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sábado, março 17, 2012

Problemas nos cartórios para alteração de nome e género parte 2
Panteras Rosa acusam Instituto de Registos e Notariado de dificultarem alterações; Grupo Transexual Portugal aponta falhas.
Identidade de Género: 78 pessoas já mudaram de nome, mas processo continua a ser criticado
Transexuais queixam-se da burocracia do IRN
Instituto de Registos e Notariado acusado de dificultar processo de alteração de nome e sexo

Travesti é espancada por pastor evangélico e presa suspeita de roubo, em Manaus
Travesti disse à polícia que foi espancada, em seguida levada à delegacia.
Objetos não foram recuperados, mesmo assim, suspeita foi indiciada.

A signficant legal development for transgender people in Montenegro

Women’s seats not for all eunuchs
Eunuchs registered as voters in the "others" category (O) of the electoral rolls will be able to contest municipal polls on a general category ticket.
Only those who have enrolled their names in the voters' list as women, will be able to fight the polls from the seats reserved for women, said the state election commission on Thursday.

Watch: Transgender scrap peddler tells his story
Liu Peilin (刘培麟), a 56-year-old scrap peddler who caught the attention of the media after a fire burnt his house down earlier this year, tells gay online TV show QueerComrades his story.

[New Zealand]
Media urged to stop dragging up past names
The Queer Avengers are demanding the media end the disrespectful practice of calling transpeople by their previous names.
Transsexual healing - Queer Avengers attack media
It's about respect

Mayor proclaims Transgender Awareness Week in Lloyd
During the city council meeting on Monday, Mayor Jeff Mulligan brought forward a proclamation without precedence in Lloydminster.
The week of March 25 to 31 will be Transgender Awareness Week and Transgender Day of Visibility will be March 31.

Regina police educated about LGBTQ issues
The Regina Police Service has taken another step in improving its relationship with the LGBTQ community.
This week, members of the force have been taking part in a training seminar called Report Homophobic Violence, Period (RHVP), put on by queer equality group Egale Canada.

WATCH: People Respond to Mother Attacking Trans Teen
A teenager comes out as transgender to an unsympathetic mother in a restaurant as fellow diners react to her saying, "If you were meant to be a girl, you'd have been born a girl."

7ft sportswoman wants to be world's tallest transsexual
A seven foot tall US basketball player has set her sights on becoming the world's tallest transsexual and she hopes to make the US women's team for the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics.

LGBT group plans legal challenge to anti-gay ‘religious freedom’ initiative
Statewide LGBT advocacy organization One Colorado is planning a legal challenge to a broadly-written ballot proposal by conservative religious liberty group that could undermine state law protecting LGBT people from discrimination.

Two gay men, one transgender woman injured in DC anti-LGBT attacks
One gay man has been shot, and another gay man and a transgender woman were badly beaten in separate attacks earlier this week in the Columbia Heights neighborhood in central D.C.
D.C. Police Classify Shooting And Assaults As Anti-Gay Hate Crimes
New Attacks Alarm D.C.
Police: crimes involving gay, transgender victims not related
DC Police Investigating Hate Crime Attacks

Cape officials may expand city manager candidate field
Expanding the pool of finalists for the city manager’s position from six to nine might prevent Cape Coral from overlooking the best candidate for the job, a city councilman said today.

Transgender Woman Found Stabbed To Death In South Beach Apartment
A transgender woman was found dead with multiple stab wounds Thursday in her South Beach apartment in the 500 block of Michigan Avenue, according an incident report by Miami Beach Police.

Ald. Moreno Introduces Transgender Ordinance
Yesterday's City Council meeting was a busy one. Among the many ordinances introduced was one by 1st Ward Ald. Proco "Joe" Moreno that, if passed, would help smooth problems within the Chicago Police Department in handling transgender detainees.

Omaha Councilman Struggled With ‘Perceived’ Gender Identity
Nebraska blogger AKSARBENT continues to analyze this week’s decision to advance LGBT non-discrimination protections in Omaha. Councilman Franklin Thompson was one of the most vocal opponents of the measure, and during the final debate on Tuesday, he struggled quite a bit with protecting “perceived” gender identity:

Hearing delayed for 'Black Madam'
The preliminary hearing for the Black Madam, the transgender hip-hop artist accused of giving illegal buttocks injections, was continued yesterday because prosecutors want to wait for the Federal Drug Administration to determine what substance she allegedly used at an East Germantown "pumping party."

Pa. Gov. signs voter ID bill into law
Gov. Tom Corbett signed one of the nation's toughest voter identification laws less than eight months before the presidential election, although a court challenge is also expected to the measure that handily passed the Republican-controlled state House of Representatives on Wednesday.
Challenges loom for Pennsylvania's new voter ID law
Pennsylvania Becomes First State In 2012 To Enact Voter ID Law

South Carolina City Adopts Non-discrimination Ordinance
The city council of Folly Beach voted unanimously Tuesday to pass a non-discrimination ordinance with protections based on sexual orientation, becoming the fourth governing body in South Carolina with such a measure.
Folly Beach adopts law of inclusion

Suspended teen in detention center
The 17-year-old, who believes he was kicked out of school for being gay and wearing high heels is no longer attending Charles City High. The high school junior is actually behind bars now.

Detienen en Mérida a homicida de activista poblana
Agentes de la Fiscalía estatal detuvieron la tarde del viernes en Mérida a Luis Fernando Bueno Mazzoco, uno de los presuntos autores materiales del asesinato de la activista transgénero poblana Agnes Torres, que ha causado revuelo en el ámbito nacional.
Arrest made in connection to killing of trans LGBTQ activist
Encuentra PGJ-Puebla auto de Agnes Torres; hay varios detenidos
RMV adelanta ‘buenas noticias’ del caso Agnés Torres
Mexican Transgender Activist Agnes Torres Sulca Found Dead
Mexican Trans Activist Agnes Torres Brutally Murdered: VIDEO

[Opinion] Crímenes de odio… son crímenes de miedo
Exige comunidad diverso sexual que las autoridades esclarezcan el crimen
Vargas: la muerte de Agnes exacerbó la percepción de crímenes de odio
El Caso Agnes Torres: la respuesta de las autoridades, redes sociales, marchas y los primeros pasos
Agnes Torres trabajaba en ley sobre identidad sexogenérica
VIDEO: Homenaje a Agnes Torres, activista transgénero asesinada en Puebla

Presenta PAN y Panal reforma para prevenir y penalizar la discriminación
Las bancadas del PAN y el Panal presentaron reformas por separado para tipificar la discriminación sexual con penas de hasta cuatro años y medio de prisión, así como una iniciativa de ley que promueve el combate a las prácticas segregacionistas y la defensa de la igualdad.
Aprueba Congreso por unanimidad reforma a favor de las preferencias sexuales
Congreso va contra discriminación por preferencias sexuales
Congreso estrena discurso incluyente tras caso Anges / Diputado homófobo no ofreció disculpas

Travesti recibió feroz balazo
Un travesti ingresó a las 02:35 horas al centro de Emergencias Médicas luego de recibir un disparo en la pierna derecha.

Mataron a puñaladas a un joven travestido; rumores de una banda transfóbica
La hipótesis es el ajuste de cuentas, aunque hay rumores acerca de una banda de jóvenes que golpea y asalta a travestis.