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sábado, junho 16, 2012

Transgender Europe welcomes Thematic report on the Discrimination against trans and intersex people of the EU Commission
The European Commission published the Thematic report on Discrimination against trans and intersex people on the grounds of sex, gender identity and gender expression (authored by Silvan Agius, ILGA-Europe Policy Director and Prof. Christa Tobler, Basel & Leiden University). The document explores challenges trans people are facing and how EU law on sex discrimination and general principles of non-discrimination and equality apply also to trans people. It flags up legal gaps in the protection mechanisms and how EU case law has been awarded and interpreted. TGEU welcomes the publication of the report.

[South Africa]
South African Activist Murdered in Hate Crime
An activist identified as a gay transgender man was killed in an apparent hate crime, the latest in a series of such incidents in South Africa.

Life as a Mermaid: Being Transgender in West Borneo
Cindy Clarissa finds surprising beauty in unexpected places in her travels as a photojournalist. This photo series and essay about Aulia in West Borneo is a perfect example.

[Sri Lanka]
Petition to repeal Sri Lanka’s anti-gay laws
LGBT rights group have started a petition to the Sri Lankan government to repeal colonial anti-gay laws

Trans and intersex group funded
The Australian Capital Territory (ACT) Government has announced it will channel $200,000 to help improve services for sex and gender diverse people in the territory.
Local sex and gender diverse community support group A Gender Agenda (AGA) will receive the financial boost over the next three years. The funding was announced in the ACT’s budget last week.

15 federal Conservatives who helped Canadian ‘transsexual’ bill pass 2nd reading
A small number of Conservatives were responsible last week for a swing in the vote that helped a private member’s bill pass its second reading that aims at giving what its sponsor calls “specific protections” to “transsexual and transgendered Canadians”.
Ontario approves trans discrimination protections
Ontario amends human rights code to protect trans
Transgender Hamiltonian proud to live in Ontario

[Canada] [Commentary]
A Woman's Right To Choose Must Apply To All Women
It's been 24 years since the Supreme Court decided in Regina v. Morgentaler that governments had no right to interfere with the on-demand provision of reproductive health services, in this particular case, abortion.

Congress eyes workplace 'protections' for transgenders
'Caste system' criticized for violating religious liberty, civil rights

NCTE Release Student’s “Know Your Rights” Guide
Following the Obama Administration’s groundbreaking letter to primary and some secondary schools clarifying who is protected under Title IX, courts and federal agencies have concluded that discrimination or harassment because a person is transgender or gender non-conforming constitute sex discrimination.

ENDA: Now, it’s all about religion
Opposition to ENDA –the Employment Non-Discrimination Act– was all about the bathrooms in the last Congressional session. This time around, it’s about religion.

Transgender kids get help navigating a difficult path
Amber is one of an increasing number who are getting specialized care. The 12-year-old takes puberty-blocking drugs and hopes to have gender reassignment surgery at 16.

School District 11 grants anti-discrimination protection to transgender status, gender identity and gender expression
Rhetoric ran convoluted and dense at last night's Colorado Springs School District 11 Board of Education meeting. The board's discussion, which concerned a proposed revision to the district's anti-discrimination policy to explicitly protect gender expression and transgender students from various forms of bullying, occasionally became highly technical — or veered off-topic entirely. Although an unvoiced political dimension seemed to overshadow some of the conversation, the result was what Shawna Kemppainen, executive director of Inside Out Youth Services, called "a great outcome."

TransActive At Portland Pride Northwest Festival
TransActive Education & Advocacy, the Portland, Oregon-based national organization serving transgender and gender nonconforming children, youth and their families will be doing outreach to families and youth at the Portland Pride Festival June 16-17.

Local film to highlight trans aging issues
Participants at a recent Philadelphia Trans-Health Conference panel on trans aging got a firsthand preview of some of the topics that will be addressed in an upcoming documentary from a first-time Philadelphia filmmaker.

Trans parent
Last month, we profiled Joe Hoselton aka Jenna Skyy and his mom, Carmen — a supportive mother of her drag diva son. Well, Carmen wasn’t the only parent in the Hoselton household who thinks Joe does a great job in a dress. Proud papa Jim Hoselton could not be more pleased by his boy’s skill at becoming a girl. We asked Jim to weigh in on what it’s like having a son (Joe) who becomes a de facto daughter (Jenna) for crowds of drag fans.

Los trans gastan 60 mil pesos en juicio para cambiar de identidad
Exigen a la Asamblea Legislativa del Distrito Federal que haga reformas al Código Civil para que los trámites se conviertan en un proceso de 45 días.

Comunidad gay de Bogotá realizará marcha por sus derechos en el Olaya
El próximo domingo la comunidad LGBTI de la ciudad, adelantará una marcha en la localidad de Rafael Uribe Uribe, para reclamar por condiciones sociales y de seguridad que protejan su integridad y garanticen plenamente sus derechos.

Con este mensaje queremos extender la invitación a la comunidad de la psicología y quienes se interesen, a participar del nuevo proceso de apoyo, solidaridad y mancomunión entre la comunidad estudiantil y profesional de la psicología y las personas Trans.