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domingo, agosto 19, 2012

[Greece] [Commentary]
25 trans women detained during large-scale police crackdown
Subject: Police detention of Transgender Individuals during ‘Xenios Zeus’ Operations

Trans é violada e vê pedido de asilo negado
Fernanda Milan, mulher transexual originária da Guatemala, que foi “acomodada” num centro de detenção de homens em Sandholm, onde foi violada várias vezes, à sua chegada à Dinamarca, encontra-se agora em vias de ser repatriada para a Guatemala.
Guatemalan trans woman says she was raped in mens’ wing of Danish asylum seekers camp

Moscow court rejects appeal, reaffirms 100-year ban on LGBT pride events
The Moscow City Court on Friday again confirmed its 100-year ban on all LGBT pride events in the Russian capital, and rejected an appeal by Nikolai Alekseyev, the leader of a Russian gay rights community and the organizer of previous gay pride events.

First transgender sports meet on Sept 8-9
For the first time in the country, a transgender national sports meet is going to be held in Chhattisgarh in an effort to ensure a platform for people of the third gender to move ahead in sports.

Transgenders seek acceptance
To sensitise the public on various problems sexual minorities face, a media consultation was organised on Friday. “Gender minorities such as transgenders are often harassed,” said Akkai Padmashali of Sangama. “They become victims of violence. They are discriminated against because of their gestures and voice. They have no access to public transport, voter ID or public restrooms.”

Jacksonville, Fla., Rejects Adding LGBT Protections to Anti-Discrimination Law
The largest city in Florida will not include protections of LGBT citizens from discrimination, including housing and jobs.
Florida city council denies protections for LGBTs

Second transgender female found murdered in Chicago’s ‘K-Town’
Police confirmed Friday that a body discovered in an abandoned building in a west side Chicago neighborhood known as K-Town was that of 19-year-old Donta Gooden, a transgender female.
[Commentary] Another Young Chicago Transwoman Killed

Why a West Michigan ministry director is calling for acceptance of transgender community
In the upcoming September issue of Friends Journal, a national Quaker publication, Scot Miller recounts how he came to love “a man with breasts.”

Alleged transgendered purse snatcher busted
A towering alleged transgendered purse snatcher is being held on charges that he stole an employee's purse at a trendy Upper West Side denim boutique -- and then had the nerve to carry it back into the store the next day.

Male Transvestite Prostitute Murdered in Walnut Hills
Shortly after 10:30 p.m. Saturday night, police were called to an area near East McMillan Street and Victory Parkway in Walnut Hills for a report of a shooting.

"People Think We're a Tranny Bar."
LGBT media outlet The Advocate picked up the story this week of a group of transgender women who were asked to never return to North Portland bar the P-Club.

COVER STORY: Making a transition in Cowtown
Seated in comfy chairs amid dim lights and the scent of cocoa beans at a small coffee shop, a small group shares intimate stories about growing up and being transgender.

‘It is not open to debate’
Bermuda was told in no uncertain terms yesterday afternoon that the human rights of people who are gay, transgender or bisexual are non-negotiable.