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sábado, maio 05, 2012

Marcha Global da Marijuana Lisboa
Contra a Crise – Legalize

A sétima edição da Marcha Global da Marijuana de Lisboa acontece já amanhã, dia 5 de Maio. Como de costume, a concentração é às 15h no Jardim Mãe d'Água e a partida às 16h do Largo do Rato em direcção ao Largo Camões. A Marcha Global da Marijuana é uma iniciativa anual que se realiza em mais de trezentas cidades em todo o mundo, contando em Portugal também com as cidades do Porto e Coimbra. O nosso manifesto pode ser consultado aqui, bem como a nossa lista de mandatários.

Numa altura de crise como a que vivemos é comum ouvir o argumento de que existem questões mais importantes a serem debatidas; rejeitamos veementemente esta forma de pôr fim a um debate que nos parece crucial numa série de níveis. Defendemos os vários motivos que levam as pessoas a apoiar a legalização, desde o uso recreativo, medicinal ou industrial bem como os diversos modelos de legalização, desde o modelo holandês de coffee-shops aos clubes sociais de canábis espanhóis. Também defendemos a legalização porque sabemos ser a forma mais eficaz de combater o narcotráfico. Da mesma forma, é o melhor modo de garantir a segurança dos consumidores, afastando-os do contacto com traficantes, pondo um fim definitivo à perseguição de que são vítimas e garantindo o consumo de um produto não-adulterado. A nível económico, a legalização da canábis garante ao Estado a recolha de impostos, a criação de uma economia geradora de emprego e a poupança de recursos gastos a perseguir consumidores, quer a nível das forças de segurança, quer a nível judicial – não sendo as principais razões para legalizar/regulamentar o consumo de canábis, têm um carácter fundamental neste actual contexto de crise económica.

Uma forma de contribuir é assinar a nossa petição e divulgando-a entre os vossos contactos. É fundamental continuarmos a pressionar o poder político e reivindicar a legalização da canábis. Também é possível ajudar na divulgação partilhando o evento no Facebook e o vídeo promocional. Caso te queiras envolver na organização da MGM Lisboa responde-nos com o teu contacto.

Porque esta é uma causa que atinge pessoas das mais diversas faixas etárias e classes sociais, queremos que a MGM Lisboa sejam um momento de reivindicação política alegre e plural; assim, convidamos-te a juntar-te amanhã a nós, trazendo as tuas próprias faixas, pancartas ou outro material que consideres importante.

Cumprimentos canábicos,

Ruth to be oldest sex change patient
A former RAF navigator from Denton is set to become the oldest person to have a sex change operation on the NHS.
Ruth Rose, 78, from St Martin’s Crescent, spent most of her life as James and said she had always dreamed of becoming a woman since she was a child.
She explained she hoped her feelings would go away when she got married and had children, but they never did.
Ms Rose said: “You have responsibilities. You can’t just give up and say: ‘Sorry I’m going to become a woman’.

Deportation nears for trans woman abused in native Russia
Time is fast running out for a Russian trans woman who, it was reported recently in Pink News, fears being forced by Swedish authorities to return to Russia, where she expects to face violence and possible imprisonment at the hands of the authorities.

Lack of identity and address proof impede schemes for transgenders
The Karnataka State Women's Development Corporation, which recently introduced schemes for transgender women, is facing glitches in their implementation because most people of the community do not have valid identity and address proof.

Transgenders to get ration cards
Minister for Energy, Food and Civil Supplies Shobha Karandlaje said that government soon will issue ration cards to transgenders across the state. Karandlaje was speaking at the valedictory of the women entrepreneurs’ convention organised by Karnataka State Women Development Corporation (KSWDC) here on Thursday.

Sixteen-year-old 'tomboi' murdered in Malaysia
The body of a 16-year-old girl described in local media as a 'tomboi' was found in a palm oil field in a town in the state of Kelantan in north-east Malaysia.

90% say no to transgenders in Bb. Pilipinas: poll
Just like most beauty queens and celebrities, majority of the readers of do not want transgenders to be included in the Bb. Pilipinas, which sends representatives to Miss Universe and other international pageants.

[New Zealand]
Intersexion a winner at Doco Edge Fest
A documentary capturing the life of New Zealand’s first ‘out’ intersex person Mani Mitchell has won best local feature at the Documentary Edge Festival’s opening leg in Auckland.

Transgender students can use chosen names
After a two-year campaign, transgender students at Concordia University who make written requests will be able to use their chosen names on student IDs, class lists, exams, and class websites, starting in September.
Transgender rights won

EEOC Decision in Trans Woman's Case "Will Almost Certainly Impact" Federal Contractor Rules, Scholars Say
The April 20 decision by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission that the federal law banning sex discrimination in the workplace includes discrimination based on gender identity is likely to have several effects outside the decision itself and the EEOC, but one of the more clear implications, a trio of legal scholars says, is that "the decision will almost certainly impact the enforcement of Executive Order 11246" -- the existing federal contractor nondiscrimination executive order.

[USA] [Commentary]
Op-ed: CeCe McDonald Was Punished for Surviving
Society too often accepts that young, black, transgender women are victims of violence.

Friends and family mourning shooting death of 37-year-old transgender woman from Hayward
Friends and family are mourning the death of a 37-year-old transgender woman who was shot to death Sunday while she was parked in a car downtown with three transgender women friends.
Trans Woman Murdered In Oakland In Apparent Hate Crime
Oakland: Hate crime suspected in transgender death

Outgoing American University Student President Comes Out as Transgender
Outgoing American University Student Body President Sarah McBride managed to make waves on campus even on her very last day as Student Body President, announcing in her farewell speech that she considers herself transgender and identifies as a female. She made use of the occasion to release an op-ed in The Eagle, an American University student newspaper.

Anti-discrimination legislation garners support from 12 former chamber chairs
A dozen former chairs of the Jacksonville Regional CHamber of Commerce have sided with the current chair and chair-elect in support of city legislation that would ban discrimination against gay or transgender people in Jacksonville.
Jacksonville mayor silent about bill banning discrimination against sexual orientation

Atlanta Strip Club Accused of Transgender Discrimination
What would you do if you were entering an establishment and you heard the doorman and a manager denying admission to a transgender woman because they were afraid she would use the wrong restroom?

Rainbow Alliance brings photographer to campus to showcase images of transgender community
Critically acclaimed photographer Loren Rex Cameron visited Northwestern on Thursday to display his photos of transgender individuals and spotlight issues associated with making a sex transition.

Transgender woman denied mammogram wins battle with health insurance company
Beth Scott was shocked when her insurance company denied coverage for her routine mammogram.
She soon figured out why.
Aetna, Scott’s health insurance carrier, stated that the procedure fell under her policy’s exclusion for treatments “related to changing sex.”

Report backs human rights
A report released Wednesday by the New York Civil Liberties Union documents discrimination and harassment against transgender people and urges the state Senate to pass the Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act, known as GENDA, which passed the Assembly on Monday.

In Transition: From Todd To Tara
Todd Michael Allison had a boyish grin, ear, to ear, that every mother loves.
But even as a young boy, Allison knew that things were not right.
"Todd did all the things expected by a boy," Allison said, reminiscing about childhood days. "Todd sang in church choir all the time"

FBI returns server examined in Pitt bomb threats
The FBI has returned a server it seized last month as part of an investigation into bomb threats at the University of Pittsburgh, but the server's owner was not informed of the return, New York-based Internet hosting service May First/People Link said Thursday.

University considers hormone therapy insurance for transgender students
The committee that recommends changes to student health coverage at Washington State University will consider including hormone replacement therapy in insurance plans next year.

Exigen justicia por homicidio de joven muxe en Juchitán
Activistas a favor del respeto a la igualdad y al diversidad sexual en Juchitán denunciaron el asesinato de un integrante de la comunidad muxe, Elvis Aníbal Santiago Medina, conocido como "Nisa".

Lupita Jones aceptará a transgéneros si las reglas cambian
En el centro de la polémica se encuentra Lupita Jones, directora de nuestra Belleza México, por la postura que adoptará su franquicia sobre la participación de concursantes transgénero en los certámenes nacionales e internacionales de belleza.


[Dominican Republic]
Travestis y transexuales realizarán concurso de belleza en Barahona
El colectivo de Travestis y transexuales de esta ciudad realizarán un concurso de belleza para escoger a la reina de su género más bella e inteligente de la provincia.

Red trans y la agrupación GLBT “Sembrando Futuro” de El Oro reciben capacitación
En salón de reuniones del hotel “Rizzo”, de la ciudad de Machala, se desarrolló el taller de capacitación con el tema Participación Ciudadana e inclusión social. Este evento fue ejecutado por la Delegación provincial de la Secretaría de Pueblos, Movimientos Sociales y Participación Ciudadana de El Oro, y el Ministerio Coordinador de la Política.

Marcha contra la transfobia en los medios de comunicación

Viernes 11 de mayo / 19 hs / Paraguay y Lima / Marcha hacia Canal 4

Cuatro mujeres trans fueron asesinadas en Uruguay en lo que va del 2012.

Estas cuatro uruguayas fueron asesinadas una primera vez por sus victimarios y una segunda por los medios de comunicación que ignoraron su identidad de género al informar sobre sus muertes.

Canal 4 alimentó la transfobia que provoca este tipo de crímenes al referirse a las víctimas como hombres vestidos de mujer y al mencionarlas por el nombre de sus documentos, ignorando el que ellas habían elegido para sí mismas.

Por eso, el viernes 11 de mayo nos concentramos a las 19 hs. en Paraguay y Lima para marchar hacia Canal 4 con cuatro ataúdes, uno por cada víctima, en protesta pacífica por la falta de respeto que este medio demostró hacia las cuatro mujeres trans asesinadas en Uruguay.

¡No a la transfobia en los medios de comunicación!

Colectivo Ovejas Negras

Organizaciones LGBTI convocan a una foto masiva ante el congreso
Organizaciones LGTBI, que militan por el respeto a la diversidad sexual y de género, convocaron para el domingo próximo a las 16 a armar una "foto masiva" frente al Congreso, donde se tramita el proyecto de ley de Identidad de Género.