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quarta-feira, agosto 29, 2012

Quem tem medo de Cris Negão? Curta sobre famosa travesti cafetina é exibido nesta quarta em SP
Lobo mau fica no chinelo perto de Cris Negão, a famosa travesti cafetina do centro de São Paulo.

PR: Grupo trans está de sede nova em Curitiba
Transgrupo de defesa LGBT Marcela Prado está de casa nova na cidade de Curitiba

Justiça de PE ordena que Estado pague cirurgia de readequação de sexo
Em Pernambuco, transexual masculino conquista na justiça cirurgia de readequação de sexo paga pelo Estado
Pernambuco: Justiça determina que estado pague mudança de sexo
Pernambuco pagará operação de redefinição sexual para transexual masculino

Projeto de inclusão social e profissional de travestis e transexuais abre inscrições no RJ
O projeto Damas, ação da Coordenadoria Especial da Diversidade Sexual junto com a Secretaria Municipal de Assistência Social do Rio de Janeiro, é voltado para a reinserção social e profissional de travestis e transexuais através de capacitação, incentivo a escolaridade, e empregabilidade.

L’ A.N.T. publie une carte des droits des personnes transgenres à travers le monde
L'Association nationale transgenre (A.N.T., anciennement Trans Aide) invite la France à prendre l'Argentine en exemple en matière de législation relative à l'identité de genre, et publie à cette occasion une carte des droits des personnes trans' concernant le changement d'état civil à travers le monde.

Campaign builds to stop deportation of trans-woman raped at Sandholm
Fernanda Milan was raped after being placed in the men's dormitory; now she faces deportation to Guatemala

Religious leaders remain silent over legalisation of LGBT rights
A gay lawmaker in Nepal has said that not a single religious group has made a complaint following a decision by the government to grant equal rights to LGBT citizens.

Anti-Discrimination Bill’s OK Delayed
The passage of the proposed Anti-Racial, Ethnic and Anti-Religious Discrimination Act of 2011 faces a rough sailing in Congress after some senators thumbed down the inclusion of the lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and transgenders (LGBTs) provisions in the bicameral bill.

[New Zealand]
Body "unable" to take further action over booklet
The Human Rights Commission says it's unable to take further action over an Auckland Council booklet which uses the term “transvestite” to describe transgender sex workers.

Capital Pride parade diversifies
Rainbow flags were flying high as Ottawa’s celebration of everything queer culminated Sunday, August 26 with the Capital Pride parade.

Transgendered man deported
A transgendered Uxbridge man was deported to his native Brazil last weekend despite claims that his sexuality will put him in danger in the South American country.
Silvani Marques, 37, had been taking hormone treatments in Canada and dresses as a woman.
“I am hoping everything will be fine,” he said before his flight home on Sunday. “I was hoping for more from Canada.”

[Canada] [Commentary]
On the Job Market as a Transgender Candidate
Most trans people in academe wait for the job security of tenure before undertaking the risky process of a gender transition. The reason is obvious: There's still a tremendous amount of discrimination and harassment toward us.

3 Transgender Women Flee Mexico To Escape Transphobia In 'Crossing Over'
The documentary Crossing Over looks at the lives of 3 transgender Mexican women as they seek political asylum in the United States to escape transphobia in their homeland.

What Psychologists Need to Know to Help Transgender Clients
Transgender clients are increasingly being viewed as part of a larger minority population that includes lesbian/gay/bisexual/queer people. Transgender individuals face challenges as a result of identifying with a gender that differs from their birth sex.

[USA] [Commentary]
We Need More Foundations for Transgenders
One of the most crucial medical needs for the transgender community is — and always has been — assistance with the financial burden of hormone therapy and surgical transition procedures that helps confirm our gender identity.

Gang member sought in robbery at transgender brothel
Santa Ana gang member failed to appear Monday for jury trial on charges he participated in a home-invasion robbery of a transgender brothel after first trying to tax the prostitutes.

Sincerely Sophie
"You have to learn to be a real person before you can learn to be a real man or a real woman."
Sophie Prell is one of few people who can say they've been all of the above.
Sophie - or Gaylen, as she was known through her high school years in Aurelia - was an active, involved boy, and still today she has fond memories of clowning around with her stepbrothers, the car rides to basketball games, proms, wearing the mascot costume for football games.

City Set To Decide Controversial Ordinance
Salina City Commissioners have set a date to make a decision on whether or not to repeal a controversial ordinance change.

Fort Worth now has not one but two transgender support groups
After we featured the new group Fort Worth Transgender Support on the cover of Dallas Voice, leaders with another Cowtown trans group, Trans-cendence, informed us it has started up again.

Após aprovar nova lei, Buenos Aires tem sua primeira professora transexual
Após as férias escolares de inverno na Argentina, onde uma lei que reconhece a escolha de 'identidade de gênero' foi aprovada no último mês de maio, Melisa se tornou a primeira professora primária transexual de Buenos Aires ao se apresentar com sua nova certidão, informou a imprensa local nesta terça-feira.