia. Como los panistas.

El traje de la China Morena, una creación travesti de principios de los años 70
A principios de los años 70, los travestis que bailaban en la entrada del Carnaval de Oruro comenzaron a presentarse con vestidos diseñados por ellos con botas que cubrían sus rodillas, polleras cortísimas, lentejuelas, muchísimo encaje y atrevido maquillaje. Habían creado el traje de la actual “Figura” de la danza de la Morenada.

Transexuales en Carnaval, de la mano de Vanesa Rojas
Recuerda que cuando su nombre fue propuesto ante la junta del Carnaval Gay para ser reina no dudó.

Imperdible la pasarela Bogotrans en la SIMB
El desfile, conocido como Bogotrans, se ha convertido en una cita obligada, y esperada, de la mayor feria de la moda bogotana, en la que se muestran las tendencias del colectivo para la temporada de otoño e invierno.
"Es una muestra de inclusión, un mensaje claro que las mujeres transexuales pueden estar en cualquier espacio, como es este de la moda, en los que tradicionalmente nunca se les había abierto a su participación", manifestó a Efe Tatiana Piñeros, la transexual que asumió la Secretaria de Inclusión Social en el gabinete de la Alcaldía de Bogotá.

Travesti se agrandó los gluteos con aceite de avión
De todo se ha visto en materia de vanidad y así mismo los inescrupulosos con tal de obtener dinero le introducen cualquier tipo de sustancias a sus pacientes, tal es el caso de un travesti que buscaba aumentar el tamaño de sus glúteos, en Jamundí, Valle del Cauca, Colombia, al que un supuesto esteticista le inyectó aceite para motor de avión.