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quarta-feira, março 28, 2012

10h Conferência de Abertura
10.45h Painel I – Construção e Impactos da Masculinidade Hegemónica
11h45 – 12h: pausa
12h Painel II – Masculinidades alternativas
13h: Almoço
14.30h Painel III – Para além da hegemonia: masculinidades femininas e feministas
15.30h – 15.45h: Pausa
15.45h Mesa Redonda - Binarismo e Estereótipos de Género: impactos quotidianos e experiências para além da norma
17.15h – 17.30h: pausa
17.30h: Conferência de Encerramento

Trans child committed to mental institution
Activists protest German court's decision to institutionalize an 11-year-old transgender child
Getting to the heart of the ethical dilemma of an eleven year old’s desire to re assert their gender and human rights group stage protest in Berlin

Albanian Minister calls for homophobic violence, admonished by Prime Minister
Albania’s Deputy Defense Minister recently called to homophobic violence against Albanian citizens planning to organise the country’s first LGBT pride march in spring. He was swiftly rebuked by the Prime Minister.
Albanian PM: beating gays ‘unacceptable’
Albania: Proposed gay pride march provokes homophobic comments
Albania: Reprimand Official for Anti-Gay Remarks

Eunuch brutally slaughtered
A 35-year-old eunuch was slaughtered to death by some unidentified persons at his house and later the room was set ablaze to mislead the investigators in the Shalimar police limits on Monday.
Murder: Eunuch found stabbed

Eunuchs look for Delhi’s acceptance
Eunuchs are increasingly gaining their deserved political space in Delhi. First, in 2009, the Delhi Election Commission allowed them to enroll themselves and contest the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) elections as ‘others’ instead of male or female. This step freed them from age-old biases and gave them a new socio-political identity.

The Most Visible of India’s Invisible Class
On a swelteringly hot day in June of 2002, a 22 year-old hijra sex-worker named Sowmya was castrated by a Mumbai doctor for the sum of about 10,000 rupees ($200).
In her clan, one of seven in the city, roughly three out of every four hijras are castrated, so this dangerous, occasionally deadly tradition was built into the intimate fabric of her everyday life. “I was so nervous” at the time, says Sowmya, who only goes by one name. “But my friends were with me.” While some hijras are castrated, many others simply adopt feminine clothing and mannerisms.

[New Zealand]
Ad dropped after transgender backlash
The company behind a tampon ad that caused outrage in the transgender community said they ditched it as a result of the criticism and regret any offence it caused.

Ousted Miss Universe Canada trans contestant Jenna Talackova born female, advocates say
Vancouver's Jenna Talackova was born female. That's what Vancouver-based Trans Alliance Society chair Marie Little and NDP MLA Spencer Chandra Herbert insist.
Transgender woman's ouster not discrimination: Miss Universe
'She was dishonest': Pageant organizers deny discrimination after kicking out transgender beauty queen saying instead she lied on the application form
Transgendered contestant's ouster from Miss Universe Canada sparks outrage over ‘natural born' rule

[Commentary] Trans Beauty Kicked Out of Pageant
[Commentary] Jenna Talackova Story: The Media Coverage (So Far)

Transgendered women welcome at roller derby club
Transgender women are welcome at the Border City Brawlers Roller Derby Club in Windsor, Ont.
The club wants to ensure it is being all-inclusive. That's why it worked closely with Windsor Pride to ensure the club's gender policy is as inclusive as it can be. The policy is in its final stages of development.

Alaskan anti-discrimination ordinance could be passed in April
An ordinance banning discrimination against LGBT people in Anchorage, Alaska, could be passed on an upcoming municipal ballot in April.
Proposition 5 Initiative Floods Media with Pro and Con Ads

Rally tonight targets hate crimes
Members of the Colorado Progressive Coalition, Southern Colorado Equality Alliance, representatives from Posada and other concerned Puebloans will host a candlelight vigil and rally against hate crimes at 5:30 p.m. today to bring further awareness of violence against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people. The public is invited.

Riviera Beach police investigate whether recent crimes are targeting transsexual prostitutes
Police are investigating whether Saturday morning's homicide might be part of a larger plot of crimes targeting transsexual prostitutes.
Police suspect armed robber targeting transvestite prostitutes

South Bend bans gay discrimination
The South Bend City Council has voted in favor of an ordinance extending employment and housing discrimination protection to gays and lesbians.
South Bend Common Council passes human rights ordinance
South Bend LGBT anti-discrimination bill goes into effect April 6

Man gets 25-40 years in mutilation murder
A Detroit man was ordered Monday to serve 25 to 40 years in prison in the brutal October killing of a transgender teen. Qasim Raqib was sentenced by 3rd Circuit Judge Bruce Morrow after pleading guilty March 7 to second-degree murder charges in the death of Henry Hilliard Jr., aka Shelley Hilliard. Authorities said Raqib mutilated Hilliard's body and set the 19-year-old on fire in the street on Detroit's east side.

Transsexual teacher, burlesque dancer forced to resign
The forced resignation of a Santa Fe teacher begs the question, how much privacy is a public educator entitled to.
Christina Cracraft believes she was forced to resign because parents and the district’s administration could not accept the fact that she is a transsexual who also dances in burlesque shows.
Transsexual teacher pressured to resign

NYC rapped in transgender birth certificate case
He had been through sex-change surgery and wanted his birth certificate to reflect the man he'd become, at nearly 70.
Ruling is victory for transgender New Yorkers who seek to change gender on birth certificates
Judge criticises New York City over birth certificate change for trans man

Transit Passes in Philly Remain a Problem for Some Trans Riders
A Philadelphia City Council member has introduced a resolution calling on the city's public transportation agency to stop requiring gender identification on transit passes.

Court won’t hear appeal of decision reinstating use of Wis. funds for prison hormone therapy
The Supreme Court won’t consider reinstating a Wisconsin law banning publicly-funded hormone therapy for inmates who identify as transgender women.
U.S. Supreme Court rejects Wisconsin bid to ban transgender inmate treatments
Supreme Court lets stand ruling that sides with transgender inmates
Supreme Court Won't Consider Wisconsin Antitransgender Law
Wisconsin Anti-Transgender Law Struck Down

[Commentary] Another Trans Legal Victory-Wisconsin Anti-Trans Law Struck Down

[América Latina]
La oficina regional de ONUSIDA para América Latina codena muertes de personas trans
Países como como México, Guatemala, Honduras y Colombia han observado un aumento de los casos de muertes, desapariciones y violaciones a los derechos humanos de las personas trans en América Latina. La Oficina Regional de ONUSIDA para América Latina lanza un comunicado de condena ante estas situaciones e insta a los Estados a ”hacer todo lo que está en sus manos de forma urgente e inmediata para investigar a fondo las muertes de personas trans, determinar si han sido cometidas en razón de su identidad de género y/o en razón de su labor de defensa a favor de los derechos humanos y aplicar las debidas sanciones".
Onusida denuncia un aumento en los casos de muertes de transexuales

Denuncian que los policías municipales son los principales acosadores de mujeres transexuales en Tijuana
Elementos de la policía municipal de Tijuana son los principales acosadores de transexuales que ejercen la prostitución en el primer cuadro de la ciudad, denunció Víctor Clark Alfaro, presidente de la Comisión Binacional de Derechos Humanos (CBDH).

'Loxoro', la voz de las personas transexuales peruanas que salta al cine de la mano de Claudia Llosa
Diariamente, al caer la noche, un lenguaje extraño y encriptado se escucha en algunos barrios de Lima: es el 'loxoro', una forma de hablar de la comunidad transexual peruana, tema central de un cortometraje de la cineasta Claudia Llosa, premiado en el último Festival de Cine de Berlín.

El debut de la primera presentadora transgenerista
Por primera vez en la televisión colombiana un periodista transgenerista cubrirá la información cultural en un informativo. Se trata de Michel Alexandro Valencia Carrillo, quien se conocerá ahora como Michelle. Debutará en el Canal Capital haciendo el cubrimiento del Festival Iberoamericano de Teatro en el noticiero que se emitirá todas las noches a las 10:30.

Después de 25 días fallece Daniel Zamudio, el joven que fue brutalmente agredido por supuestos neonazis
La información fue confirmada por el director de la Posta Central, Emilio Villalón. "Desgraciadamente ha fallecido a las 19.45 horas, el equipo ha trabajado enormemente y lamentablemente falleció", dijo el médico al comunicar su muerte.
Hermano de Daniel Zamudio: “Sólo sé que se veía feliz y vivía su vida”
Gobierno apoya proyecto que penaliza incitación al odio y reimpulsa ley antidiscriminación
Daniel Zamudio: El joven que quería triunfar en la moda
DJ Méndez y la golpiza por discriminación a Zamudio: De esto vengo arrancando
Fadise Chile ora por joven Daniel Zamudio en sus horas más críticas
Los Guachacas están con Daniel Zamudio
VIDEO: Abogado familia Zamudio: "Daniel fue torturado por varias horas"
Con una velatón Antofagasta exige justicia para Daniel Zamudio
Líder de la Comunidad Judía explota caso de Daniel Zamudio para afirmar que Al Qaeda opera en Chile
Mamá de Daniel Zamudio: siento rabia e impotencia por una justicia que nunca hace nada
Abogado de Zamudio: "Fue torturado por 3 horas"
ChileActores repudia ataque que mantiene a Daniel Zamudio al borde de la muerte
Neo-Nazism, Homophobia, and Machismo in Chile: The Daniel Zamudio Case
Madre de Daniel: "Nunca los voy a perdonar"
Carta Ciudadana: Perdón, Daniel Zamudio
Daniel Zamudio sigue con actividad cerebral y médicos descartan examen de apnea
Director de Posta Central confirma que Daniel Zamudio no tiene muerte cerebral
Mamá de Daniel Zamudio en "Bienvenidos": "Soñé que le pasaba algo"
Caso Daniel Zamudio: Una reflexión de su Pastor
Proponen cambiar el nombre del parque San Borja por Daniel Zamudio
VIDEO: Vocero del Movilh: "La UDI está frenando la Ley Antidiscriminación"
La agonía de un joven gay reabre el debate sobre la homofobia en Chile
Hermano mayor de Daniel Zamudio: "El soñaba con ser padre

A balazos asesinan a mujer y transformista en Ocumare
Las víctimas de Los Grifales fueron identificados como Alejandra Rodríguez (19) quien recibió un tiro en la cabeza y David Pantoja, de 21 años conocido como “Daniela”, tenía un balazo en el ojo izquierdo.
El móvil que manejan los investigadores de la policía científica en este doble homicidio es el ajuste de cuentas, y ya iniciaron las pesquisas pertinentes para establecer la identidad de los homicidas.