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segunda-feira, agosto 20, 2012

Finalista concurso da Gaiola posa ao lado de homens nus
A transexual paulista Viviany Beleboni tem tirado proveito dos seus cinco minutos de fama. Finalista do concurso que escolherá uma dançarina para Valesca Popozuda, a loira posou rodeada de homens nus para um ensaio da marca de sapatos Belíssima Fashion Shoes.

Victory for trans woman who was refused name change at bank
Rebecca Williams has received compensation after First Direct (a subsidiary of HSBC) refused to change the name on her account, which she was trying to do as she was a transitioning transgender woman.

Christine Burns, MBE: "I am proud to be a lesbian trans woman"
International health advisor Christine Burns MBE has shown her support for the Proud2Be project by making a video about why she is proud to be who she is.

[Ireland] [Commentary]
Column: ‘A little girl in rural Ireland’ – My experience growing up transgender
Warning: This story contains a graphic description of sexual assault which some readers may find disturbing.

Eid for every one, not for eunuchs
Purse tucked in hand, wigs or hair pieces perched on heads, wearing latest styled tailored clothes, pointed heels and flaunting full make up in the scorching heat, these fashion savvy ‘she males/eunuchs’ trot the crowded streets of Saddar in search of some money that the Eid shoppers could spare for them.

National Post donates money from transphobic ad
Remember the "Stop Corrupting Children" ad that ran in the National Post in September 2011 during the Ontario election campaign?

Transgender Education Network of Texas Congratulates APA in supporting equality in health access
Transgender Education Network of Texas congratulates the American Psychiatric Association for issuing statements today legitimizing equality in care for gender diverse individuals. "This is but a first step towards on but a long journey of recognizing the dignity and wholeness of individuals whose gender does not meet expected societal norms", said Katy Stewart, Chair of the Board of Directors of Transgender Education Network of Texas.
Transgender Persons Have Rights Too

Mandatory psychological testing for transgender Americans who want to be pilots is DROPPED after victory for one woman
Psychological testing for transgender wannabe pilots has been scrapped thanks to the campaigning of one woman.
Tamsyn Waterhouse, of San Francisco, California learned to fly as a child under her father’s supervision and gained her private pilot’s license in 2003 at the age of 23.
But when the 32-year-old attempted to get her medical certificate renewed after finishing grad school in 2009, the Federal Aviation Administration made it near-impossible for her.

Stabbing at Stockton Motel Sends Transvestite to Hospital
Stockton Police are searching for a man who stabbed a transvestite in a motel room.
This happened at the Stockton City Motel on South Wilson Way just before 9 o'clock Saturday. Police say a man who was dressed as a woman was stabbed in the stomach. The victim was taken to the hospital with serious injuries.
The manager of the motel saw the whole thing. She told FOX40 a man knocked at the victim's door, then stabbed him when he answered. The manager says the victim goes by the name "Bianca" and has been staying at the motel for a while.
The suspect, a Hispanic adult male, left the scene on the red bicycle.

Student creates network to provide housing for transgender people
A new online resource for transgender students facing discrimination and homelessness came from an unlikely source: one USC student’s blog on Tumblr, a popular social media website.

Justice Story: How a botched bank job for sex-change loot inspired the classic 'Dog Day Afternoon'
The story of the 16-hour ordeal in Brooklyn in 1972 that inspired the Al Pacino movie a few years later.