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quinta-feira, maio 03, 2012

João W. Nery é o primeiro transhomem operado no Brasil
João W. Nery é o primeiro transhomem operado no Brasil. João nasceu Joana, mas nunca se encontrou naquele corpo feminino. Operado no Brasil, durante a ditadura militar, sofreu preconceito. “Eu me sinto menino desde que me entendo por gente, mas a coisa começou a pegar na adolescência, quando veio o que eu chamo de a monstruação”.

'Mares and stallions' ad deemed offensive
Advertising bosses have banned a controversial commercial produced ahead of this year's Cheltenham Festival from being broadcast again.

78-year-old will have sex change operation on NHS
A 78-year-old from East Sussex is due to become the oldest person in the UK to have a sex change operation on the NHS.

Chloe Sevigny shoots from the hip – as a pre-op tranny assassin
Movie beauty Chloe Sevigny shoots from the hip in new Sky Atlantic drama Hit & Miss – as a pre-op transsexual assassin.

Police arrest gay rights activists in St Petersburg
Russian police force have arrested seventeen gay rights activists during a May Day rally in St Petersburg, which recently passed a law that banned what it called ‘homosexual propaganda.‘

Aravan brides experience sliver of wedded bliss
Mohana of Tiruvannamalai was all smiles as Thennarasu ‘tied the knot’ at the Koothanadavar Temple. As twilight fell, hordes of transgenders swarmed into the brightly lit temple for the main ceremony of the Koovagam festival. Transgenders trace their roots to the epic Mahabharata where Lord Krishna is said to have taken female form to marry Prince Aravan, to fulfil a wish of the latter before being sacrificed just one day after his marriage. Thousands of transgenders symbolise this event by dressing up as a bride of Aravan, and walking to the temple to get a ‘thali’ tied.
Tamil Nadu hosts India's largest transgender fest
Both a blessing and a curse, say locals
India’s largest transgender festival begins

Boy threatens suicide as HC refuses to hear plea on sex change
21-year-old Guwahati student Bidhan Barua, who feels he is a woman trapped in man's body, on Wednesday threatened to commit suicide after the Bombay High Court refused to hear his petition urging for a direction to his parents to allow him undergo a sex change operation.

Survey: 90% say no to transgenders in local beauty pageants
Majority of readers believe that transgenders should not be allowed to compete in local beauty pageants despite the United States consenting to transgender beauty contestants in the Miss Universe pageant.

New App for Reporting Discrimination to TSA: FlyRights
The Sikh Coalition launched a free mobile phone app that makes it easier to file complaints with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).

Discrimination against LGBT jurors remains legal
“I believe that people who are either transsexuals or transvestites — I don’t know what the proper term is — traditionally are more liberal-minded thinking people, tend to associate more with the defendants because, obviously, they have been either ridiculed before or are feeling in a position of being in a microscope all the time and are outcasts which lends themselves to associating more with the defendant.”

LGBT-Inclusive Domestic Violence Act Doomed?
The day after the Senate approved the reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act with LGBT-inclusive provisions, members of the Republican-controlled House introduced their own version of the bill, which excludes coverage for LGBT citizens.

Transgender Woman Killed in Oakland
A transgender woman was gunned down in Oakland, Calif., over the weekend in what many believe is a hate crime.
Another Transgender Murder: Is Anyone Paying Attention?

D.C. Council gives preliminary approval of anti-bullying bill
The D.C. City Council voted unanimously on Tuesday to approve an anti-bullying bill on first reading, with Council members expected to approve the measure in a final vote at their next session later this month.

SGA passes resolution in favor of transgender students
A resolution supporting the transgender and gender non-conforming students at WKU was passed at the Student Government Association’s final meeting of the year Tuesday night.

Supporters Stand in Solidarity for CeCe McDonald Murder Trial
The murder trial of CeCe McDonald is officially underway. McDonald is a black transgender woman who’s on trial for killing a man who she says physically harassed her outside of a Minneapolis-area bar. The trial officially began yesterday, but will be in full swing this morning as the woman’s supporters gather at the court house for support.
Chrishaun “CeCe” McDonald begins jury selection; judge rules to exclude contextual evidence
5/1 Trial Update

[Commentary] Consider hate crimes in CeCe’s trial

N.C. Preacher Tells Parents to Crack Wrists, Punch Effeminate Children
The words of a homophobic North Carolina preacher are reverberating around the Internet today, following a sermon in which he advocated physically assaulting toddlers with "limp wrists."
NC pastor: ‘crack limp wrists’ of girlish boys, reign in your ‘butch’ daughters
Video: Amendment 1 pastor gives parents 'special dispensation' to use violence against LGBT kids!!!

Lincoln, Neb., lawmakers support Fairness Ordinance for LGBT citizens
City council member Carl Eskridge on Monday introduced the Lincoln, Neb., “Fairness Ordinance,” a measure that would add sexual orientation and gender identity to the city’s non-discrimination law.

Transgender student-teacher dismissed
When an area school district dismissed a Wilmington College (WC) transgender senior in January on the second day of a student-teaching placement at Hillsboro High School, the district may have broken federal law.

Charges Dropped Against Third Pa. Prison Guard
Allegheny County prosecutors on Monday dropped charges against a state prison guard in Pittsburgh accused of abusing inmates, the third such case to be dropped or thrown out this year.

ACLU sues Pennsylvania over voter ID law
The American Civil Liberties Union of Pennsylvania has asked a court to throw out the state’s new voter ID law set to go into effect this fall.

Knoxville City Council passes anti-discrimination ordinance
Gays, bisexuals, transgendered individuals and others cannot be discriminated against in Knoxville's hiring practices under an ordinance City Council passed Tuesday.

No vote on Tennessee’s ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill; measure dead this session
Tennessee’s controversial “Don’t Say Gay” bill, will not be put to a final vote needed for passage in the Tennessee state House, according to the bill’s sponsor.

Hospital police issue citation after complaint from patient
A Dallas transsexual woman was issued a ticket for using the women's restroom at Parkland Hospital.

Trans widow fights for firefighter husband's benefits
A Texas transgender widow is suing after she was denied husband's benefits because she was registered as male at birth

Transgénero le hará la vida difícil a AMLO
Diana Marroquín Bayardo reclama su candidatura a MC y denuncia que Obrador no hizo nada al respecto

La nueva subdirectora de Barrios en Hábitat es transgenerista
Isabella Torres es una arquitecta con más de 20 años de experiencia en el sector público y privado.
Su labor será la de trabajar por el mejoramiento de barrios legalizados, entre ellos un proyecto piloto en el sector La Chiguaza, que comprende las localidades Rafael Uribe Uribe y Usme, con un área aproximada de 103 hectáreas, 364 manzanas, 7.455 predios y 12 barrios.
Isabella Torres, la mujer trans encargada de mejorar estructura de diez mil casas en Bogotá

1o de Mayo: ¿Dia del Trabajo?
Quizás para muchos es motivo de celebración, pero claramente para aquell*s que cada día reciben el desprecio y la discriminación por ser transexual, no es un día en el que encontremos un motivo para celebrar, a pesar de la historia y del significado, por años la discriminación se apodera de nuestras vidas y no podemos encontrar un trabajo digno.

Primera vez escuchada organización trans en el congresso nacional de manera formal
Honorables Senadora, Senadores, Diputada y Diputados: Quisiera comenzar por felicitar la inclusión de la categoría de identidad de género como categoría sospechosa de discriminación. Éste es vivido dentro de la comunidad Trans de nuestro país como un avance, pues somos a quienes no se nos reconoce ni respeta nuestra identidad.

Comisión mista aprueba una ley antidiscriminación mediocre
Pese al trabajo constante y serio que hemos realizado como organización, nuestra demanda de inclusión de las acciones afirmativas dentro de la Ley Antidiscriminación, no ha sido escuchada por los parlamentarios ni por el ejecutivo.

Godfrey Arbulu denuncia a discoteca 'Gótica' por transfobia
La artista transexual Godfrey Arbulu se mostró indignada por los malos tratos que recibió en la entrada de la discoteca 'Gótica' de Larcomar, al no dejarla ingresar por ser un "hombre vestido de mujer", como le dijeron.
"Lo que me pasó es horrible. El viernes pasado fui a la discoteca para la fiesta del Lima Fashion Week, yo estaba en la lista de invitados, pero cuando vieron mi DNI borraron mi nombre", comentó en exclusiva Arbulu, quien ha sido invitada varias veces a programas de televisión.

Córdoba eligió a la Reina Nacional Gay
La representante de Capital Federal, Mariana Rodríguez, fue coronada en la madrugada del martes como nueva soberana. La cordobesa fue primera princesa.
Como cada año, Zen (Julio Roca 730), fue el escenario en la martugada del lunes de la ceremonia de coronación de la Reina Nacional Gay, honor que esta vez recayó sobre Mariana Rodríguez, la representante de Capital Federal. Con 21 años, 1,65 de estatura e impactantes 95-60-94 como medidas, la nueva soberana se impuso sobre el resto de las otras 21 representantes del país que se presentaron al certamen anual.