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segunda-feira, março 12, 2012

Gays reach high government offices in Latin America
Tatiana Pineros is a man by birth and a woman by choice.
Pineros, 34, is also a high-powered public servant who manages a $360 million budget and nearly 2,000 employees in Colombia's biggest and most powerful municipal government.

Yahoo censors profiles containing 'sex'
Creating a new Yahoo profile? Be sure to keep any description of your sexuality in the closet.
Yahoo is blocking profiles containing the word “sexual,” and labelling them spam. This includes the words pansexual, transsexual and bisexual.

Police board urges action in Northern Ireland
Police praised for effort on anti-LGBT crime but clean-up rate is still below average

Paul said: 'I'm not like other men.' Then he told me he was having my baby
A gay man has told of his utter shock when his male lover told him he was having a baby.

St. Petersburg governor signs ban on propaganda of homosexuality
Governor of St. Petersburg Georgy Poltavchenko has signed amendments to the local law on administrative offences, which envisions criminal liability for the propaganda of homosexuality and pedophilia among minors.

Third sex to take up fight for official board in Andhra Pradesh
The nearly three-lakh strong transgender community in the state has decided to step up its campaign for the creation of an official third-gender board in the state on the lines of that which exists in other southern states like Tamil Nadu.

Obama's transgender nanny remembers 'little Barry'
A transgender Indonesian man who shot to fame after it emerged he had worked as Barack Obama's nanny in the late 1960s wants nothing from "little Barry" but to meet him again some day.

Are Pinoys ready for a transgender president?
Heart Diño’s election as the first transgender chair of the University of the Philippines (UP) Diliman Student Council last March 1, 2012 excites many political observers who view it as a portent of greater participation among lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) Filipinos in the political arena. They have every reason to be excited. Today, indicators suggest that the Philippines will be electing more LGBTs into public offices, including Congress, in the 2013 elections. But are we ready for a transgender president?

Great tranny robbery: He had heels, blonde wig, matching bag and taser
A Sydney transvestite caught on CCTV robbing a petrol station denied he was the bandit, arguing: "That can't be me - I look better than that."

Transgender Equality And Homelessness: “Lost And Forgotten In The Larger Reality”
“We are lost and forgotten in the larger reality,” said Katie. “We don’t matter, not enough to change what brings us here.”

Transgender ex-soldier finds a ‘far greater sense of peace’
On the road from rural North Carolina to the Boston suburbs, Sam Taylor has worn the shoes of a native son, student, soldier, and now, a young woman and religious leader.