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quinta-feira, março 29, 2012

Sábado 18:30
Sede Nacional do Bloco de Esquerda: Rua da Palma, 268

Quase um mês depois das celebrações do 8 de Março, os estudantes do Bloco de Lisboa propõe um debate sobre "(trans) feminismos e igualdade de género". Um debate sobre as formas, os percursos, os caminhos e o futuro da luta feminista. Um debate sobre como continuar a luta...

Numa altura em que a discussão sobre a dívida e a austeridade tomam conta do debate político, os estudantes do Bloco de Lisboa querem trazer para o centro do debate e do combate político todos os temas e todas as causas que, por causa da crise, não estão na ordem do dia.

Convocamos todas as mulheres, todos os homens, todas as pessoas que não aceitam que os direitos humanos e a igualdade sejam colocados em segundo plano. Convidamos todxs aqueles que não aceitam a usurpação dos direitos que já conquistámos e daqueles que ainda queremos (e vamos) conquistar.

Debate com:

Sérgio Vitorino
Inês Ribeiro
Mi Guerreiro

No fim, há convívio vegetariano.

Las Asociaciones de Mujeres van a la Huelga General del 29M
La Plataforma de Mujeres en la Diversidad de la CM se suma a la Convocatoria de huelga General contra la reforma laboral

Radio Maryja founder in transsexual MP row
A liberal MP has lambasted the founder of an ultra-conservative radio station after he called Poland’s first transsexual MP “an abnormality”.

Sisi asks prosecutor whether she will testify as part of Feb. 28 probe
Seyhan Soylu (known as Sisi), a transsexual believed to have organized a scheme that led to a political scandal ahead of a non-armed military intervention in 1997, visited a specially authorized public prosecutor in Ankara on Monday to ask him whether she will be summoned to testify as part of a probe into the military intervention.

Nepal Lawmaker Asks Facebook To Include Third Gender
the only openly gay parliament member in Nepal — has written Facebook founders Mark Zuckerberg and Chris Hughes asking the social media site for the option of “third gender” or “others” when signing up

Gender-neutral toilets unveiled
Lawmaker Sunil Babu Panta today inaugurated gender-neutral toilets in Nepalgunj in the midst of a programme.
Nepal's first openly gay politician Sunil Babu Pant opens 'revolutionary' gender-neutral toilet

Twins get sex-change surgery in Shanghai
A pair of 25-year-old twin sisters from Yunnan Province in southwestern China have successfully received preliminary sex-change operations in a Shanghai hospital to become males, seeing their long-cherished shared dream finally come true.
First trans twins in China

[Australia/New Zealand]
Libra ad complaint "settled" Authority rules
The Advertising Standards Authority has ruled Libra did the right thing in pulling its “Libra gets girls” ad and has decided the complaint has therefore been settled, without ruling whether the ad actually breached advertising standards.

Transexual discriminada em concurso de beleza
Uma concorrente transexual finalista do concurso de beleza Miss Universe Canadá afirma estar a ser vítima de discriminação.
Petition supporting ousted Miss Universe Canada trans finalist Jenna Talackova surpasses 30,000 signatures
Online petition backs Jenna
Hair-colour, breast implants, transgender: Where's the problem for pageants?

[Letters to the Editor] Pageant hypocrites
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Trans Health Care Protections at Risk with the Supreme Court
Yesterday kicked off National LGBT Health Awareness Week, a time when, as Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius said in a statement, we “highlight the progress our country is making to address the unique health needs of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) Americans, especially through the implementation of the health care law, the Affordable Care Act.”

Anchorage equal rights supporters denounce new ad
Proponents of an Anchorage ballot initiative seeking equal protections for gay and transgender residents are slamming a new ad by opponents.
Opponents of Prop 5, Anchorage LGBT rights initiative, accused of gay-bashing
Supporters of Proposition 5 ask opposition to pull TV, radio ad
New Groups Spend Big on Proposition 5 Campaigns

Standing Up Against Hate Crimes and Sexual Discrimination
Dozens took a stand against hate crimes. Puebloans gathered to raise awareness and remember the life of a hate crime victim.

Police: Shooting victims likely targeted for being transsexual prostitutes
Police believe the victims of a double shooting in Riviera Beach last weekend were targeted because they were transsexual prostitutes.

Hutchinson residents debate anti-discrimination ordinance
Some Hutchinson residents are hoping to amend the city's anti-discrimination ordinance to protect classes of sexual orientation and gender identity.

Orleans Parish jail inmate reports repeated sexual assaults
A transsexual inmate at the Orleans Parish jail was raped repeatedly by different attackers in two different locations within the facility, according to a letter sent to Sheriff Marlin Gusman Tuesday by the inmate's attorneys. The inmate is being held in facilities reserved for male inmates, but identifies as a woman.

'At first I felt a sense of loss': Teenager whose mother became a man describes her own emotional journey
By all accounts, transitioning from one sex to another is a difficult emotional journey. But rarely do we hear the story of those closest to them.

Gender-neutral housing debate restarts at UNC
The fight for gender-neutral housing began anew Tuesday night as about 15 students rallied in the Pit to restart the campaign.

US Supreme Court denies 'Boys Don't Cry' appeal
The U.S. Supreme Court has denied the appeal of a Nebraska death row inmate whose murder case inspired the 1999 film "Boys Don't Cry."

Transgendered substance-abuse treatment facility plan moves from Kemble Ave. to Southwest Philly
Philadelphia will soon have a residential substance abuse treatment facility for transgendered men and women, but it won't be at the Kemble Park Apartments.

VIDEO: Impactantes declaraciones en apoyo a Daniel Zamudio en las afueras de la Posta Central
Fuertes declaraciones afuera de la Posta Central tras conocerse la muerta de Daniel Zamudio
Movilh: Daniel Zamudio "es una víctima de la intolerancia y la homofobia"
Falleció Daniel Zamudio tras larga lucha por su vida en la Asistencia Pública
Consternación en el Maule por muerte de Daniel Zamudio
Piñera desde Asia: Muerte de Daniel Zamudio no quedará impune
VIDEO: Abuela de Zamudio antes de enterarse sobre su fallecimiento: "Lo visto, lo mudo, todo le hago"
Los extremistas derechistas homofóbicos religiosos de Hazte Oir lamentan muerte de Daniel Zamudio
Familia de Daniel Zamudio se querellará por homicidio calificado
Rechazan presencia de alcalde Zalaquett en Posta Central por muerte de Daniel Zamudio
Ministro Mañalich: La golpiza a Daniel Zamudio tenía intención criminal
Piñera: Muerte de Daniel Zamudio no quedará impune
"UDI asesina, Iglesia asesina" gritaron tras muerte de Daniel Zamudio
Increpan duramente a Alcalde Zalaquett cuando intentaba referirse a muerte de Daniel Zamudio
Padre de Daniel Zamudio pidió manifestar dolor por la muerte de su hijo "con respeto"
Abogado de familia de Daniel Zamudio: Autores de crimen podrían enfrentar presidio perpetuo
Mundo político y cultural volcó en redes sociales su pesar por Daniel Zamudio
Muere Daniel Zamudio
VIDEO: Así era Daniel Zamudio, en los ojos de su mejor amigo
Padre de Daniel Zamudio llamó a apoyar a la familia con respeto
Gay Man Brutally Attacked in Chilean Capital Dies
Alejandro Guillier y crimen de Daniel Zamudio: La clase política considera que el tema no es relevante
"Le dije: 'Hijo, cuídese. Tengo miedo de que le pase algo'"
"UDI asesina, Iglesia asesina" protestaron tras muerte de Daniel Zamudio
Movilh: “La influencia de las iglesias sobre algunos parlamentarios es mayor que la de los ciudadanos”
Presidente del Movilh: "No tenemos odio, tenemos sed de justicia, que es distinto"
Amnistía Internacional ante la muerte de Daniel Zamudio: Una ley de antidiscriminación puede salvar vidas
Fiscal pidió reformalizar a los agresores de Daniel Zamudio por homicidio: arriesgan cadena perpetua
VIDEO: Abogado de Daniel Zamudio: “Me violenta que Ezzati visite a Karadima y no a Daniel”
Chile llora la muerte del joven homosexual atacado por neonazis
Abogado de familia Zamudio: "Pediremos cadena perpetua porque Daniel vivió una sesión de tortura"
Presidente Piñera condena discriminación y envía condolencia a familia de Daniel Zamudio
Cuerpo de Daniel Zamudio es sometido a autopsia en el Servicio Médico Legal
Alvear: “La brutalidad con la que se destruyó la vida de Daniel Zamudio no debe quedar impune”

[Opinion] A Daniel Zamudio lo mataron los mismos de siempre
Acusarán de asesinato a responsables de ataque homofóbico en Chile
Debate por Ley Zamudio "al rojo": Abogados discrepan sobre sus efectos
Partido Comunista expresa condolencias a la familia de Daniel Zamudio
Muerte de Daniel Zamudio y aprobación de Ley Antidiscriminación divide a parlamentarios locales
Senador Cantero por muerte de Daniel Zamudio: ‘Un hijo de nuestra tierra fue víctima de la barbarie’
Fiscal: En el crimen contra Daniel Zamudio existieron grados de tortura
Movilh molesto con Ezzati: Visita pedófilos, pero no tuvo palabras para Daniel Zamudio
La Iglesia Católica de Chile condena la muerte del joven homosexual y pide que "se haga justicia"
El Sistema de Naciones Unidas en Chile lamenta profundamente fallecimiento de Daniel Zamudio
Mourners Gather for Gay Youth Murdered by Neo-Nazis in Chile
Neo-Nazi killing of gay man moves Chile toward law
Gobierno expresa sus condolencias a la familia tras deceso de Daniel Zamudio
Pasarían 40 años en cárcel asesinos de Daniel Zamudio

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