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segunda-feira, agosto 06, 2012

47 anos depois um dos maiores crimes contra a humanidade continua sem julgamento. Até quando?

47 years later one of the major crimes against humanity is still without trial. 'Till when?

New App Helps Find Safe Bathroom for LGBT Users
From the much lauded Safe2Pee project comes what's thought to be the first iPhone app that helps users find gender neutral bathrooms in any neighborhood.

Agony of the unfairer sex
Questions over gender have been causing dilemmas at the Olympics for decades, writes Josh Rakic.

Student caught buying crack cocaine outside Carlisle superstore
A student who concealed four wraps of crack cocaine in her mouth has been spared jail.
Angel Paris Jordan, 27, had been buying drugs outside a supermarket when she was caught by a plain clothes policeman.
She previously made headlines for becoming the youngest person in Britain to have a sex change.

Leave It On the Floor – review
This oddly touching romantic musical is set in Los Angeles's ballroom scene where gays, transvestites and transsexuals, mostly black, strut their stuff in an uninhibited fashion as they compete on catwalks and dancefloors before panels of judges.

Transsexual stabbed in Milan, in serious conditions
A 40-year-old transgendered Italian was stabbed in via Rosellini in the Isola area of Milan shortly after midnight and was hospitalized in serious conditions.

Turkish Media Meet Gay Peers
Members of local LBGT media outlets met with five Turkish journalists at the Meridian International Center in Northwest D.C. Friday, July 27, to discuss topics of interest to the visiting press.

Lebanon's Invasive Sex Exams: where the sun don't shine
Rectal exams to prove homosexuality have been condemned by doctors, lawyers, and judges, yet are still administered by the Lebanese authorities. The procedure has come back to light after the recent Plaza Cinema incident in which 36 men were arrested under suspicion of homosexuality and subjected to the ordeal at a police station.

Malawi groups trash referendum call on homosexuality
Two prominent Malawi human rights organisations have described the call by the former governing Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) that government should call for a national referendum to solicit views of Malawians on the issue of scrapping laws against homosexuality as “retrogressive”.

Hanoi Pride a success despite lack of state approval
Vietnam’s first pride march has seen around a hundred people on bikes and motorbikes ride in convoy through the capital and was left alone by authorities despite not having permission to go ahead
Vietnam holds first gay pride parade
Homosexuales desfilan en Vietnam por primera vez en la historia

[New Zealand]
Poroporoaki - Teremoananuiakiwa Strickland Tahere
Maori Party Co-leader Tariana Turia is saddened by the loss of Teremoananuiakiwa Strickland Tahere, affectionately known to us all as Mama Tere.
"Mama Tere was a wonderful friend to many; an advisor; a mentor and a dedicated advocate" said Mrs Turia.

D.C. to Get First National LGBT Veterans Memorial
A group of LGBT veterans announced this week that a new National LGBT Veterans Memorial is being built at historical Congressional Cemetery in Washington, D.C. The memorial, says organizer Nancy Russell, is meant to be a visible and lasting testament to the contributions that transgender, bisexual, lesbian, and gay servicemembers have made to the security of the U.S.

Springfield City Council hopes for more feedback on nondiscrimination law
If City Council voted tomorrow, an ordinance that aims to deter discrimination against gay and transgender residents likely would pass.

LGBT advocates work for change, but area politicians short on support
Wade Bowers endured harassment, beatings, bullying and being ostracized growing up in the 1970s in the East Freedom area.
He was peppered with homophobic slurs, and other classmates wouldn't befriend him because then they too would be targeted by his tormentors, he said.
In one incident, Bowers, who did not know how to swim, said his classmates threw him into the deep end of the pool during swimming class, and his teacher shrugged it off.

Los GLBT creen que el Gobierno está en deuda
En la última sabatina, el mandatario utilizó la palabra badeas para referirse a los miembros de este colectivo, por lo que esperan una disculpa del jefe de Estado
El presidente Rafael Correa se disculpó con comunidad LGBTI
Rafael Correa se disculpó con comunidad homosexual por comentario
Presidente Correa pide disculpas a comunidad GLBT
Mandatario ofreció disculpas a comunidad GLBT

Transexuales en reinados locales
Jenna Talackova fue el transexual que se presentó en mayo del 2012 al reinado de Canadá. La noticia se difundió por todo el mundo. Ahora en Manabí se acerca la época de elección de reinas y por ello la pregunta es válida: ¿Podrían participar transexuales?

[Trinidad and Tobago]
Hinds: Gays imposing lifestyle on others
PNM Senator Fitzgerald Hinds is quite clear on his stance regarding the issue of homosexuality. He does not support it.

Nuevo caso de transfobia en Sincelejo
Un nuevo caso de homofobia se presentó en Sincelejo. Esta vez la víctima fue José Alejandro González Mercado o Alejandra -como se hace llamar desde hace algunos años- quien fue baleado en dos oportunidades por un hombre.
Alejandra, de 25 años, quien desde hace 15 días se dedica a la prostitución, aseguró que se encontraba como a las 2:00 de la mañana de hoy por el sector de El Maizal cuando pasó un señor en una motocicleta Suzuki roja GN 125 y le dijo que me subiera.