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terça-feira, julho 10, 2012

O corpo de um homem com vestes de mulher foi encontrado na manhã desta sexta-feira (6), na zona rural de Sairé.
A polícia foi acionada por populares por volta das 6h, porque havia um corpo não identificado na rodovia BR 232, próximo ao condomínio Monte Castelo, no município. A vítima era de cor parda, tinha cabelos ruivos e usava roupas femininas, além de uma tatuagem de um sol entre as costas.

Corpo de suposto travesti é encontrado carbonizado
Funcionários de uma empresa de Lençóis Paulista (43 quilômetros de Bauru) encontraram um corpo carbonizado numa propriedade rural às margens da rodovia Osni Mateus (SP-261), que liga o município à Macatuba, na altura do quilômetro 261. Até o fechamento desta edição, a vítima – que aparenta ser travesti – não havia sido identificada. A Polícia Civil trabalha com a hipótese de homicídio.

HEALTHY LIVING: Society has become so much more understanding
Transgender people come from all walks of life - they are lawyers, doctors, nurses, dentists and builders - with many living ordinary and unremarkable lives without anyone realising their background.
HEALTHY LIVING: I feel a million dollars now that I have become a woman

3,000 march safely at Budapest Pride
Budapest Pride 2012 took place safely on Saturday 7 July, despite earlier threats and the mayor’s unwillingness to support the event. Over 3,000 marchers took to the streets protected by riot police.

Eight Gay Activists Arrested in St Petersburg
Russian police have arrested a total of eight people who were attempting to hold gay rights rallies in St. Petersburg, reports San Francisco Chronicle.

‘Break the begging bowl’: Computer centre opens for transgenders
Transgenders will have to learn different skills to be able to earn a respectable livelihood, said Sanam Fakir while speaking at the inauguration of a computer training centre at her house on Thursday.

[India] [Commentary]
The right to our bodies
In a case where the "facts" are both complex and yet also the question at hand, let us start with one that should be undisputed: Pinki Pramanik says she is a woman. She has lived as one, competed as one, and identifies as one. She and no other person or institution - particularly the law or medical science - has the right to decide what her gender identity is regardless of her anatomy, her chromosomes or her hormones. As the investigations against her began, her claim to be a woman should have been accepted at face value regardless of whether narrow judgments of her appearance, manner, physicality or dress led some to believe otherwise.

Chinese 84-year-old comes out as transgender
Qian Jinfan began to live as a woman aged 80, after a lifetime of secrecy

Transgender Romance Is Poised to My Big Fat Greek Wedding the Bollywood Box Office
A movie called Common Gender about a love affair between a transgender person and a Hindu boy has become an indie hit in Bangladesh after a small release in only six theaters. Encouraged by this early success, the film's distributor Emanul Karim plans to extend its release nationwide and push cinema owners to extend its run in their theaters.
Trans movie is surprise hit in Bangladesh

ACT bid to remove surgery requirement for trans recognition
Legal and human rights groups in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) are pushing to change a law which requires transgender people to have surgery in order to change their legal gender.
Bid to remove transgender sex change law
Scrap transgender sex change laws: Report

Leari's story: transgendered in the mining industry
Having a job in the coal industry is nothing out of the ordinary around these parts, but can you imagine what your work life would be like working that industry as a transgendered person?

Funding supports Peel's transgender community
Mississauga East-Cooksville MPP Dipika Damerla will make an announcement today regarding funding for a project that works to support the transgender community in Peel.

Shocking figures reveal half of all transgender teens in America have considered suicide and a third have tried to kill themselves
One in three transgender adolescents have tried to kill themselves and nearly half have contemplated suicide.
According to Msnbc's Dateline, the staggeringly high attempted suicide rate, published by the Children's Hospital in Los Angeles, is 5.5 times higher than for all adolescents.
More than 10,000 children have significant gender problems and increasing numbers are suffering serious mental health issues as a result.

Blog: Transgender Tucson girl gets national attention
Josie Romero, the 11-year-old Tucson girl who the Arizona Daily Star wrote about in July 2010 , was featured on Dateline NBC tonight.
Josie was born a boy but now lives as a girl and proudly labels herself transgender.

California looking to 'confuse children'
A pro-family organization says a bill that would mandate "gender sensitivity training" for foster parents in California is based on the false notion that children are "gay."

[NY, USA] [Commentary]
NY Daily News Tells Story Of Accused Transgender Maid In Most Offensive Manner Possible
GLAAD has released a statement on this story and you can read the entire post at their website. Here is part of it:

Cross-dressers held at St Ann fete
The sun beat down on the large group of ‘women’ being detained under a shed as policemen and soldiers milled about, keeping them under guard, Saturday.

Tres mil personas marcharon por el día del orgullo Lgbt este domingo en Cali
La marcha en conmemoración del orgullo Lgbt se celebró en Cali este domingo con un recorrido por la Calle Quinta que finalizó en las Canchas Panamericas, al sur de la ciudad. Tráfico vehicular no se vio afectado.

Más de 2 mil personas marcharon por los derechos de la comunidad LGBTI en Maracaibo
En horas de la tarde de este domingo, se realizó la 3º Marcha del Orgullo Diverso zuliano, por los derechos de los Gays, Lesbianas, Bisexuales, Transexuales e Intersexuales (LGBTI).
Marchan 2.500 personas por el orgullo gay en Maracaibo

"En la actualidad es políticamente correcto recibir al transexual"
"A mi padre le decía que no me voy a conformar con ser aquella que murió con las ganas de ser Ornella", comentó.