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quinta-feira, maio 10, 2012

International Day Against Homophobia: Join us in the European Parliament!
In Europe, growing up lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender can be challenging: difference often leads to bullying, self-harm, and sometimes attempting to commit suicide. Studies consistently point to higher physical and mental health risks for LGBT young people.

Calendário com travestis e transexuais gera polêmica na Assembleia Legislativa do Ceará
Uma publicação apoiada pela prefeitura de Fortaleza foi questionada pelo deputado estadual Fernando Hugo (PSDB). Trata-se do Calendário Translendário. Este calendário foi denunciado ontem no plenário da Assembleia Legislativa pelo deputado por apresentar fotos de travestis e transexuais fazendo referência a obras sacras. "Numa obra de Michelangelo, a Pietà, por exemplo, aparece um travesti posando sentado, desconfigurando a pintura do artista", destacou o tucano.
Prefeitura de Fortaleza apoia calendário com fotos de travestis e gera polémica forte
Calendário com travestis causa polêmica no Ceará

Trans woman ‘in hiding’ to escape deportation to Russia
A Russian trans woman refused asylum in Sweden appears today to be defying Swedish authorities by refusing to aid them in their efforts to deport her to Russia.

KP govt allocates 2% quota for eunuchs in employments
Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Minister for Social Welfare, Sitara Ayaz has said that provincial government was taking all steps to facilitate the eunuchs and two percent quota in employments has been allocated for them as per the Supreme Court directives.

Transgender registration: NADRA fails to comment, detains media personnel instead
National Database and Registration Authority (Nadra) detained media personnel on Wednesday when they came to ask their opinion regarding the issue of ID cards for transgenders.

City to get first clinic for gender reassignment
Next month, the city will get its first Gender Reassignment Clinic at Kolkilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital, Andheri. The clinic will cater to those who suffer from dysphoria – a gender identity disorder. Such patients face a conflict between their actual gender and the gender they identify with – and want to undergo sex reassignment surgery.

‘A surgeon’s knife set me free’
At 17, Suresh Lalwani, decided to become a girl. But it took the Gujarat resident 10 years to convince his family before he underwent a sex change surgery. Lalwani, 27, is now called Shreya. “I was a girl trapped in a fertile man’s body until a surgeon’s knife set me free,” said the professor at a management institute in Gandhidham. She underwent the surgery on March 16 at Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital, Andheri.

Saifee Doc not to perform sex change surgery
Despite having a favou-rable court order, Bidhan Barua, 21, a student from Guwahati, may have to look for another doctor for his sex reassignment surgery.

[China/Hong Kong]
Trans studies in Asia endangered by university axe
Teaching, research and community engagement likely to end due to transphobia at university, academic alleges

[China/Hong Kong]
Transgenders: more than meets the eye
Every now and then I still think – why couldn’t I have just been born a boy?” muses 33-year-old trans-male Kasper Wan. “But I don’t want to think like that any more. I don’t need to be a natural born male.” And so our interview begins.

On May 30, Samoa will celebrate the Miss Fa'afafine International 2012 event.

Genderless passports ‘under review’ in Canada
Canadians may soon be able to apply for passports that do not reveal their gender.

Event speaker enjoyed smooth ‘trans’ transition at work
International Day Against Homophobia Breakfast takes place Thursday

House panel rejects LGBT protections in domestic violence bill
A Republican-controlled House panel beat back measures on Tuesday that would have made LGBT protections part of legislation aiming to extend federal authorization for domestic violence programs.

Lead Singer of Punk Band 'Against Me' Comes Out as Transgender in Rolling Stone
Tom Gabel, lead singer of the punk band Against Me!, will come out as transgender in an article set to run in this week’s issue of Rolling Stone.
Tom Gabel of Against Me! Comes Out as Transgender
Tom Gabel of punk band Against Me! to become a woman
Lead singer of Against Me! reveals she is transgender

[Commentary] Woman singer is a woman

UA-Fort Smith silences student
Transgendered woman told to stop class lectures.

Tim McBride, American University student body president, comes out as transgendered
The most recent student body president at American University made a big revelation while stepping down from the position.
Tim McBride says he actually identifies as a woman and is a transgendered person.

Man files discrimination complaint against UIHC
After ending a phone call in which a second University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics receptionist told Shay O’Reilly, a transgender man, he couldn’t see an endocrinologist there, he had to stop and think for a bit.
Transgender Patient Cries Discrimination

CeCe McDonald murder trial
When the first 911 call came in, that's all police had to go on, because that's all Gary Gilbert could see by the dim light outside the Schooner Tavern, where he worked security.

Rally for GENDA
Melissa Sklarz was born male, but began the long process of gender transition in her early thirties. It was not easy.
"When I first started out my transition, within a month, I was fired from my job. I was out of work for about three years. I did whatever work I could find to get by," Sklarz said.

Pride Agenda holds Equality & Justice Day in Albany
Hundreds of advocates showed up at the Capitol and elsewhere in Albany on Tuesday for the Empire State Pride Agenda's annual Equality and Justice Day.
Gay-Rights Groups Push For GENDA At Capitol
Transgender civil rights

The hidden history of transsexual Paris: Intimate portraits documenting the lives of the red light district's 'ladies of the night'
For ten years Swedish photographer Christer Strömholm lived alongside the transgender men occupying the red-light district of Paris, documenting their struggles to exist as women,
And after a decade documenting their lives, the fruits of Strömholm's labour are to be displayed in a photography exhibition.

Esta ley es el resultado de un trabajo constante y serio por parte OTD y de otras organizaciones de la sociedad civil. Sin embargo, para OTD esta ley es incompleta, deja de lado aspectos fundamentales para su buena aplicación, así como también para haber sido una real y efectiva herramienta de protección.

Vanguardista lei de identidade de género é realidade
Pelas 21h10 de Quarta-feira 9 de Maio de 2012, ao fim de duas horas de debate, o senado argentino aprovou, com 55 votos a favor, uma abstenção e (para vergonha de Portugal) nenhum voto contra, o projecto de lei de identidade de género que reconhece o direito à identidade das pessoas trans em função da sua expressão de género.
Se aprobó la Ley de Identidad de Género en Argentina
Argentina Makes Sex-Change Surgery a Legal Right