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quarta-feira, agosto 08, 2012

Carla Antonelli: "É mais importante chegar à meta e ser uma sobrevivente do que ser a primeira"
Há um mês esteve em Portugal para uma tertúlia sobre o futuro das políticas trans. O continua a entrevista a Carla Antonelli, a primeira deputada transexual de Espanha e activista dos direitos LGBT:

Adolescentes suspeitos de ameaçar travestis em Belo Horizonte são apreendidos pela PM
Na madrugada de segunda-feira (06), em Contagem, região metropolitana de Belo Horizonte, travestis foram abordadas por três adolescentes, que passaram de carro e as ameaçaram em troca de dinheiro.

Sean’s Bean dressing up
Sean Bean went out dressed as a woman to prepare for his role as a transvestite.
He dons a blonde wig and girly make-up in award-winning BBC1 legal drama Accused.

Transvestite Paul Reed can wear women's clothes in public after dressing as old lady to touch girls
A five-foot transvestite who dresses as an old lady to fondle unsuspecting young girls has been told he CAN wear women's clothes in public.
But sex pest Paul Reed – who has a criminal record for offences involving children – has received a stern warning from a judge not to use it as a disguise.

France adds “sexual identity” to the protected grounds of discrimination
On the 31 July 2012, the French National Assembly adopted an amendment that adds “sexual identity” to the protected grounds of discrimination in French law.

[Kuwait] [Commentary]
A State of Emergency: Living as a Transsexual in Kuwait
“He wants to kill me. He keeps telling me to come home so he can kill me. He had put rat poison in my tea.” These words came out of the mouth of a young transsexual living in the Middle East. The father of the child wanted to take the matters of transsexuals into his own hands. Death. This is the type of prejudice that occurs in Kuwait due to the teachings of the Islamic faith.

Gay and Proud in Uganda
“Can you imagine that the worst place in the world to be gay is having Gay Pride?” Kasha Jacqueline Nabagesera asked a crowd of cheering gay men, lesbians, transgendered men and women, and queers somewhere in between.

Gay bicycle parade attracts hundreds
Hundreds of young people wearing rainbow flags, the symbol of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community, gathered at My Dinh National Stadium on Sunday for a bike parade to mark "Viet Pride", an annual international rights movement held here for the first time.
Unlike similar overseas events, the parade did not attract thousands of people and the streets weren't lined with rainbow flags by the authorities as they are at Pride festivals in Sweden, England, Holland or the United States.

[New Zealand]
Queer Avengers look beyond marriage
The Queer Avengers have launched a new website highlighting the limitations of marriage and adoption law, and while supporting the call for marriage equality, it also underlines that it’s not the end of the line for LGBT struggles.

[New Zealand]
Mama Tere Dies
A leader of the New Zealand transgender community "Mama" Tere Strickland has died after a suspected heart attack.
Mama Tere an advocate for the transgender community
Caring, confrontational Strickland farewelled

US shrinks say trans no longer 'mental illness'
American Psychiatric Association removes transgender from mental illness category after years of LGTB lobbying

Memo: ObamaCare Will Bar Discrimination Against Transgender People
The Department of Health and Human Services promises LGBT groups it will investigate complaints about gender identity discrimination in health programs that receive federal funding.
HHS Makes Clear that Nondiscrimination Protections under Obamacare Includes Gender Identity
Obamacare Also Offers Protection Against Transgender Discrimination
HHS affirms health care discrimination law protects LGBT people
HHS: Health Reform Law Prohibits Antitransgender Bias in Care
Obamacare Protects Transgender People from Discrimination
ObamaCare ‘will ban discrimination against transgender people’

Doctors using drugs to prevent lesbian and intersex babies
Report finds pregnant women are being given synthetic steroids to 'normalize' sex of babies

[USA] [Commentary]
Lethal Beauty: Transgenders Obsession to Look Feminine Can be Deadly
Oneal Ron Morris, 32, the pre-op transsexual female accused of giving illegal, bogus silicone injections to numerous victims across South Florida has finally been arrested and charged with manslaughter in connection with the untimely death of Shatarka Nuby, one of the victims who went to the police after receiving injections filled with a concoction of products bought at Home Depot.

[USA] [Commentary]
What Are Little Girls Made Of: The Dangers of the New Olympics Gender Tests
One of the most problematic aspects of the International Olympic Committee's (IOC) new gender testing policy was relegated to a single sentence in the Los Angeles Times' article on this controversial issue.

[USA] [Commentary]
Tyra Hunter 17th Anniversary
I was barely sixteen months into my own transition when I heard the shocking news coming out of Washington DC on August 7, 1995 about an African-American transwoman who died there.

D.C. to Launch Campaign against Transgender Discrimination
The D.C. Office of Human Rights (OHR) is set to launch the nation’s first government-funded campaign to fight discrimination against transgender people.
Washington to launch anti-trans bigotry campaign
D.C. Rolling Out Trans Ads

Rainbow Alliance starts a Facebook page
Bermuda’s gay community has turned to social media in hopes of raising its public profile.
The Rainbow Alliance of Bermuda now has its own Facebook page aimed at provoking positive discussion about lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) issues.