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terça-feira, agosto 14, 2012

The word ‘trans’ is often used as an umbrella term to describe people who feel their gender is, or has been, different from the one they were labelled with at birth (in more recent times even before their birth).

Swedish roundup: Skandia lawsuit, Handelsbanken move
Skandia, the Swedish financial services provider, is being sued by Diskrimineringsbyrån, an anti- discrimination organisation in Uppsala, for allegedly prohibiting a transsexual person from changing her name in the company register.

Zimbabwe gay association raided
Police in Zimbabwe detained 44 gay rights activists during a raid on the headquarters of Gays and Lesbians of Zimbabwe (GALZ) association in Harare on the weekend, the group said on Monday.
Police Arrest 44 Gays And Lesbians Attending A Party

Pensions for the transgender community in Tamil Nadu
The state government of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu announce a pension scheme for transgender residents

Trans Pilots Allowed to Fly: FAA Updates Medical Requirements
The FAA has released new medical certification procedures for trans pilots, eliminating unnecessary psychological testing that had previously been required. Going forward, medical certification for transgender pilots will require only submitting current clinical records together with an evaluation from a psychiatrist or psychologist, as well as a report on any surgery (if applicable). The new requirements are listed in a new section of the agency’s Aviation Medical Examiner Guide, which can be found here.

Arizona judge questions validity of trans marriage in divorce case
Thomas Beatie, the trans Arizona man who became pregnant in 2008, is being blocked from divorcing his wife of nine years by a state judge who is questioning the validity of the marriage.

Controversial sexual orientation measure expected to pack Springfield City Council Chamber
Springfield City Council will hear a lot of comments on a bill on Monday night on a bill would add sexual orientation and gender identity to the protected classes in the city code. Forty-two people have signed up to speak at the public hearing.
Rules altered for large crowd expected at tonight's Springfield City Council meeting