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sexta-feira, julho 13, 2012

[UK] [Commentary]
Turkey: Stop this undeclared war against transgender people
This is a guest post by a contributor who wishes to remain anonymous.

Le Sénat décide que la discrimination envers les transsexuels sera désormais réprimée
Le Sénat a inscrit à l'unanimité, jeudi, la discrimination envers les transsexuels dans la liste des discriminations punies par le code pénal, dans le cadre du débat sur le projet de loi contre le harcèlement sexuel.

[Sweden] [Commentary]
Transmissions: When is a rape not a rape?
Orebro is a city of 100,000 people in the southern end of Sweden. This is a story of two of its residents.
The first is a 61-year-old man, Ghirmai Weldemariam Berhe. Late in the evening of June 1, he was on James Street in Orebro. There, he spotted the second person in this story. Her name has not been published, and rightly so.

Activist Nikolai Alekseev cleared of Moscow gay pride charges
Leading gay rights campaigner to seek compensation for arrest and detention by police at banned Moscow gay pride protest

I was harrased in jail, says Pinki Pramanik
Asian Games gold medallist athlete Pinki Pramanik, who was accused of being a male and committing rape, was on Wednesday released after 26 days in a West Bengal jail.
She alleged harassment in police custody and said everything was "pre-planned" and that she was "framed".
Pinki Pramanik: I was humiliated and treated like an animal

China's 'oldest transsexual': A life of silent denial
When I meet Yi Ling, her long black hair worn over her shoulder and a designer handbag slung over her arm, she is already quite a media personality.

Shunned Hijra: Film Exposes Transgender Life in South Asia
First-time director Noman Robin accidentally walked into a shockingly violent scene that propelled him into the movie making spotlight in his native Bangladesh -- and around the world.

Lao and proud: LGBT rights in Laos
Gay Star News talks to a prominent LGBT rights activist Anan Bouapha in the sleepy South-East Asian nation of Laos

[South Korea]
WATCH: Korea's Biggest Trans Celebrity Releases Bouncy New Video
Transgender singer Harisu became Korea's first transgender celebrity back in 2001, says, after appearing in a popular ad.

LEADER LOCAL GRANTS: Gender on the agenda in Brunswick
When musician Paige Phoenix, who is also a transsexual, performed on television show The X Factor, he wasn't sure how the audience would react.
To his delight, the response was extremely positive and he was selected as one of the top six for the over-25 group.

Toronto trans community pays tribute to leader who killed himself
Tributes have been paid to a Canadian transgender community leader who killed himself last week.
Toronto Mourns Suicide of Transgender Leader

McDonalds LGBT Bashings and Beatings Around the Country
McDonald's mascot may look like a drag queen, but the fast food restaurant doesn’t have the best record when it comes to LGBT-related issues.
Here are some of the most important LGBT bashings and beatings at McDonalds locations in the last years:

New U.S. Navy Carriers Opt for Gender-Neutral, Urinal-Free Bathrooms
For the first time ever, a new class of U.S. Navy carriers will set off with no urinals on board, reports the Navy Times.

Episcopal Church approves new rites for same-sex unions, transgender-inclusive policies
The Episcopal Church has approved a measure to allow the blessing of same-sex unions, as well as two proposals adding gender identity and expression to the Church’s nondiscrimination canons for ordained ministry, and a resolution supporting legislation for equal immigration rights for same-sex couples.

‘Hit & Miss’s Tender Approach to Transgender Characters
The premise of Hit & Miss, which begins airing on DirecTV tonight, is that Chloe Sevigny is playing an assassin, and not just a assassin, but a transgender assassin, and not just a transgender assassin but one who’s suddenly inherited her ex-girlfriend’s children, including the son she was never told she fathered.
Chloë Sevigny feels a heavy responsibility playing a transgender hit woman on TV
Lady. Killer.
Chloe Sevigny Playing Transgender Assassin Was 'Greatest Thing' After 'Big Love'
The Hit Man Who Becomes a Hit Woman
“Hit and Miss”: Like the prosthetic penis isn’t enough?

SF trans woman faces life in prison
A transgender San Francisco woman with a criminal history stretching back more than 20 years could be sentenced to life in prison after being charged in a November 2011 home burglary.

Outfest 2012 marks 30th anniversary
Outfest opens Thursday around the L.A. area with a central theme of family troubles. It will include 147 films at six venues, including screenings of movies shown at the first Outfest in 1982.
Outfest 2012 (Transgender Films)

D.C. prepares to host Int’l AIDS Conference
The International AIDS Conference is expected to draw more than 30,000 people from around the world to D.C. July 22-27.

The T-House Project: Healthcare and Medical Resources for the Transgender Community
The T-House Project, originally created in 2007, introduced an entirely new, re-invented 2012 online organization for the transgender community and is inviting all new and existing members to take an inside peak at the latest features available and get registered to become part of the newest "online power house" for the T-Community.

Transgender people in the news: Can the media get it right?
Michigan has had growing reports of violence against transgender individuals and news stories of prostitution arrests that are over-dramatized because the suspects were transgender. The increased coverage has both trans people and journalists questioning what is appropriate and what isn't in the media.

Qfest 2012: Romance, satire, docs and more
Queer cinema finally has come into its own, says Ray Murray, cofounder of Philadelphia QFest, the region's leading festival of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender films, which opens Thursday night with director Terracino's romantic dramedy Elliot Loves.