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quinta-feira, julho 19, 2012

Homophobic Nations Not Allowed to Enter European Union
Officials from the European Commission, the executive body that governs the European Union, announced in a statement that it would no longer accept anti-gay countries as members, EUobserver reported.

Trans asylum seeker’s partner to be deported to Russia
Russian trans asylum seeker, Lita, who is currently in hiding somewhere in Sweden, narrowly escaped being caught last week. But her partner and boyfriend Anton was apprehended by police and is now in deportation prison in Flen, from where he will shortly be removed to Russia.

US ambassador in Gay Pride march
United States Ambassador to Hungary Eleni Tsakopoulos Kounalakis and embassy staff participated in the Budapest Pride March on Saturday to demonstrate support for the Hungarian lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community as part of US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s initiative to promote minority rights issues throughout the world.

Leaders of Ukraine’s gay community say intolerance, and violence against homosexuals on rise
Homophobic sentiment and violence against Ukraine’s gay community are on the rise despite increasing efforts to promote tolerance in the conservative ex-Communist nation, advocacy groups said Wednesday.

Rose makes a movie on match-fixing
After dabbling in television, radio and politics, now, Rose Venkatesan is all set to become the country's first sex-changed transgender filmmaker. And for her debut film, Rose has chosen match-fixing in cricket as the theme.

Protesters clash over inclusion of gender identity and sexual orientation in anti-discrimination ordinance
In August, Springfield's city council will take action on a proposed change to add gay and gender identity rights into the anti-discrimination ordinance. Already, people are protesting the change.