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quinta-feira, abril 19, 2012

Human rights in the world: European Parliament zooms in on LGBT rights
Today the European Parliament adopted its annual report on human rights in the world, paying close attention to EU action for the human rights of LGBT people. The report also comments on a range of new measures, including the creation of an EU Special Representative on Human Rights.

El cambio de sexo y los tratamientos de fertilidad se mantienen gratuitos
Las operaciones de cambio de sexo y los tratamientos de fertilidad seguirán como prestaciones en la cartera de servicios públicos. Así lo han manifestado a fuentes del Ministerio de Sanidad mientras la ministra de Sanidad, Ana Mato, y los consejeros de las distintas comunidades autónomas debaten el alcance del tijeretazo que le van a aplicar al sistema sanitario.

TENI & Labour LGBT Press Release: Transgender Equality Motion Passed at Labour Conference
Transgender Equality Network Ireland (TENI) and Labour LGBT strongly welcome the support for transgender rights at the Labour Party Conference in Galway this weekend. On 13th April, Conference members passed a motion calling on the Minister for Social Protection to bring forward legislation that takes account of the human rights and dignity of transgender persons in line with the recommendations of the Human Rights Commissioner of the Council of Europe and to widely consult those affected during the legislative process. The motion was overwhelmingly supported.

Moldova facing clash over anti-hate bill
Communist party and Orthodox Church unite to stand in the way of anti-discrimination bill

Angola’s Transsexual Hip Hop Queen Transcends Boundaries
Titica, who says, "I've been stoned, I've been beaten," has emerged as a powerful musical force in the African nation, where homosexuality is illegal.

MP says ‘No’ to LGBT PM
According to Zahrain Hashim, lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgender should not be allowed to become PM or hold public office.

Nearly one in five gay people in Taiwan have attempted suicide
Survey of nearly 3,000 gay people in Taiwan finds that 18% have attempted suicide and 30% have considered it

[Taiwan] [Commentary]
ISTScare: Taiwanese laws should not require surgery to change sex
The term 'transgender' has already gradually gained widespread familiarity in Taiwan. It refers to people who exhibit any behavior that transcend gender, including gender identity and gender expression What the general population may not know, is that the term is actually an umbrella term, encompassing transsexuals, cross-dressers, feminine men, masculine women, and others who do not fit the narrow categories of "male" or "female".

Trans death remembered
A Melbourne protest against Aboriginal deaths in custody will mark the third anniversary of the death of transgender woman Veronica Baxter.

NDP’s LGBTT Critic seeks support for controversial ‘transgender’ bill
A private members bill was recently debated in parliament that aims at giving what its sponsor calls “specific protections” to “transsexual and transgendered Canadians.”

Act Now to Push for Workplace Protections
In 29 states, you can be fired just for being gay; in 34 you can be fired just for being transgender – and it’s perfectly legal. LGBT people remain vulnerable in the workplace, but there are two things that can – and must – happen to ensure no one ever loses their job simply because of who they are.

Changing Times
Before Jenna Talackova, there was Chaz Bono; before him, Brandon Teena; and, back in the 1950s, Christine Jorgensen. Transgender people have had a long, loud struggle in the media, from Jerry Springer’s earliest ratings-bait drama productions to Donald Trump deciding recently to ban a transgender pageant hopeful — only to have the organization overturn the ban and institute a policy of acceptance.

[USA] [Commentary]
Hennepin County Attorney: Do Not Prosecute Cece McDonald For Being a Black Trans Woman
Cece's hearing is scheduled for April 24th. We will "STAND OUR GROUND" with Cece!
[Commentary] Free CeCe Open Letter From Juli Goins

Hormonal treatments compliments of Calif. taxpayers
A Christian activist says it's "horrendous" for a police department to use taxpayer funds to offer hormonal treatments to transgendered individuals in jail.

Chaz Bono talks gender, celebrity, Cher
Though he said his body isn’t perfect, Chaz Bono told students and community members Tuesday that he likes what he sees in the mirror.

Center on Halsted responds to transgender woman murdered in Chicago
Chicago's LGBT community is reacting to news that a transgender woman was found shot and killed in Chicago's West Garfield Park neighborhood Monday morning.

Equality Illinois, Lambda Legal back out of proposed transgender ordinance
Equality Illinois, Lambda Legal and other LGBT advocacy organizations are dropping support for a police transgender protections ordinance introduced in City Council last month due to compromises made to the language, which they say, damaged the effectiveness of the policy.

Housing, LGBT center measure student interest in coed dorm
University Housing and the LGBT Resource Center are collecting survey data to gauge students’ interest in a possible gender-neutral residence hall — a first for the campus.

‘Gender outlaw’ asks students to question binaries
We live in a society where we are rich or poor, black or white, woman or man. But self-proclaimed “gender outlaw” Kate Bornstein says nothing about who we are is “either/or.”

Couple threatened with contempt in Pitt bomb threats
Called before a federal grand jury in relation to the string of bomb threats at Pitt, Seamus Johnston and Katherine Anne McCloskey were threatened with contempt after they tusseled with authorities over whether they would provide handwriting samples, fingerprints and other material sought by prosecutors and FBI agents.
Couple appears before Pitt bomb threat grand jury

Several UT organizations advocate for gender-inclusive housing
Promoting the movement for gender-inclusive housing on campus, StandOut held a demonstration Tuesday afternoon on Speedway about what a dorm room with students of different genders would look like.

Transgender students can now use preferred name on University records
The University of Texas at Austin is set to implement a new policy this summer that will allow transgender students to list their preferred names on all official University records, including a name that may be different from their legal name.

After Miss Universe changes rules for transsexuals, Bolivian sex change patient reveals her beauty pageant dreams
She made it back into the running as Miss Canada after being booted out for being born a boy.
And now other aspiring beauty queens are coming forward after Jenna Talackova successfully managed to overturn pageant rules, which prevented transsexuals from competing.
Dayana Saucedo, a sex change patient from Bolivia is now more determined than ever to represent her country at next year's 62nd Miss Universe contest after hearing about Talackova's story.

Charla sobre diversidad sexual e identidad de género
¿Hay solo dos sexos? ¿Qué es ser travesti o trans? ¿Se nace o se hace? Travestis y transexuales = prostitución? A partir de estas preguntas, Lohana Berkins, activista por los derechos humanos de travestis y transexuales, fundadora de la Asociación de Lucha por la Identidad Travesti y Transexual y de la primera cooperativa textil de Latinoamérica de travestis y transexuales, dará una conferencia pública el próximo viernes, a las 19:30 horas, en la Sala 1 del Centro Cultural Maracó.

Travesti apareció muerto en pozo
El cuerpo de Jorge Mario Moitiño Contreras, de 26, estaba adentro de una cachimba. Lo habían colocado en el interior de una bolsa de plastillera, la que tenía atada un balde, y en el interior del mismo una piedra para que el cuerpo se hundiera y no saliera a flote.

Se postergó el tratamiento de la Ley de Identidad
Al igual que como sucedió en 2010 cuando estaba por tratarse el Matrimonio Igualitario en la Cámara de Diputados, lo urgente desplaza a lo importante. En aquella oportunidad la prioridad la tuvo el impuesto al cheque. Hoy el tema es la expropiación de la empresa YPF

Rosario: Una estudiante transexual recibió su libreta universitaria con el nombre y género elegidos
La Facultad de Ciencias Económicas de la Universidad nacional de Rosario le entregó este martes a Daniela Segovia, estudiante de la carrera de Contador Público, el nuevo documento universitario que respeta su identidad.

Tiraron a Zulma Lobato a las vías del tren
La mediática Zulma Lobato relató, para Infama, que delincuentes la empujaron a las vías del tren cuando intentaron robarla.