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terça-feira, maio 22, 2012

MEPs worried by serious threats to freedom of expression
Members of the European Parliament are increasingly concerned by cancelled gay pride marches around Europe, and laws criminalising public support for LGBT rights.

While Obama Pushes Same-Sex Marriage, the International Pro-Family Movement Will Meet in Madrid to Educate and Affirm the Natural Family as the Future of Society
In less than a week, World Congress of Families VI will open in Madrid's Palacio de Congresos to affirm the natural family as the fundamental unit of society while President Barack Obama so-called same-sex marriage, including the endorsement by U.S. President Barack Obama.

National Health Service launches diversity week with transgender art
Director of NHS Employers Dean Royles says: 'NHS staff want to work in an environment that is fair, and diverse'

[Poland] [Commentary]
Poland’s Route To a Transgender (R)evolution
Legal gender recognition, known to Polish courts since the late 1960s, stands as an example of bizarre cooperation between judges and doctors. Medical verification in gender recognition procedures is common also in other countries. Yet the Polish process seems to constantly breach human rights - and simple logic.

Gay gag law proposed in Ukraine
Ukrainian parliament to vote on law banning 'promotion' of LGBT issues, criminalizing media coverage and work of gay rights groups
Ukrainian Parliament discusses law amendments banning the promotion of homosexuality
LGBT people's rights in Ukraine under threat after Kiev's first-ever pride cancelled

Zimbabwe denies claims of state sponsored violence
Zimbabwe's justice minister rejected allegations that the country has state sponsored violence and he vowed not to recognize gay rights after meeting with the U.N. human rights chief on Monday.

Mixed reactions over Malawi's plan to repeal anti-gay law
Repealing a colonial-era ban on homosexuality may please foreign donors, intent on protecting democratic rights of minorities. But it causes a stir among churches and conservative Malawians.

Queensland cuts funding to state’s only LGBT health agency
The only LGBT health agency in the Australian state of Queensland is ‘putting out an international distress call’ following the news that the state’s new LNP (conservative) government is cutting its funding.

Transgender Miss Universe Canada Contestant Wins Congeniality Award
Jenna Talackova, the first-ever transgender contestant to compete in the Miss Universe Canada pageant, made it to the top 12 finalists and became one of four women who shared the title of Miss Congeniality, reports People magazine.
Transgender contestant wins Miss Congeniality
Talackova breaks top 12 in Miss Universe Canada
Jenna Talackova: Miss Congeniality
From beauty queen to civil rights advocate

[Commentary] The Jenna Talackova Story: How the Media Sensationalized It
Gloria Allred calls on Trump to revoke Miss Universe pageants that discriminate

[USA] [Commentary]
That Transgender 5-Year-Old
The band played a gig down in Southern Maryland last night, at Solomons Island; the crowd liked us and we had a great time. My wife and I stayed overnight and had a leisurely drive back today, checking out the beaches and scenery along the way.
[Commentary] Sunday WashPost Pushes LGBT Agenda With 'Transgender at Five' Story

[USA] [Commentary]
What Some Transgender People Say About Changing Sex
The transgender community demands respect but then goes on to totally disrespect those that have been diagnosed with transsexualism. This also comes from those in the transgender community, who identity as transsexual. We are called bigots and worse because we don’t want them speaking on our behalf. We don’t want our medical condition, hijacked by them, to further their own political agenda.
Oops, Forgot. The End Of The Transsexual Separatist Movement Has Happened

[USA] [Commentary]
Alrashim Chambers Trial-Foster Testifies
The murder trial of Alrashim Chambers, the accused killer of Victoria Carmen White continued in dramatic fashion on Thursday in the Essex County courthouse in Newark, NJ.

Comunidad Lgbti en Sucre combate homofobia
En el marco del Día Internacional Contra la Homofobia y la Tras-Fobia, miembros de la población Lgbti en Sucre (Lesbianas, Gays, Bisexuales y Transgeneristas) y funcionarios municipales y departamentales participaron en una conferencia sobre roles y estereotipo de la sociedad.

Entrevista a Directora de la organización Trans Reinas de la Noche de Guatemala en la caminata contra la transfobia
En el marco de la caminata contra la transfobia realizada en la Ciudad de Guatemala, el día jueves 17 de mayo, el equipo de entrevistó a Johana Ramirez, Directora de la Organización Trans Reinas de la noche.

Tal como lo indica la tradición Republicana, cada 21 de mayo en el Congreso Nacional, el Presidente debe rendir cuenta pública de su gobierno.
Este año no fue la excepción y a pesar de las tensiones generadas previa cuenta pública, entre derecha y concertación, siendo las 10:00 de la mañana de hoy 21 de mayo empezó la cuenta pública .

Una de las 'Culisueltas' confiesa ser transexual operado
Aunque era un secreto a veces, finalmente quedó confirmado a propia confesión, que la integrante del grupo Las Culisueltas, Dj Mayu, es un transexual operado.
El último lunes 14 de mayo, en el programa 'Amor Amor Amor', se produjo una pelea entre el grupo argentino Las Culisueltas y las nacionales Wachiturras, quienes le dijeron 'machón' a 'Mayu', lo que ocasionó un bochornoso incidente frente a las cámaras de televisión.