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sexta-feira, maio 04, 2012

Countries get ready to tackle gay and trans bullying
Countries across the world back International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia to fight school bullying

4th European Transgender Council Dublin 7 - 9 Sept 2012
From September 6 to 9, the 4th European Transgender Council will be held in Dublin, Ireland. Titled "Trans Rights Now! Realizing Recognition, Respect and Equality", the council welcomes trans activists from all parts of Europe as delegates and speakers. Please find all relevant information about the event here.

Ladrões levam acervo de 12 anos de trabalho do cartunista Laerte em SP
Um acervo com 12 anos de trabalho do cartunista Laerte Coutinho foi furtado da casa dele na madrugada de anteontem.
Os desenhos feitos pelo artista desde 2000 estavam em dois computadores e em um disco rígido externo.
Ladrões invadem casa de cartunista Laerte e roubam acervo
'Fico muito comovida', diz Laerte sobre campanha na internet para recuperar seu acervo

Travestis e transexuais poderão usar nome social em documento no RS
Projeto da Secretaria de Segurança Pública institui Carteira de Nome Social.
Documento servirá como identificação nos serviços públicos do Estado.

META magazine continues to break new ground with second issue
The second issue of groundbreaking new trans publication META is now available to download.

Sussex person accepted for NHS sex change at 80
A former Royal Air Force (RAF) officer and grandfather of four has been accepted to become the oldest person to undergo a sex change operation in the UK.
Ruth Rose who will be 79 next month says that she wants her physical self to catch up with her mental and emotional personage.
East Sussex pensioner to have sex change op
Sex change pensioner's 'empathy' with critics

Let me die, sex change applicant tells court
Bidhan Barua, 21, on Wednesday, wrote to the chief justice of the Bombay high court seeking permission to kill himself as the court has not yet issued a restraining order against his parents, who are opposing his sex change surgery. Bidhan had run away from his family in Guwahati in March this year and come to Mumbai to get the surgery done. Doctors at Safiee hospital, Charni Road, had agreed to do it on April 2 but hesitated after his father served them a legal notice.
Don't threaten suicide on sex change: Bombai HC to Bhidan Barua

Plea for better trans surgery coverage
The Australian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) is encouraging trans activists behind a wave of online petitions calling for improved Medicare coverage of sex reassignment surgery, to focus on lobbying the federal health minister.

The DSM-5 draft is out for a final six week comment period

[USA] [Commentary]
A Rallying Cry for CeCe, Paige, and Trans Women Everywhere: Your Lives Matter
I was given the opportunity to deliver a keynote address to the University of Southern California's LGBT graduates and allies at USC's 18th annual Lavender Celebration on Sunday:

Male Student Wanted to Wear A Dress to Prom and Run For Prom Queen
River Flanary, 17, claims his rights were violated when school officials from McClintock High School told him he could not run for prom queen. Flanary designed his own dress for the prom, and states that in an effort to comply with the school dress code, he “jerry-rigged some rope to it [the dress] so that it’s not strapless.”
Male Tempe student loses bid to be prom queen

Trans woman killed in Oakland
Oakland police are investigating the shooting death of a transsexual woman who was killed in her car in the city's downtown area Sunday morning, April 29.
Murder of transgender woman Brandy Martell raises concerns about hate crime
Friends and family mourning shooting death of 37-year-old transgender woman from Hayward

Ruby Corado to Open LGBT Latino Resource Center
Everybody is welcome at Casa Ruby.
That's the pitch from local transgender activist Ruby Corado, who plans to open an LGBT-targeted resource center in Columbia Heights this month at a to-be-confirmed venue. A ceremonial opening with Mayor Vincent Gray (D) is tentatively scheduled for June 6.
Latino LGBT community center to open in D.C.

Surveying the Transgender Scene
DC Trans Coalition carrying out needs assessment for transgender D.C. residents

Community forum held for Paige Clay
A forum of nearly 100 people came together to discuss the recent murder of a Chicago transgender woman, Paige Clay, at TaskForce Prevention and Community Services, 9 N. Cicero Ave. on the city’s West Side Tuesday night.

Student on trial for second degree murder; claims self-defense, hate crime
Friends and LGBTQ supporters gathered at the Hennepin County Government Center on April 27 for the final hearing of Chrishaun “Cece” McDonald for being charged two counts of second degree murder of Dean Shmitz, whom she claims she was violently assaulted by for race and gender.
05/02: CeCe pleads guilty to reduced charge
CeCe McDonald Pleads Guilty to Second Degree Manslaughter
Chrishaun “CeCe” McDonald Accepts Plea Agreement to Reduced Manslaughter Charge
Plea deal ends protests over murder charge
After Horrific Fight Leaves Man Dead, Trans Woman CeCe McDonald Accepts Plea
Chrishaun “CeCe” McDonald accepts plea agreement
Transgender woman pleads guilty to lesser charge in murder case
Transgender woman gave up self-defense claim in plea deal
CeCe McDonald pleads guilty to manslaughter
Mpls. Transgender Woman Pleads Guilty to Manslaughter

Transgender student-teacher dismissed
When an area school district dismissed a Wilmington College (WC) transgender senior in January on the second day of a student-teaching placement at Hillsboro High School, the district may have broken federal law.

Parkland cites transgender woman for using women's rest room
NBCDFW reports on the case of a transgender woman who received a disorderly conduct citation from Parkland Hospital for using a women’s bathroom.
Transgender woman on parole for child sex assault
Transgender ticketed for using women’s restroom
Transgender Woman: Convictions Irrelevant to Citation

Starting Tomorrow: Translations, the Seattle Transgender Film Festival
Full festival schedule and screening info here.

Condenan brutal asesinato de integrante de la comunidad muxhe en Oaxaca
Diversas organizaciones de la diversidad sexual en Juchitán, mostraron su indignación por el brutal asesinato de Elvis Aníbal Santiago Medina, integrante de la comunidad muxhe, además de exigir justicia y castigo al culpable.

Marcharán colectivos LGBTTTI en defensa del Estado laico
Con el lema “En un Estado laico cabemos todas y todos” el comité organizador de la XXXIV Marcha del Orgullo Lésbico, Gay, Bisexual, Transexual, Travesti, Transgénero e Intersexual (LGBTTTI) de la Ciudad de México convocó a todos los asistentes al evento del próximo 30 de junio en contra de los grupos conservadores que han intentado restringir los derechos de las personas no heterosexuales y la laicidad del Estado mexicano.

Comisión Mixta aprueba cambios a Ley Antidiscriminación que quedó lista para ser votada
Senadores y diputados llegaron a acuerdo mayoritario en los cuatro aspectos en los que había diferencias en torno a la iniciativa, por lo que no sería necesario un veto del Ejecutivo.
Comisión mixta aprueba enmiendas a Ley Antidiscriminación y queda lista para ser votada
Comisión Mixta aprueba y despacha Ley Antidiscriminación considerando propuestas del Movilh

Quieren capacitar en identidad de género y diversidad sexual
Para los profesionales, el problema del acceso al sistema de salud "no sólo tiene que ver con la salud sexual y reproductiva, sino con la atención básica de la salud en general".