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quinta-feira, agosto 02, 2012

ES: Corpo de travesti assassinado é encontrado em terreno baldio em Vitória
O corpo de uma travesti assassinada foi encontrado em um terreno baldio na Rodovia do Contorno em Vitória, Espirito Santo, na noite desta terça-feira (31).

[UK] [Commentary]
Oxford University Degenerates Into Transsexual Farce
Even as Western Civilization collapses into moral decay and socialist insolvency, progressives continue to push boldly forward toward utopia.

[South Africa]
In loving memory Vuyisa Dayisi
Vuyisa Dayisi’s dead body was discovered next to her shack in Duncan Village, East London on Sunday morning 15 July 2012. This was a great shock to all the minority groups in East London to whom she was known as “Norizana”. 28- year old Vuyisa proudly identified as a transgender woman and was known by everyone in her community.

LGBT community will have representation from Government Council
The LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual and Transgender) community in Slovakia will see its dream of having a committee at the Government Council for Human Rights, Minorities, and Gender Equality come true. Members of the council voted to establish the committee for the LGBT community at their first meeting,

A suitable boy
Centuries ago, royal families held swayamvarams to offer their precious princesses a choice of prospective grooms.
Fast-forward to the present and swayamvarams came inside our homes via the TV screen! Come September, and Chennai will witness a different kind of swayamvaram.
Thanks to the efforts of Kalki Subramaniam, founder of Sahodari Foundation, trans-women will now have a platform to choose their life partners.

Director with a difference
Transgender filmmaker Tanwarin Sukkhapisit, whose film was screened at the Osian Cinefan Festival in New Delhi, talks about the gender issue, her life and work.

TN govt announces scheme to help transgenders
Reching out to the transgender community, Tamil Nadu government today announced introducing a scheme to provide them with a monthly dole of Rs 1000. According to the proposed "Pension Scheme for Destitute Transgenders" by Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa, impoverished members of the community aged over 40 years will be eligible for a monthly dole of Rs 1000.

Nothing to hide, only pride
Madurai’s first LGBT gender queer parade was a shocker for some and a head turner for many

Miss Singapore 2012 contestants debate transgender competition
All Miss Universe beauty contests will have to accept transgender women from 2013, following Jenna Talackova’s successful campaign earlier this year
Allowing transgenders is fantastic, but is it fair?
Paring down the apple
No more natural-born beauties?

Vietnam to hold first gay pride in Hanoi
Viet Pride hopes to fight homophobia in the south-east Asian country with film screenings, music and a bicycle parade through capital

Gay panic repeal ‘still possible’
The Catholic priest spearheading a campaign to close Queensland’s “gay panic” legal loophole says he believes the state attorney-general has left the door open to a potential change in the Criminal Code.

Man appeals sentence after sex change
A man jailed for 20 years for murdering his grandfather in a Sydney backyard has failed in a bid to appeal his sentence on the grounds that he has since become a woman.
Transgender prisoner fails to get lower jail term

[New Zealand]
Prostitute pamphlet riles academic
A transgender academic has complained to the Human Rights Commission over an Auckland Council-produced book she claims inaccurately portrays sex workers.

Vancouver Pride Week 2012: Official proclamation, queer panel discussion, and the Queen!
At the official launch of Pride Week at City Hall on July 30, just prior to the raising of the rainbow flag, a panel of representatives from Vancouver's queer communities assembled to address the current state of affairs.

Matrix director Lana Wachowski comes out as trans
Wachowski 'brother' comes out as trans woman in video promoting new movie Cloud Atlas
‘Matrix’ Director Comes Out as Transgender

Rochester Hills council denies human rights ordinance aimed to protect city's gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender residents
After months of lobbying, a majority of Rochester Hills City Council members went on the record Monday night to say that they are not interested in considering a human-rights ordinance.

Endry Cardeño, el transexual que triunfó en la actuación
Se dio a conocer como Laisa Reyes, la mujer bella, alegre y espontánea de una pintoresca familia que todos conocieron como ‘Los Reyes’.
Su cuerpo no denotaba un semblante masculino, al contrario se consideraba una muestra más de la belleza típica de la mujer colombiana.
Nadie sabía que detrás del maquillaje, los vestidos y las zapatillas se escondía un transexual.