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segunda-feira, julho 23, 2012

Pistoleiro executa travesti com três tiros na cabeça
Mais um crime de pistolagem foi registrado na via pública, desta vez tendo como vítima fatal o travesti Carlos Chaves do Amaral, 26 anos, conhecido popularmente por “Beterraba”, natural de Tauá (CE). O homicídio aconteceu por volta das 23h30 da última segunda-feira (16), na Avenida Brasil, nas proximidades da Rua Sol Poente, Bairro Rio Verde, Parauapebas.

HIV/AIDS: For the marginalised, lifesaving awareness
Pakistanis don’t know much about sexually transmitted diseases (STD), even those involved in prostitution.

Redesigning lives
On a hot afternoon, at the headquarters of The Naz Foundation at A-86, East of Kailash, sits 23-year-old Sana with three other members of her community. When we enter, the four are all busy fastening beads of different colours on to a string. “Meet Prince, Bobby, Kiran and Sana,” a volunteer from the foundation introduces us. Prince, Bobby, Kiran and Sana are Kinnars, members of the transgender community, who face challenges every day as they struggle to live in our society.

Transgender rights make slight headway in Massachusetts and beyond
Jay Ladin took out a two-year life insurance policy in 2006, intending to kill himself and leave everything to his three children.

Software engineer claims generic version of Propecia turned him into a woman
This baldness cure was a bust.
For nine months, William McKee took the generic version of Propecia, the pills that promise to halt hair loss.
But the drug had radical side effects: Instead of becoming a better-looking man, he started becoming a woman, he claims.
“My rock-hard chest from the gym began to soften . . . reaching the point where I had noticeable ‘breasts’ even under my clothing,” he says.

Transgender advocates push US psychiatric establishment to revise mental illness labels
Does a woman who strongly believes she was meant to be a man have a mental condition or a medical problem? Is a man who cross-dresses in need of psychological help? What about a boy who pretends to be a girl in make-believe games and chooses only female playmates?

Transgender pastor to tell his story Sunday
The real story of the life of a transgender pastor will be told by the minister himself at 10 a.m. Sunday in Salem.

Queja por discriminación de hombre Heterosexual a causa de su novia Transexual femenina
No solo la persona trans sufre discriminación, sino también quienes mantienen relación afectiva o amorosa son cuestionadxs y discriminadxs. Compartimos con ustedes la queja legal acontecida a las 18:30 hrs. del 9 de Julio del presente año por parte de don Jorge Rafael Briones Molina, ciudadano ecuatoriano de 35 años de edad, de orientación sexual Heterosexual y conviviente de la ciudadana Transexual femenina Pardo Brigitte:

Ataque transfóbico a mujer travesti en Rancagua
Este viernes 19 de julio a eso de la 1:30 de la madrugada, en el centro de Rancagua, en las intersecciones de calle Bueras esquina Cáceres, se encontraba Nayaret Muñoz Díaz, mujer travesti de 24 años de edad, ejerciendo el comercio sexual. Según lo que ella nos relata que un sujeto se acercó al lugar en busca de servicios sexuales de entre las personas que se ofrecen en esta zona de la ciudad.