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sexta-feira, abril 06, 2012

Em Goiânia, uma travesti morre após aplicar silicone industrial no corpo
Uma travesti morreu no Hospital de Urgências de Goiânia. Segundo um amigo, ela teria aplicado silicone industrial no corpo.

Transsexual worked as a prostitute to pay for sex op
A transsexual worked as a prostitute and part-time hairdresser to raise money for a gender change operation.
Tart lad: ‘I’ve still got penis & boobs’

[Turkey] [Commentary]
Yet another victim in the undeclared war on transgender women
Via Haberler comes the distressing news of the shooting of Tuğçe, a 24-year old transgender woman who was found dead in her car in Izmir last Friday (30 March 2012).

Second murder in a week
Via Kemal Ordek, on behalf of Pembe Hayat, I receive the sad news of the murder of another trans woman, Nüket, who died today of multiple stab wounds.

[South Africa]
Muslim mother to have a sex change op
Today the Daily Voice lifts the lid on the incredible story of one woman’s lifelong quest to become a man.

Counselling can deal with LGBT issues, says Muhyiddin
Sexual orientation issues that are increasing must be dealt with intelligently so that efforts to tackle them will bear fruit, said Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin.

Renée Scott funeral at Ormond Hall
An estimated five hundred people attended the funeral of drag legend Renée Scott at Ormond Hall yesterday.

[Canada] [Commentary]
Trans human rights Bill C-279 Second Reading debate begins tomorrow
Second Reading for Bill C-279 comes up on Thursday April 5th, There will be an hour of debate at around 1:30 EST (11:30 MST). This is only the first part of Second Reading process, and there will likely be another hour of debate in May or possibly June. Three things could happen:

New Poll: Latinos Broadly Support LGBT People
So much for NOM’s plan to rally Latinos against marriage equality. A new poll from Pew’s Hispanic Research Center shows that nearly 60 percent of Latinos believe society should embrace LGBT people, according to Politico. That number rises to nearly 70 percent when asked of second-generation Hispanics.

NCTE and Immigration Equality Urge Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) to Take Action on Trans Policies
An example of our Blueprint in action: We joined with Immigration Equality recently to send this letter to US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) asking them to:

Obama Urged By House Democrats To Sign Gay Protections Order
President Barack Obama is being urged to sign an executive order which would ban federal contractors from employment discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

Voters appear to reject gay and trans protections in Anchorage
Proposition 5, which would expand the anti-discrimination laws in Anchorage, Alaska, to include sexual orientation and gender identity appears to have failed to gather enough votes to pass.
LGBT Protections Measure Fails In Alaska
Anchorage Rejects Gay Protections Prop 5
Anchorage election: Vote math and outstanding ballots
Problems at city polling places left many voters frustrated
City, ACLU investigate shortage of ballots
Reports of Anchorage Proposition 5's demise are premature

Transgender advocate Alexis Rivera dies in LA
Transgender advocate and community leader Alexis Rivera died March 28 at home hospice in Los Angeles. She was 34.

Counting the Crimes
D.C. police reports show 15 possible gay and transgender related bias crimes occurred in March

Coko Williams Case: Michigan Police Investigate Killing Of Transgender Woman
The brutal murder of a transgender woman has left Detroit police with plenty of questions but no answers.
Transgender Woman Killed in Detroit

Oakland Community College to host LGBT speakers in April
Oakland Community College hosts two presentations discussing aspects of the LGBT community this April, sponsored by the university's Student Life Office, Campus Diversity Committee, SAFE and and the Womencenter.

Health plan can't deny Red Wing wife coverage due to sex change
A Red Wing resident who underwent a sex-change operation to become a woman and then married a man is entitled to medical benefits under her husband's health plan, a federal judge in Minneapolis has ruled.

Transgender Day of Liberation to be celebrated on April 9
Syracuse University’s LGBT Resource Center within the Division of Student Affairs hosts Ryka Aoki, writer, performer and educator, for its Transgender Day of Liberation event on April 9 at 7 p.m. in the Watson Theater in the Menschel Media Center. The event is co-sponsored by A-Line and the Office of Multicultural Affairs, in connection to American Pacific Heritage Month. It is free and open to the public, followed by a reception and book signing of her new book, “Seasonal Velocities” (Trans-Genre Press).

Making Room for Diverse Trans Identities at the May LGBT Muslim Retreat
For the last few months, my life — or at least my e-mail — has been dominated by the upcoming LGBT Muslim Retreat. Last year’s retreat was a wonderful opportunity for education, support, connection and community-building. This year promises to be even more rewarding, though we are still ironing out a few wrinkles.

Film exposes silent crisis of prisoners
“Cruel and Unusual” was a part of the Spring 2012 Social Justice Film Series that sought to highlight the struggles transgender women face.

Life of LGBT persons is becoming unbearable
Ms Dijana Radulović, a judge of the Podgorica district court today displayed an utter lack of sensitivity for discrimination victims who try to obtain legal protection from discrimination. Ms Radulović’s handling of this case places the Montenegrin judiciary and the state of Montenegro on the list of countries where legal protection of basic human rights is denied, and where victims who denounce discriminatory practices before courts are made to suffer additional humiliation, insults and victimization.

Ricardo, la enfermera
Una mujer cartagenera, atrapada en el cuerpo de un varón,se preocupa por la salud de aquellos que se burlan de ella. ¿Puede un travesti atreverse a ser enfermera en una ciudad en la que todos sus semejantes son putas y peluqueras?

Chile’s Congress Passes Anti-Discrimination Law
Chile’s Congress passed an anti-discrimination law Wednesday following the killing of a gay man whose attackers beat him and carved swastikas into his body.
Chile's Congress approves most of hate crime law
Chile’s Chamber of Deputies approves anti-discrimination law
Ley Antidiscriminación pasó a comisión mixta pese a oferta del Gobierno
Jorge Reyes matiza sus dichos sobre Zamudio y se "disculpa profundamente"
Carta de un Obispo: Acusaciones de líderes homosexuales contra la iglesia son injustos
Chile's Congress passes anti-discrimination law
Chile aprueba mayor parte de ley antidiscriminación tras muerte de joven gay
Gobierno y parlamentarios dispuestos a perfeccionar proyecto de ley antidiscriminación
Movimiento nazi chileno quiere convertirse en partido
Ley Antidiscriminación se va a comisión mixta y Gobierno anuncia cuatro vetos

Nana transexual de senador Jaime Orpis cuenta su historia y defiende a su patrón
En la localidad de Romeral, VII Región, cultivan manzanas y frutas de exportación. En ese ambiente nació hace 50 años Juan Carlos, quien a los 6 años se dio cuenta que era distinto y veía el mundo como una mujer. Hoy es Andrea y hace 8 años se desempeña como nana en Iquique del senador Jaime Orpis (UDI), quien por estos días ha sido acusado de homofóbico por rechazar la Ley Antidiscriminación. Debido a los ataques que sufrió el parlamentario, Andrea solicitó dar a conocer su caso para demostrar que a Chile aún le falta mucho por aprender en materia de tolerancia y que las leyes deben ser trabajadas en forma integral.

Trasladaron ayer al matador de la travesti "Ceci" al Penal de Varones
El sujeto acusado de haber ultimado a tiros a una travesti, en la mañana del 9 de octubre del año pasado, fue trasladado ayer desde la Alcaidía de la ex Unidad Regional 2 de La Banda al Penal de Varones.

Locles insiste con la teoría del homicidio: “A Pequeña P le cerraron los ojos y nunca quisieron ver la realidad”
El perito especialista en criminología disparó una serie de críticas al accionar judicial en el caso Pequeña P y aseguró que la muerte de la travesti se trató de un homicidio porque “escuchó algo que no debía haber escuchado”.