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quinta-feira, junho 14, 2012

Debate surrounds intersex inclusion in the DSM V
The DSM, or Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, is the American Psychological Association (APA) guidebook used by psychiatrists all around the world. It is currently undergoing revisions for a fifth edition, which has sparked controversy in many areas. Among these is its inclusion, for the first time, of intersex people.

European Court: Moldova’s ban on LGBT demonstration violated human rights
The European Court of Human Rights today ruled that Moldova had violated GENDERDOC-M’s rights to peaceful assembly and to be free from discrimination when it denied the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) campaigning group to hold a peaceful demonstration in front of the Parliament.

Future EU human rights ambassador should promote LGBT rights, Parliament says
The European Parliament has recommended that the future EU Special Representative for Human Rights, soon to be appointed, should promote the human rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people worldwide.

Transformistas participam do novo clipe de Daniela Mercury
Daniela Mercury chama artistas transformistas para dar pinta em seu novo clipe.

Acusado de tentar matar travesti em Bauru, SP, será julgado
Evelyn foi agredida com facadas, chutes e socos e passou quase 30 horas agonizando; relembre o caso.
Começa na próxima segunda-feira (18), o julgamento de Carlos Augusto Jeronymo Pinto, 31 anos, acusado de tentativa de homicídio contra a travesti Evelyn Ubber, em Bauru, em fevereiro deste ano.

Sex Swap Storm
BIG Brother is at the centre of a controversial sex-swap row after just one week on air.
Porn star Benedict Garrett has been caught poking fun at transgender girl-to-boy housemate Luke Anderson.

[France] [Petition]
Abandon du critère "sexe" dans l'état civil
Ne plus avoir à renseigner le critère "sexe" lors de la déclaration de naissance pourrait avoir bien des conséquences :
- Encourager à accueillir l'enfant comme une personne humaine à part entière (les attentes liées aux stéréotypes de genre pourront peut-être plus facilement être mises à distance si ce n'est plus un élément incontournable aux yeux de l'administration)
- Permettre aux parents d'enfants intersexués de prendre plus de temps pour décider d'une opération de "réassignation", ou de laisser grandir l'enfant pour qu'il/elle en décide part il/elle-même
- Permettre aux personnes trans' de ne pas perdre l'accès aux services publics et exercice des droits civiques
- Envoyer un signal fort à l'international, particulièrement vers les pays qui ont encore des dispositions légales discriminant les citoyens selon le critère M/F

Ugandan Bishops Push Notorious Anti-Gay Bill
The Uganda Joint Christian Council, which includes Catholic, Anglican, and Orthodox bishops, has called on parliament to move the notorious Anti-Homosexuality Bill forward. According to the Ugandan newspaper The Daily Monitor:

[South Africa]
Reports of trans gay man beheaded in South Africa
Conflicting reports of transgender gay activist in South Africa reported in African media
Conflicting reports have emerged about a transgender and gay man allegedly beheaded after a homophobic and transphobic attack in South Africa.

[South Africa]
Runner Caster Semenya Looks a Lot More Feminine Than She Did in 2009
Caster Semenya, the South African athlete whose masculine look and testosterone levels caused a stir back in 2009, when she won an 800-meter world championship, has gotten more feminine looking over the last few years—because she has to.

Airport scanners spark concerns for trans passengers
Documents released by the Office of Transport Security (OTS) have revealed that the full body scanners used in airports will identify prosthesis wearers, including transgender passengers.

Ontario Human Rights Code to outlaw transgender discrimination
The Ontario legislature is set to pass historic legislation this week to protect transgender people from discrimination.
Human rights code to be amended to include the transgendered

First trans witness testifies at Senate ENDA hearing
Getting Congress to pass the Employment Non-Discrimination Act is no easy task, obviously, especially when it comes to the gender identity part. I mean, the anti-gay bigots are frothing at the mouth thinking about who will be using what bathroom.
With Senate Hearing, Hope for a Jumpstart on ENDA
Senate Committee Holds Hearing Into ENDA; Harkin Gives No Commitment on Mark-Up Session
Trans advocate testifies before Senate on ENDA
Man tells senators transgender people 'lose their careers' when people find out
Senate HELP Committee Holds ENDA Hearing
TVC's Anti-Trans Attack Email Sparks Outrage, But Not Surprise, From LGBT Activists

[Commentary] Guaranteed A License To Discriminate, Religious Conservatives Still Oppose ENDA

SEIU Members Unanimously Pass Trans-Inclusive Health Care Resolution
In a groundbreaking unanimous vote at the Service Employees International Union’s (SEIU) convention last week, members passed a resolution calling on local unions to bargain for trans-inclusive health care benefits. SEIU is the fastest growing union in North America with over 2.1 million members, and the vote is another sign that access to transition-related care is a fundamental part of supporting the health and well being of workers.

ANTM‘s Isis King on Starring in American Apparel’s Pride Campaign and Why the Fashion Industry Still Has ‘A Long Way To Go’ Toward Accepting Transgender Models
It’s not very often that an America’s Next Top Model contestant stays in the headlines after her cycle ends. But for Isis King, it seems like her time in the spotlight has just begun. King, who appeared in the eleventh season of Tyra Banks‘s model-search reality show, was the first openly transgender person to compete. And despite finishing in tenth place, she’s managed to be one of the few contestants who’s actually gone on to star in a high-profile campaign–in ads for American Apparel‘s new ‘Legalize Gay’ tee line, a collaboration with GLAAD, and the company’s first campaign to feature a transgender person.

[USA] [Commentary]
The CeCe McDonald Case, and the Plight of Black Trans People in the United States
Speaking of homeless transgender people, a figure has come to my attention tonight in an article on there is a 41% homeless rate among black transgender people, it says in the stats it provides about their plight in the United States.

Human Rights Ordinance #296 up for public comment in city council meeting
A controversial bill was again a hot topic of discussion at the City Council meeting.
The bill is officially called the Human Rights Ordinance #296. It is looking to ban discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender individuals in regards to employment and looking for housing.
Former Jax leaders rally in support of gay rights bill

Workshops to address sexual orientation and identity and housing discrimination
As part of its 2012 “All Doors Are Open in Kentucky” Fair Housing education program to raise awareness about the right to fair housing, The Kentucky Commission on Human Rights announces three workshops to provide information for people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) and their families.

NY Court Says Human Rights Law Doesn't Cover Students
New York State's highest court ruled today that the state's Human Rights Law does not protect students against harassment and discrimination in public schools.
Nearly 90 percent of all New York students attend public schools. As a result of today's ruling by the state Court of Appeals, these students are now denied access to the law's comprehensive protections.

NYPD Announces New Policies on Interactions with Trans New Yorkers
Just days before tens of thousands –– including contingents led by major LGBT community organizations –– are expected to march in Harlem to protest abuses in the NYPD’s stop and frisk practices, the police department has announced changes
to its Patrol Guide aimed at providing more respectful treatment of transgender and other gender-nonconforming (TGNC) New Yorkers.

Invisible Youth: Samantha Box
While enrolled as a student at the International Center of Photography in the fall of 2005, Samantha Box was given an assignment to photograph a community space in New York. In the Hell’s Kitchen district of Manhattan, she found Sylvia’s Place, the city’s only emergency shelter for homeless LGBT youth. More than six years later, she has yet to leave.

Transexual es portada de la revista Cromos
Se llama Michel Alexandro Valencia y es actualmente presentadora de un programa de televisión en Bogotá.

"Why do you want a gender identity law?"
Transgender rights activists in Chile are taking a page from activists in Argentina in launching an effort to pass a comprehensive gender identity law along the lines of the one that just went into effect in the neighboring country.

Hubo consenso para la firma del dictamen de una Ley de Reproducción Asistida que nos incluye a todos y todas, sin discriminar por la orientación sexual o el estado civil de las/os usuarios de las técnicas
Las Comisiones de Salud, Familia, Legislación General y Presupuesto de la Cámara de Diputados de la Nación sesionaron de manera conjunta desde el medio día de hoy. Durante el encuentro obtuvo dictamen un proyecto de Ley – que unificó las distintas iniciativas legislativas – que reconoce el derecho a acceder a las técnicas de reproducción asistida a todas las personas sin discriminar por la orientación sexual o su estado civil.