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segunda-feira, julho 30, 2012

Transgender people no longer considered "mentally ill" to American Psychiatric Association
“Gender Identity Disorder” is now a term of the past as the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, or DSM, will be replacing the term with “Gender Dysphoria,” according to the Associated Press.

Sub fusc gender restrictions thrown out
Students sitting exams in the coming year will no longer have to wear sub fusc specific to their gender.
Men can wear skirts at Oxford University as academic dress code is changed to 'meet needs of cross-dressing students'
Men 'to be allowed to wear skirts at Oxford University'
Oxford University alters dress code for transgender students
Oxford University changes dress code to meet needs of transgender students
Oxford Uni rewrites ancient dress code for trans students

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender community seeks to increase support base
The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community that gathered in Madurai for the city's first Turing Rainbow festival expressed the need to increase their support base by roping in civil societies and other organisations. The event was organised by Srishti, a literary and resource circle for alternative genders and sexualities here on Saturday.

Chennai to host India’s first transgender swayamvaram
Many years ago, royal families held swayamvarams, where princesses could choose the man of their dreams from a group of eligible suitors. On September 28, the city will witness a swayamvaram of a different kind. Thirunangai swayamvaram is being organised by activist Kalki Subramaniam to help transgenders (TG) find their life partners.

The new Matrix revolution: Director says he's now a pink-haired woman called Lana
The Hollywood director responsible for the hit Matrix movies has ‘outed’ himself as a pink-haired transsexual called Lana.
Larry Wachowski, 47, one of the most influential directors in Hollywood after Steven Spielberg, has been undergoing hormone therapy as part of his sex-change treatment for nearly a decade. In a trailer for his latest film, the £80 million production Cloud Atlas, Wachowski says in a soft and breathy voice: ‘Hi, I’m Lana.’ It is the first time ‘Larry’ has appeared publicly as ‘Lana’.

Rod McCullom Sits Down with CDC Officials to Discuss Black and Latino HIV/AIDS Epidemic
Despite alarming rates at which Black and Latino gay and bisexual men are contracting HIV ( new infections increased by 48 percent between 2006 and 2009) the national rate of new infections has remained virtually stable, according to the 2011 data from the CDC.
ACLU Urges Critical LGBT and HIV/AIDS Updates to 2012 Democratic National Platform
[Opinion] A Call to Action to Lessen the Burden of HIV Among Gay and Bisexual Men
For gay Africans, AIDS conference was a chance to come out and go out
Why High HIV Rates in Black, Latino Gay Men?

Transgender candidate makes history in Florida
Gina Duncan is making history for being a popular transgender candidate for the Orange County, Florida Commission