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sexta-feira, abril 27, 2012

Trabalho do Ministério Público da Paraíba no combate ao tráfico de travestis
Trabalho do MP-PB no combate ao trabalho e exploração infantil e tráfico de travestis. Saiba um pouco mais sobre o trabalho do Ministério Público da Paraíba nessas áreas. Procurador-chefe do MP está sendo homenageado por trabalho.

Physical Attacks Against 2 Transsexuals in Ankara
Two transsexual sex workers in Ankara were subjected to continuous rape and physical attacks by two perpetrators. The two perpetrators were arrested by the police.
On 31 March 2012, two clients came to the house of two transsexual sex workers and had sex with them. However, they rejected to give money for the service. Also, they stole their mobile phones and approximately 1000 TL (450 Eur). The perpetrators also threatened the sex workers not to inform the police otherwise they would kill them. The attackers had two big "choppers". The victims did not inform the police because of their fear.
On 8th of April, the same perpetrators again came to their house and forcibly entered the house threatening them. They raped the two transsexuals, stole their 2000 TL (900 Eur) and 3 mobile phones. They also stole the cars of the sex workers.
After this incident, the victims informed the police and after a week long investigation, the police arrested the two perpetrators.

Nepal's Third Gender and the Recognition of Gender Identity
On Dec. 27, 2007, the Supreme Court of Nepal issued a decision that has been called "arguably the single most comprehensive judgment affirming protections for gender identity anywhere in the world.

First Fines for Promotion of Homosexuality in Russia
For the first time participants in actions aimed at the promotion of homosexuality among minors have been penalized in Russia’s Arkhangelsk Region, the regional prosecutor’s office reported on its website on Wednesday.

Siberian Lawmakers Pass Anti-'Gay Propaganda' Bill
A Siberian regional legislature passed in the first reading on Thursday a bill banning promotion of homosexual, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender practices among minors and adopted it in its Administrative Offenses Code.
Novosibirsk Region Latest to Pass Anti-Gay Law

Trans woman standing for election in Nan
A trans woman has registered as an election candidate for the Nan Provincial Administrative Organisation.
"I want to represent the trans women and all groups of homosexuals across the country in parliament and press the government to pay more interest to women and trans women," Yollada "Nok" Suanyot, president of the TransFemale Association of Thailand, said on Wednesday.
Transgender's candidature a new first for provincial poll

Next Miss Universe Singapore could be born a man
It is an event designed to celebrate the country's most beautiful women.
But next year's Miss Universe Singapore could be won by somebody born a man, after organizers revealed that they are considering accepting contestants who have had a sex change.
[Commentary] Why including transgender women in Miss Singapore Universe is a good thing

[New Zealand]
GenderBridge seeks input in future direction
Auckland-based transgender support and advocacy group GenderBridge is this Saturday holding an interactive planning session, to map the way forward.

Trans action group takes shape
A new Australian trans health action group based in Queensland held its first meeting in Brisbane last week to discuss anxiety and depression problems linked to gender identity issues.

Trans man fights bill for 'necessary' surgery
A transgender man from Nova Scotia in Canada files human rights complaint against insurers after being 'wrongly' charged for a hysterectomy

Landmark Employment Ruling Protects Against Anti-Transgender Discrimination
In a decision described by one legal expert as “game-changing,” the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has ruled that existing federal law protects transgender individuals from sex discrimination on the basis of their gender identity.

EEOC ruling on trans rights triggers new call for ENDA
LGBT rights supporters are continuing to press for passage of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, following a ruling this week from a U.S. agency expanding non-discrimination protections under existing law to include transgender workers.
[Commentary] EEOC Ruling: Trans Discrimination Violates Title VII
[Commentary] Big Ruling for Transgender Rights
Gov’t says transgender people protected under federal job discrimination laws

California Senate committee advances bill to limit reparative therapy
Legislation designed to protect LGBT minors from what critics charge is harmful and ineffective ex-gay therapy, advanced through a California state Senate Committee on Monday.

[USA] [Commentary]
Miss Universe pageant gets a gender makeover
The Miss Universe pageant is once again marred by scandal.
This time a contestant’s gender is in question, and for any would-be backseat investigator quick to comment that the controversy can be solved within the first word of the exhibition, it’s more complicated than that.
[Commentary] Pro: There’s more to gender than chromosomes
[Commentary] Con: Talackova has made a mockery of pageants

Alaska DMV Must Allow Sex Designation Change
An Alaska Superior Court judge has ordered that state’s Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to adopt a regulation establishing a procedure for changing the sex designation on a driver’s license. In a March 12 ruling, Judge Michael Spaan found that the lack of an established policy facilitating such a change violated the state constitutional privacy rights of a transgender individual, who would be placed in the position of “outing” themselves as transgender every time they are asked to show their license.

Chaz Bono to be honored at Transgender Law Center party in Palm Springs
The Transgender Law Center is slated to celebrate its 10th anniversary on May 3 with special guest Chaz Bono, the transgender son of Cher and late Palm Springs Mayor Sonny Bono, officials announced.

Transgender man begins walk across America
Mikal Chall is just an ordinary transgender man from Michigan, but he has a big quest: equality. Putting one foot in front of the other and towing his handcrafted trailer behind him, he left San Francisco on April 23 on his journey across the "land of the free" to Washington, D.C.

Anti-Bullying Bill on Track for Vote in D.C.
Long-awaited anti-bullying bill moves forward with some changes, but funding still a concern

Sarasota city manager applicant list at 100 names
Excerpt: Transgender applicant Susan Stanton, who was a finalist for Sarasota's City Manager position in 2007 but lost out to Bartolotta, also made the list of 100.

NCTE Cancels May 1 Chicago Area Reception Standing in Solidarity with Justice4Paige
Due to the tragic April 16th murder of 23-year-old Paige Clay, a Chicago-area transgender women whose death has left us all in shock and demanding justice from the authorities, NCTE has cancelled its May 1 event in order to support a community response to Paige’s murder.

Ferndale Police Department talks transgender
Citing a history of violence against transgender people in the prison system, the Los Angeles Police Department has announced plans for a 24-bed holding facility for transgender detainees in their women's facility. It is the first of its kind in the nation according to The LA Times.

CeCe McDonald Supporters Meet with Hennepin County Attorney Michael Freeman
Freeman says “The criminal justice system is not built for, nor is it good at, solving a lot of society’s problems.”

Missouri Proposes Its Own Version of "Don't Say Gay" Bill
Tennessee has successfully exported its proposed law, which would ban any mention of homosexuality by teachers or school administrators. But Missouri says its version if more fair.

Feds honor 66-year-old East Flatbush transgender woman
East Flatbush resident Victoria Cruz, a transgender woman who has been “out” since grade school, is a Justice Department 2012 pick as one of the nation’s top crime fighters.
The 66-year-old Latina, known simply as “Vicki,” advises abuse victims from across the city based on lessons she learned surviving years of sexual and physical torment during an era when homophobia was rampant.

Wharton transgender widow files suit for workers' compensation benefits
The battle of a transgender woman claiming to be the widow of a fallen Wharton volunteer firefighter continues almost a year later - and this time, she has filed suit against the city of Wharton for workers' compensation benefits.

Confirman la marcha de Diversidad Sexual
El 23 de junio se llevará a cabo en el municipio la marcha de la Diversidad Sexual, adelantó Jan Novak, presidente del “Grupo Fusión G”, quien a su vez, confirmó que se ingresaron en Cancún los amparos para validar los casamientos entre el mismo sexo efectuados en Kantunilkín, Lázaro Cárdenas, el pasado 28 de noviembre.

Muertes como la de Agnes Torres no han sido en vano: senadores
Las amenazas, hostigamiento, persecución y muerte que han sufrido defensores de los derechos humanos, entre ellos Agnes Torres Hernández, en Puebla, no ha sido en vano, pues ello dio paso a la nueva Ley para la Protección de Personas Defensoras de Derechos Humanos y Periodistas, que aprobó el Senado de la República, coincidieron en señalar legisladores.
Continúa prófugo el presunto responsable del asesinato de Agnes Torres

Venezuela Says No To Transsexuals in Beauty Pageant
The president of the Miss Venezuela contest said that transsexuals would not be able to compete in the local pageant, saying that the country is too socially conservative.

Instalado Consejo Patriótico de sexodiversidad
"Somos una población que merece respeto, que merece visibilidad". Estas palabras de Ronny Ortega, vocera del Movimiento Revolucionario Diversidad Sexual de Aragua, fueron una muestra de la lucha de los 282 movimientos activistas que este martes instalaron el Consejo Patriótico de sexodiversidad del Gran Polo Patriótico (GPP) en el Teatro Teresa Carreño, en Caracas.
Comunidad sexo diversa instala Consejo Patriótico en Caracas
282 Movimientos de Sexo Diversidad agradecen al Gran Polo Patriótico por visibilizar su lucha
VIDEO: La Ministra Isis Ochoa se dirigió al Consejo Patriótico de la sexodiversidad

Una travesti denunció que fue violada por policías en una comisaría
Fue detenida junto con el taxista que la trasladaba. En la seccional los hicieron desnudarse, por separado. Ella fue violada por dos policías. Los encerraron en una pequeña celda de castigo, en condiciones inhumanas.