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sexta-feira, março 09, 2012

U.N. Secretary-Gen. Urges Global Gay Rights
The United Nations secretary-general issued a special message to the world's LGBT population during the U.N.'s first hearing to discuss discrimination and violence against LGBT people.
‘Milestone’ LGBT discussion at UN Human Rights Council welcomed despite walkout
United Nations divided in gay rights debate
Landmark report and panel on sexual orientation and gender identity in the United Nations Human Rights Council
Pillay presents groundbreaking UN study on violence, discrimination against people because of their sexual orientation
United Nations holds historic LGBT paneldiscussion
Protecting Rights of LGBT People Part of Unfinished Work of Making Human Rights a Reality (US Mission to Geneva)
Los países islámicos rechazan que la orientación sexual sea un derecho

Transexuais do DF esperam até seis anos por cirurgia para redefinição sexual
Procedimento na rede pública é feito em apenas quatro hospitais do pais.
DF tem 20 pessoas na fila; acompanhamento psicológico é de dois anos.

Em dia especial, transexuais contam que ser mulher é 'questão de alma'
Estudante e cabeleireira narram como é ser mulher em corpos de homens.
'O sexo não pode ser reduzido à genitália', avalia pesquisador da UFBA.

LGBT rights window closing in Egypt
Long before Tahrir Square captured the imagination of the world as the stage for Egypt’s revolution, it was an infamous, clandestine meeting place for gay Cairenes.

Shahbaz Sharif orders for recovery of loans through eunuchs
In pursuance of Supreme Court orders, Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif Thursday issued directives to hire the services of eunuchs in connection with recovery of outstanding loans.

TV anchor forms party for sexual rights
In an effort to address issues pertaining to sexual liberty and rights of sexual minorities, popular television transgender anchor Rose Venkatesan has floated the Sexual Liberation Party of India, which she says, will be formed with like-minded people who believe in ‘sexuality as a basic right.'

Ex-ama de Obama forçada a deixar de ser transexual
Há um homem que vive na Indonésia, já foi transexual, deixou de o ser por medo e agora é uma celebridade. Não por ter deixado de se vestir como mulher, mas porque tomou conta de Barack Obama quando este era um menino.

Get the facts about trans
For trans people, struggling with gender identity can be difficult enough without the added stress of trying to find reliable information about the transition process.

ICE guidelines call for taxpayer-funded transgender hormone treatments for some detainees
Transgender illegal immigrants would in some cases receive taxpayer-funded hormone therapy while in federal custody, under new guidelines put out by Immigration and Customs Enforcement.
Anti-Gay Hate Group Accuses Immigration Services Of Providing Free Abortions, Funding For ‘Cross-Dressing’

Right Wingers Lambast Sandra Fluke - This Time for Supporting LGBT-Specific Health Care
After having been slandered by Rush Limbaugh for her congressional testimony on women’s health and contraception, Georgetown University law student Sandra Fluke is being lambasted by other right-wingers for supporting insurance coverage of LGBT-specific health needs, such as gender-reassignment procedures.

NOM Gets (More) Transphobic
NOM is increasingly grasping for straws to support their anti-LGBT aims, but a blog post they ran earlier this week is really pushing their desperation to new levels. As part of their arsenal against marriage equality, NOM cites a UK newspaper article that claims the growing momentum of marriage equality is simply a fabrication of Hollywood.

DC police officer indicted in Aug. 26 shooting that followed alleged transgender solicitation
A Washington, D.C., police officer has been indicted on charges stemming from an Aug. 26 shooting that left one person injured after the off-duty officer allegedly tried to solicit a transgender prostitute.
Off-duty officer indicted in connection with shooting

[GA, USA] [Video]
Atlanta drag personality pleads guilty to sex charges; makes emotional plea for mercy
Former Atlanta drag personality Pasha Nicole, whose legal name is Christopher Lynch, pleaded guilty today to sexual exploitation of children and other charges before a Douglas County Superior Court judge.
Drag performer gets prison in human trafficking case
Transgender performer sentenced to 14 years for pimping teen
Transgender performer jailed for 30 years after pimping boy he forced to have sex every day

MTPC’s Executive Director is First Open Transgender Person Elected to Eastern Bank Board of Corporators
The Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition is pleased to announce that Gunner Scott, executive director of MTPC, has been elected to the Board of Corporators of Eastern Bank.

Dynamic new board will work to move Holland, Mich. forward
Holland is Ready has selected a 14-member board of directors that will work to move the community forward to achieving the safety, rights and inclusion of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people in the area.

C.U. Ends Gender-Neutral Housing, Citing Low Demand for Option
Ending a three-year pilot program to determine demand for gender-neutral housing on campus, the University has decided to no longer offer gender-neutral housing options for on-campus residence halls starting last semester, according to Carlos Gonzalez, assistant director of residential and event services.

Students push OU to become first Big 12 school to adopt gender-neutral housing
Students expressed dissatisfaction with the university’s lack of a gender-neutral housing policy during an on-campus rally Wednesday.
Students rally for a cause at gender-neutral housing event
Boren promises to take gender-neutral housing idea to OU regents
University of Oklahoma students protest housing policy

Lecture marks 20 years of women’s and gender studies at Willamette
To commemorate and celebrate 20 years of women’s and gender studies at Willamette University, the department presents “Sexual Selection’s Changing Definitions and the Social Selection Challenge,” on March 8 at 7:30 p.m. in Willamette University College of Law’s Paulus Lecture Hall.

Ivy League school covering elective surgery?
While institutions of higher learning in Pennsylvania are complaining about budget cuts, a pro-family advocate is questioning how the University of Pennsylvania is spending its tax dollars.

Baby is born following sex change for both parents
In what is understood to be a world-first, a mother and father both changed sex before the birth of their first child.

Sam Houston State adds LGBT protections
Sam Houston State University, a member of the Texas State University System, has added sexual orientation and gender identity to its Equal Employment Opportunity policy.
SHSU Adds Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity Protection Into Policy

La primera convocatoria tuvo lugar en 1911 en Alemania, Austria, Dinamarca y Suiza, extendiéndose su conmemoración, desde entonces, a numerosos países. En 1977 la Asamblea General de la Organización de las Naciones Unidas (ONU) proclamó el 8 de marzo como Día Internacional por los Derechos de la Mujer y la Paz Internacional. El 8 de marzo se conmemora la lucha de la mujer por su participación, en pie de igualdad con el hombre, en la sociedad y en su desarrollo íntegro como persona.

Fundación Iguales lamentó que ley antidiscriminación no proteja a los transexuales
Pablo Cornejo explicó que ataques a este grupo no fueron considerados como agravante.
En Cooperativa dijo que se debió a una "descoordinación durante el debate parlamentario".

Fiscal: Marcas en cuerpo de joven gay agredido son esvásticas
Así lo confirmó Ernesto Vásquez a la familia de Daniel Zamudio y al Movilh. Ésta organización informó al representante del Ministerio Público sobre los antecedentes recopilados tras la campaña que inició para recolectar datos y testigos.
[Opinion] A propósito de los crímenes de odio
Encuentran primeras pistas tras brutal ataque a joven
Investigan quién está detrás de golpiza a joven en Chile
Joven gay agredido abre los ojos y exámenes descartarían daño neurológico
Piñera se reúne con familia de Zamudio y Gobierno apoya mejorar ley contra la discriminación
Joven que recibió paliza por grupo neonazi no sería el único
Pastor evangélico repudia agresión a joven homosexual pese a “discrepar con su conducta antinatural”
Velatón en apoyo a joven agredido por grupo neonazi

Movilh reveló que sólo 327 lesbianas y transexuales acusaron discriminación en 10 años
El colectivo resaltó que los actos discriminatorios contra transexuales aumentaron un 220 por ciento en 2011.
Llamaron a que "el Estado se haga cargo de estas situaciones".

Alertan que es peligroso aceptar ofrecimiento sexual en las calles
Hubo exposiciones policiales que indican que trabajadoras nocturnas, al mantener los encuentros íntimos, sustraen dinero. Vecinos de la plaza Martín Fierro piden que se controle la prostitución.