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sábado, agosto 25, 2012

JCB driver born a man is now officially a woman
Debbie Graham has lost her facial hair and developed a higher-pitched voice, but still has male sexual organs.
She will have gender reassignment surgery next year and has won a bid to be officially recognised as a woman.

Is Androgynous Male Model Stav Strashko the Next Andrej Pejic?
Androgyny–of the Saskia de Brauw and Freja Beha variety–is a valued look in modeling (Just ask Tyra). Newer and more controversial? Bio boys who can play pretty girls. Of course everyone’s favorite fragile blonde, Andrej Pejic, has done tons to bring male-to-female androgyny into the mainstream, as has transgender model Lea T.

Police Moves To Shut The Gay and Lesbian Office
Zimbabwean police on Thursday initiated a process to shut down the offices of the Gays and Lesbians of Zimbabwe (GALZ) after charging a representative of the organisation for running an “unregistered” organisation.

Transvestites, women warned against sex trade in Mideast
Panida Somao said the laws in Oman were very strict and only men were allowed to work at massage parlours for male customers.
"But some Thai transvestites have exploited these laws and also offer sexual services," she said, adding that many of these men came to Oman before undergoing the sex-change operation.

Toyota Faces Transphobic Backlash After Releasing Commercials Starring Androgynous Male Model
Some transphobic and homophobic car fans have been blasting Toyota across the Internet after clips of a commercial for the new Auris only airing in Japan have hit the web. Check out what all the hubbub is about after the jump!
[Commentary] Transgender model for Toyota — yea or nay?

Conference to Understand Health Issues of Transgendered to be Held in Australia
It has been reported that scientists and doctors would be attending a meeting-cum-conference at Cairns to understand more the health issues of transgenders. The conference called Sister Girl and Gender Diverse Conference is one of the first of it types in Queensland.

Transgender community suffering from mental health problems
Doctors at a national conference in far north Queensland say a lack of health services and information for the transgender community is causing severe mental health problems and in some extreme cases, self-castration. Members of the transgender community and sexual health doctors from across the country are meeting in Cairns this weekend for the first ever national conference of its kind.

Transgendered man in Uxbridge fears deportation to Brazil
A transgender Uxbridge man says his life will be in danger due to his sexuality if he’s deported to his native Brazil on Saturday.
Silvani Marques, 37, an engineer, has been taking hormone treatments and dresses as a woman. He shows a photo shoot of himself wearing different women’s dresses as part of an online gallery.

Psychological tests for trans pilots in US is abandoned owing to a one-woman campaign
Psychological testing for trans people who wish to become pilots has been abandoned after one woman sustained a three-year campaign.

WATCH: March Honors 46th Anniversary of Compton's Cafeteria Riots
In the 1960s, Compton's Cafeteria in San Francisco's gritty Tenderloin neighborhood was virtually the only place in the city where transgender folks could congregate publicly, as they weren't allowed in gay bars at the time. Cross-dressing was still illegal in the city, and the local police often used the presence of trans women as a pretext for raiding and closing gay bars.

New Publication Highlights Experiences of Transgender Granite Staters
Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders (GLAD) and TransGender New Hampshire (TG-NH) are pleased to announce the publication of We Are New Hampshire: Transgender Lives in the Granite State, a collection of 10 stories about local transgender people and their families. The book reveals the fullness of their lives and highlights the challenges transgender residents of New Hampshire and their families face as they seek to live genuinely and with dignity. The book is intended as an educational resource for policy makers and the general public.

Ohio Murder Shines National Spotlight on LGBT Violence
The National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs is calling attention to the fatal shooting of Kendall L. Hampton, a gender-nonconforming person who had reportedly been involved in sex work.

Penn ranks as top trans-, gay-friendly school
LGBT college group Campus Pride last week released its inaugural list of the nation’s best schools for transgender individuals, and a local university made the cut.

Campaign Raises Support for Trans Man Jailed in Virginia
An IndieGogo campaign seeks to raise money for a Virginia trans man convicted of felony forgery for listing his gender as male on his marriage license.

Debutará mujer transexual en Súper liga mexicana de fútbol femenil.
Pasaron más de 20 años para que Miranda Salman pueda volver a jugar en un equipo afiliado a la Federación Mexicana de Fútbol (Femexfut).

Presentan proyecto de ley que, con importantes limitaciones, permitiría cambio de nombre a personas transexuales
El grupo Alianza Parlamentaria, tercera bancada más numerosa en el Congreso del Perú, ha presentado un proyecto de ley que establece un procedimiento judicial único y simplificado que permitiría el cambio de nombre, entre otras, a las personas transexuales. El proyecto establece, no obstante, importantes limitaciones.