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domingo, maio 13, 2012

SC: Corpo de travesti é encontrado enforcado em viaduto, em Blumenau
Técnicos do Instituto Geral de Perícias (IGP) analisaram o local.
Corpo foi encontrado na manhã do dia 09/05, quarta-feira, no Viaduto da Mafisa.
O corpo de uma travesti, aparentando ter cerca de 25 anos, foi encontrado na manhã do dia 09/05, quarta-feira, no Viaduto da Mafisa, em Blumenau na Santa Catarina. A pessoa teria morrido por enforcamento. Técnicos do Instituto Geral de Perícias (IGP) analisaram o local. Não se sabe se houve crime. A Polícia Civil deve investigar o caso

The world is coming to London
FABULOUS! Susan Valencia, a Colombian transsexual from Seven Sisters, waves a hairdryer, clasped between long, pink acrylic nails. Her accent is still gloriously Latina.
"London is fab-u-lous! I would be dead if I had not come here. Britain has supported me 100 per cent." And so, come July, she will be supporting Britain.

A beautiful girl
She waited patiently at the office of the Women’s Network for Unity because she had a message she wanted to deliver to Cambodia through the media. “Stop discriminating against transgendered people because this discrimination forces us into sex work to survive,” Touch Srey Leak said, explaining that it was impossible for her to get a job in the formal sector. She also said she wanted to “suggest to local authorities and police that they stop raiding and arresting sex workers, because they do this work because they have no choice”.

[New Zealand]
Pink in vogue at Queer the Night the sequel
The Queer Avengers have carried out their second Queer The Night march from Wellington's Waitangi Park to Cuba Mall.

Ontario trans rights bill gets all-party support
Ontario NDP MPP Cheri DiNovo stood beaming in the Ontario Legislature on May 10.

Romney Spokesman Gleefully Outed A Trans Woman, Ending Her Career
With all the talk over Mitt Romney’s bullying of a presumed gay classmate, some have questioned whether it’s fair to judge someone on their actions in high school. But everyone agrees that anything from a recent political career is fair game.
So it’s telling that one doesn’t have to reach that far back to find other incidents of LGBT bullying from Romney’s close staff. Romney campaign senior adviser Eric Fehrnstrom (of Etch-a-Sketch fame) outed a transgender woman in the Massachusetts House of Representatives, effectively ending her political career, when he was a reporter for the Boston Herald.

SF Dems working to support transgender woman convicted in Minnesota killing
Some members of San Francisco’s Democratic Party are preparing a resolution in support of Chrishaun “CeCe” McDonald, 23, a Minneapolis transgender woman imprisoned for what defenders call an act of self-defense.

Colorado transgender photographer focuses on family, identity
Five years ago, when Steve and Debbie Crecelius awaited results of his kidney stone ultrasound, they weren't expecting earth-shattering news.
But what the technician told them rocked their world.
"She said, 'You're female,' " said Steve, a prominent local photographer who has worked with clients ranging from Harrison Ford to the city of Glendale.

Manslaughter Plea in Trans Woman's Stabbing of Her Assailant’s Companion
It began as an ugly hate crime, when a group of white men and women outside a South Minneapolis biker bar on a June night in 2011 shouted racial and homophobic slurs at several African Americans walking by, including Chrishaun “CeCe” McDonald, a 23-year-old transgender woman –– described by friends as “slight” –– who was studying fashion at a local college.

UMD Adds Gender Neutral Restrooms
When it comes to public restrooms, we all know the drill. Males on one side, females on the other. But several student groups at UMD beg to differ.

Woman Dies in a Brooklyn Fire That Is Deemed Suspicious
She was 25 and curvaceous, and she often drew admiring glances in the gritty Brooklyn neighborhood where she was known to invite men for visits to her apartment, her neighbors and the authorities said.
Called Lorena, she brought two men to her apartment, at 43 Furman Avenue in Bushwick, either late Friday night or in the early hours of Saturday, the police said. About 4 a.m., a fire broke out in the apartment. A passer-by ran into the four-story building and began banging on doors, according to Meta Green, a neighbor. In the ensuing chaos, everyone seemed to emerge from the building — except Lorena.
Transgender star dies in B’klyn blaze

The PAC’s Morris report: A wish list
In the next several weeks, the city’s Police Advisory Commission is expected to issue its final report on the Nizah Morris incident.
Morris was a transgender woman found with a fatal head wound shortly after she received a courtesy ride from Philadelphia police in 2002.
Her death was ruled a homicide on Dec. 25, 2002, but the case remains unsolved.

Teens claim attack by crossdressers
Two 16-year-old girls say they were attacked in Ocean View by men dressed in women's clothing as they walked from a friend's house Thursday afternoon.

Hija de Raúl Castro quiere una Cuba "más revolucionaria" en temas sexuales
La sexóloga cubana Mariela Castro, hija del presidente Raúl Castro y artífice de la cruzada contra la homofobia en la isla, lamentó este jueves que Cuba "no sea capaz de ser más revolucionaria" en temas de diversidad sexual e identidad de género, por lo cual elogió a Argentina.

[Trinidad and Tobago]
Gays lobby MPs
A dozen gay-rights activists yesterday asked Members of Parliament (MPs) and the Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) to amend TT’s equality laws to include rights of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) persons.

Polimariño inicia operativos para erradicar a los “travestis” de Porlamar
Funcionarios del Instituto Autónomo de Policía Municipal de Mariño (PoliMariño) activaron un operativo en distintas calles del Municipio, para combatir el flagelo de los travestis que va en contra de la moral y buenas costumbres.

Lima nightclub shutdown for discriminating against transgender woman
On Thursday the Municipality of Miraflores announced it would temporarily shut down Gotica, a nightclub in Larcomar, for discriminating against Godfrey Arbulu, a transgender woman.

Chile Approves Antidiscrimination Law
In the wake of a brutal hate crime, Chile’s national legislative body has passed the nation’s first comprehensive, gay-inclusive antidiscrimination law.
Iguales celebra aprobación de Ley Antidiscriminación en el Congreso
Chile approves hate-crime law after alleged neo-Nazis held in gay youth’s brutal murder
Ley Antidiscriminación: Una comprensión republicana
Gobierno tras aprobación de ley Antidiscriminación: "Esto es bueno para Chile, para todos, sin colores políticos, y prestigia al Congreso Nacional"

The Biggest LGBT Triumph of the Week: Argentina's New Gender-Identity Bill
President Obama's strategic gesture of announcing a clear "yes" position on the same-sex marriage issue, triggered an outpouring of support in America. The LGBT community saw this pioneering statement, the first of its kind from a sitting American president, as proof of upcoming changes in their legal status -- which remains blatantly inferior to heterosexual's. Although Obama's mild steps may still be deemed a harbinger of changing mindsets, a handful of other countries around the globe are already leaps and bounds ahed of America in terms of social progress.
Argentina Passes Comprehensive Transgender Rights Law
LGBT Community Makes Strides in Argentina, Loses Ground in US
Argentina Makes Sex-Change Surgery a Legal Right
Raúl “Macoco” Guajardo: el mendocino pionero en la lucha por la identidad de género
La Universidad Nacional del Litoral por la identidad de género

[Opinion] de Valeria Licciardi: Soy una niña otra vez
Corrientes, entre las pioneras en sentar precedentes para la Ley de Identidad de Género
La Ley de Identidad de Género, un paso más hacia la igualdad
El respeto a la identidad
Las puntas florecidas
Transando en Almagro
La emoción de Malva, la travesti más anciana

[Opinion] de Diana Sacayáni: La mejor del mundo
La Juventud Socialista saludó la ley de identidad de género
Preguntas que empiezan a ser frecuentes
Una norma de vanguardia

[Opinion] de Marlene Wayar: ¿Qué pasó con la T?
El Senado aprobó por unanimidad la Ley la Identidad de Género

[Opinion] Prejuicios
[Opinion] de Lohana Berkins: Las travestis siempre estuvimos aquí