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quarta-feira, agosto 01, 2012

Vamos ajudar o Chile a ter uma Lei de Identidade de Género. Assinem
Let's help Chile get a Gender Identity Law. Subscribe

Anger Over New Olympics Gender Testing Rules
An LGBT rights group and some observers of the international sports scene are outraged by the International Olympic Committee’s (IOC) new controversial gender testing regulations. The IOC’s new policies require female athletes who are suspected of having high levels of natural testosterone to undergo sex verification procedures.

Candidata transexual a Miss Bumbum Brasil causa indignação de vencedoras
As vencedoras do concurso Miss Bumbum Brasil do ano passado estão preocupadas com o que pode acontecer na nova edição.
Neste ano, os organizadores resolveram aceitar a inscrição de candidatas transexuais.

Jovens são apreendidos suspeitos de ameaçar e assaltar travestis em MG
Segundo a PM, eles apontaram armas para travestis em Contagem.
Com os rapazes foram encontrados um punhal e réplicas de armas.
Minas Gerais: Jovens são apreendidos suspeitos de ameaçar e assaltar travestis

Mato Grosso: Ex-travesti retira silicone, casa, adota filho e vira pastor
Pastor diz ajudar quem quer voltar a ser hétero através de associação. Para Joide Miranda, homossexualidade pode ser desaprendida.

[UK] [Commentary]
Dress code: Rather than freeing clothes from gender stereotyping, liberate the wearers
Allowing men and women to wear formal clothing of either gender while taking examinations in the revered colleges of Oxford University is a radical step indeed. Transgenders are the intended beneficiaries of this relaxation of the university's anachronistic dress code, but the move also focuses attention on two more issues. The first relates to the relevance of still dictating what should be worn when writing examinations. Most universities around the world retain arcane dress codes only for their academic staff, imposing them on the student body for graduation ceremonies.
[Commentary] Skirting the issue

[UK] [Commentary]
Beware of the sex change zealots
Filling in a form about your broadband? Then you’ll be asked if you’re transgender. ROSS CLARK on the madness of the State’s latest obsession

[Ireland] [Commentary]
Column: Why is the government delaying a law to recognise transgender people?
Ireland is in clear defiance of a High Court judgment that said the law on transgender people has to change, writes Michael Farrell.

[South Africa]
Fears of hate crimes after two killed
The killings of a transgender person and a gay man in East London have raised fears of hate crimes surfacing.

Rose wants Vishnu to be her hero
Rose Venkatesan, who rose to popularity through her television show Ippadikku Rose, is all set to bloom as a filmmaker — she will have the honour of being India’s first sex-changed transgender to wield the megaphone for a full-fledged feature film. Titled Cricket Scandal, Rose has taken match-fixing as her debut subject.

Transgender contestants allowed in Miss Singapore Universe from next year
Starting next year, Miss Singapore Universe contestants could be born a man as pageant organisers have changed the rules.
Women who have undergone sex change may now apply and compete against natural-born women, confirmed local organiser on Sunday.
This is considered a major change in the rule books for the contest - which will be its 13th edition in 2013 - as it will see natural-born females compete against transgender contestants for the crown.

Quarrel over bad food review leads to charges
A local restaurateur went on trial Monday on charges she sent lewd e-mails and set up a fake dating site profile targeting a customer who posted negative reviews online.
Marisol Simoes, 41, co-owner of Mambo and Kinki restaurants, has pleaded not guilty to two counts of the rarely laid charge of defamatory libel.

Vancouver Pride Week 2012: Trans role model Jenna Talackova wants to fight for the environment
It was an act of defiance that made Rosa Parks a civil-rights hero for refusing to give up her seat for a white bus passenger. She wasn't the first, but her actions galvanized political action in 1955.

Transgendered Alaskan to Be Able to Change Gender on Drivers Licenses
The lieutenant governor of Alaska has filed a new regulation that would make it easier for transgender citizens to change their gender on their driver’s licenses to the sex they desire without undergoing surgery. The American Civil Liberties Union, which was instrumental in alerting the Alaskan government to the need for such a change, issued a statement revealing Juneau’s regulation.

Hundreds rally at Chicago’s first transgender pride event
Nearly 300 people attended the first transgender, gender-non-conforming and intersex pride event, held at Union Park Sunday. The intention of the rally was to focus on the theme of “enterprising from the margins,” highlighting community driven efforts to create safe spaces and support among the TGI community.

Illinois To Ease Requirements For Transgender Birth Certificate Changes
A proposed court-supervised agreement filed today will ease restrictions for transgender people born in Illinois to obtain new birth certificates that reflect their correct gender.
Illinois to remove genital surgery requirements for birth certificate changes
Agreement reached on Illinois policy for issuing new birth certificates for transgender individuals
State Ends Requirement Of Proof Of Genital Surgery For Birth Certificate Gender Changes

Creve Coeur updates discrimination policy
The Creve Coeur City Council has updated the city's code to prevent discrimination in regard to gender.
Council member Beth Kistner worked with the city attorney to prepare the legislation regarding human rights, which got final unanimous approval July 23.
Changes in the law include prohibiting discrimination based on actual or perceived gender, gender identity or sexual orientation, as defined by applicable state and federal law.

Transgender Patients Find Safe Haven at Bronx Family Practice
With close-cropped hair, a few arm tattoos and an easy smile, Q resembles many other young men his age — which suits him well, except when he has to visit a gynecologist.

[Latin America]
15 murders of LGBTI people in one month
The Alliance joins the Inter American Commission of Human Rights (IACHR) in condemning the extremely high levels of violence towards lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender and inter-sex (LGBTI) people in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Transexual dará curso de diversidad sexual en U. chilena
Mientras algunos se resisten a aceptar a la diversidad sexual, otros, hacen grandes esfuerzos por integrarlos a la sociedad, partiendo por las aulas. Pensando en la importancia de valorar los derechos humanos de todas las personas, la Universidad Viña del Mar con el respaldo de la Fundación =Iguales, impartirá un ramo de diversidad sexual para sus alumnos. La asignatura, pionera en Chile, estará a cargo de la licenciada en Historia y transexual Valentina Verbal, quien conoce de cerca la problemática.

Firman protocolo para incluir la diversidad sexual en la promoción del empleo
Este mediodía se llevó a cabo la firma formal del protocolo para dar cobertura a acciones de desarrollo en materia de diversidad sexual en el marco de la promoción de empleo.