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terça-feira, julho 17, 2012

Transexual masculino lança autobiografia em Salvador
Salvador recebe lançamento de autobiografia do primeiro transexual do Brasil

Polícia ainda procura assassinos de 'Ana do Acarajé'
A polícia de Porto Seguro ainda busca pistas dos assassinos de Erisvaldo Coutinho dos Santos, 48 anos.
Conhecido como 'Ana do Acarajé', ele era muito popular na cidade de Eunápolis, onde, por muitos anos, vendeu acarajé em um tabuleiro no centro da cidade.

France Passes Law Against Transgender Discrimination And Harassment
The French senate voted unanimously last week to prohibit discrimination against transgender people. Unfortunately, the language used to identify the protections was “sexual identity,” which is a less accurate term than “gender identity” as used in other legislation throughout Europe. Still, a number of impassioned speeches preceded the important vote, including from Sen. Michelle Miller (Socialist Party):
[Commentary] France: Liberté, fraternité, and working on the other one

CRC avoids making definite recommendation on gay rights
The Constitution Review Commission (CRC) has failed to deal with the complicated issue of recognizing the rights of homosexuals in Ghana’s Constitution.

Pinki Pramanik Claims Her Life Is Under Threat
Asian Games gold medallist Pinki Pramanik today filed a complaint with the police that she was receiving threats to her life and that her former room-mate had taken away her medals, gold ornaments and other belongings when leaving her house.
Pinki Pramanik lodges theft complaint against former partner
The Pinki effect: VTU to make sex test must at its sports meets
Pinki asks for police protection

[Commentary] Presumption of the penis

Guv nod for cops to maintain black book on transgenders
Amendments to the Karnataka Police Act gives police the right to maintain a register on transgenders ‘reasonably suspected’ of unnatural offences

The lives of the ‘others’
The staging of the play Being Eunuch by Nishumbita on Friday began with one of the characters addressing the audience, disguised as the narrator.
As he disappeared into the wings, the auditorium was stormed by half a dozen eunuchs asking everyone for money!

Priest’s campaign to close legal defence for homophobic killers goes viral
An Australian Catholic priest's petition campaign to end the so-called 'gay panic defense' has received over 100,000 signatures in just a few days
Priest's campaign has prayers answered

Man Accused of Fatally Beating Transgender Woman in Court Monday
A preliminary hearing is scheduled to begin Monday for a man accused of fatally beating a transgender woman in her Oceanside home in January.

Jennifer Leitham Can Swing Like Nobody's Business; Also, She Was Born a Man
Almost thirty years ago, jazz bassist John Leitham moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in music. Two decades later, he underwent gender reassignment surgery to become Jennifer Leitham. Tonight, as part of the Outfest Film Festival, Leitham presents a documentary about her decision entitled I Stand Corrected.

4th Anniversary Of Angie Zapata's Murder
Four years ago today we were beginning to hear the story about a young Latina transwoman who was found dead in her Greeley, CO apartment and how a reporter initially got the pronouns wrong.

Marcha comunidad gay en Chihuahua
Cientos de hombres y mujeres de la comunidad gay causaron expectación al recorrer algunas avenidas principales de la ciudad ayer en la V Marcha por la Diversidad Sexual, con la cual pidieron un alto a la discriminación y respeto hacia sus preferencias sexuales por parte de la sociedad.

Proposed Equality Act finds support among MPs
MPs debated a take note motion on a proposed Equality Act in the House of Assembly on Friday night, among the issues raised was the need to give homosexuals protection against discrimination.
‘Everyone deserves full protection under the law’

Transexual Nicole Akari: "Cindy Mejía no está bien preparada, mejor que se quede callada"
La asesora de imagen transexual Nicole Akari indicó que el contacto entre la Miss Perú Universo y el Movimiento Homosexual de Lima pondría fin a la polémica por sus comentarios.