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quarta-feira, junho 20, 2012

PA: Travesti é morta em ataque em Belém
Ataque contra três travestis deixa uma morta e outra ferida em Belém
Corpo de travesti morta a tiros em Belém é velado em Barcarena, PA

Travesti é encontrada morta em casa no centro de São Paulo
Uma travesti foi encontrada morta no apartamento onde morava, no bairro da República, região central da capital paulista. O corpo foi encontrado por volta das 05h20 desta terça-feira (19), na rua Rego Freitas.

Sanidad elimina el reparto de condones en su campaña contra el sida
El ministerio decide no distribuir 200.000 preservativos y lubricantes donados por el "alto coste" que supone su empaquetamiento
Sanidad no distribuirá preservativos en su campaña 'HSH' contra el sida para ahorrar 9.000 euros

IU denuncia que la bandera gay no será izada por segundo año
El portavoz municipal de Izquierda Unida en Sevilla, Antonio Rodrigo Torrijos, lamentó este lunes la negativa del gobierno local de colocar la bandera multicolor en el Ayuntamiento hispalense el próximo 28 de junio, tal como se hacía en el mandato anterior coincidiendo con el Día del Orgullo Gay, por lo que denunció la "doble moral" del PP, "que sigue empeñado en discriminar, mediante este tipo de decisiones, al colectivo de gays, lesbianas, bisexuales y transexuales".
IU llama «friki» a un defensor de los derechos de los homosexuales

Infant school praised by Ofsted 'for allowing its transgender pupils to express themselves'
Schools are labelling children as young as four as ‘transgender’ simply because they want to dress up as the opposite sex.
Little boys who like wearing dresses or tutus are being encouraged to express themselves in a ‘gender-neutral environment’ in the classroom.
Primary schools praised for labelling four-year-olds 'transgender'
UK infant schools praised for teaching trans kids to 'express themselves'

[Netherlands] [Commentary]
Horror over gender confusion
Transgender Netwerk Nederland quotes the recent results of RutgersWPF’s ongoing resarch into sexual health in the Netherlands and mentions the facts that:
57,3% of the respondents abhor gender confusion when confronted with someone: people should be clearly recognisable as male or female.
20% of the respondents prefers not to have contact with transgender people
for 9% it would be a reason to disconnect, to break friendship

Call for protection of rights, dignity of transgenders
The department of law at Gauhati University and the Assam Legal Service Authority (ALSA) have urged the state government to take strong steps to ensure the safety and dignity of transgenders in the state.

Sangama releases award winning documentary
Did the authorities at Yavanika State Youth Centre refuse permission to Sangama, an NGO representing the sexual minorities, to screen “Let the butterflies fly”, a documentary highlighting the struggles faced by hijras?

[Australia/New Zealand]
Carmen Trust seeks advisory committee
The Syney-based Carmen Rupe Memorial Trust is looking for volunteers to join its advisory committee.

'He could have chopped me up too: 'Canadian porn star cannibal's' transsexual ex-lover reveals she could have been psycho killer's victim
The devastated ex-lover of cannibal killer suspect Luka Magnotta last night spoke of her horror at falling for him and said: 'He could have chopped me up too.'
The transsexual, who goes by the name Barbie, said the porn star wooed her by taking her to see violent film Basic Instinct 2 — in which a victim is killed with an ice pick.
Bisexual Magnotta, 29, is suspected of killing male lover Lin Jun, 33, with the same kind of weapon before chopping up his body and eating parts of it.

White House LGBT Pride Reception Ends With Marriage Proposal
A transgender man proposed to his partner Friday at the White House LGBT Pride Reception.
Trans man proposes at White House gay pride reception

Against Me! singer Lauren Jane Grace in first television interview since coming out as transgender
Grace - formerly Tom Gabel - tells MTV saying she's transsexual 'is the most empowering thing I've ever felt'
See Against Me!'s Laura Jane Grace in First On-Camera Interview as a Woman
WATCH: Trans Singer Says She's Identified With Madonna Since Childhood
Against Me! lead singer says being trans isn't 'going away'
Against Me!'s Transgender Singer-Guitarist Laura Grace Says She Identified With Madonna
Laura Jane Grace: A Life Unburdened

From ‘Mohammed to Maya’: A Spiritual Transition
Growing up in India, the only person who knew Mohammed Jafer’s true identity was a Buddhist monk: “I see the woman in you,” he said, “and I want to call you Maya because I see a lot of love in you.”
But the 42-year-old — now Maya, who said the name means “love” — from Tamil Nadu always knew she was a woman, even if virtually no one else did.

Filling in The Gap of Eliminated Transgender Services
Budget cuts have produced a noticeable reduction in social services for the transgender community in San Francisco. Some organizations, like the Asian & Pacific Islander Wellness Center, are trying to expand their programming to fill in the gaps and meet the needs of transgender clients. Unfortunately, many others have been forced to downsize or completely eliminate services, leaving their clients to seek help elsewhere.

Anti-discrimination bill stalls in committee
The push to pass an anti-discrimination bill in Jacksonville is tabled for at least another month.

Jacksonville's gay rights bill may not be voted on until July
Councilman who filed bill proposes changes to remove wording on 'gender identity.'

Transgender woman sentenced to men's prison in Minnesota killing
Chrishaun “CeCe” McDonald, 24, and some friends, all of whom were black, were walking outside a Minneapolis bar last June when four white people began calling to them using racial and other types of epithets.
McDonald imprisoned in male facility