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quarta-feira, setembro 12, 2012

Travestis são detidos por roubar motorista na Zona Sul de São Paulo
Dois travestis foram detidos na noite desta segunda-feira acusados de roubar um radialista na avenida Lineu de Paula Machado, no Morumbi, zona sul de São Paulo. Segundo informações da Polícia Civil, os travestis jogaram pedras no para-brisa e no vidro lateral do carro para roubar o homem. No momento da abordagem, uma viatura da Polícia Militar passava pelo local e interviu.

Travesti é espancado até a morte na zona Norte de Ribeirão Preto
Vítima estava morando no canteiro central da Avenida Costa e Silva; câmeras de segurança de um posto de combustíveis devem ajudar nas investigações

Transgender Film 'The Weight' Wins Sixth Queer Lion In Venice
The Weight by Korean director Jeon Kyu-Hwan has won the sixth annual Queer Lion prize at the 69th annual Venice Film Festival.
South Korean film wins LGBT prize at Venice Film Festival

Trans woman faces deportation and possible death
Fernanda Milan, a trans woman from Guatemala, may face death if returned to her home country, say supporters. Fernanda came to seek asylum in Denmark after being at risk of murder in Guatemala, but she faced rape and sexual humiliation when she was placed in the men’s wing of the Sandholm detention centre while her case was addressed.

1st Trans & Intersex Pride: 24 November 2012
Rainbow Identity Association (RIA) is delighted to invite you to take part in an important and historic event in the country; Trans & Intersex Pride 2012. The theme for this event is “LIVE & LET LIVE” and it will be held on November 24.

Butt, calf implants for men to look manlier
Inspired by breast augmentation, men are turning to silicone implant surgery to achieve a chest like Phelps, and footballer calves.

Gender failed them, but grit helped them live with dignity
You won’t find them begging at traffic signals or stripping to embarrass people into coughing up money. Yes, they are Hijras, but Hijras with a difference. Soon after living among their community, they realised they would rather return to their homes and earn a livelihood by dignified means. Here’s a glimpse into the space they have carved for themselves:

First transgender meet
Chhattisgarh’s capital city Raipur is set to witness a historic event as the two-day All India Transgender Sports Meet, said to be first of its kind in the world, kick-starts here on Saturday.

Jin Xing: from Chinese army officer to dancing TV stardom
China's most fascinating celebrity is probably the only contemporary dancer also capable of blowing up a bridge – she also used to be a man

First Transgender Woman Legally Recognized in Vietnam
Pham Le Quynh Tram has become the first transgender woman to be legally recognized by Vietnamese authorities as a woman, according to website Vietnamnet.

Sex change, transplant not included in amended law correcting birth records
In the Philippines, names like Angel, Joey, Justine, Louie, Jeremy, Jeff, Jett and April, among others, could be used interchangeably to name a boy or a girl, sometimes causing slight embarrassments later on in life to the person involved.

Riley's on a path to being her inner self
With the start of the school this year came a change in uniform for Riley* - a skirt. The 15-year-old, born a male, no longer wanted to feel trapped in the wrong body. Supported by her parents and the public high school she attends, Riley decided it was time to take the step of "transitioning" to a female.
Just a girl, in the world

Sex workers call for 'fair and transparent' regulation
Sex workers and their allies gathered outside NSW Parliament House on Friday to protest proposed new licensing laws which Scarlet Alliance, the Australian Sex Workers Association, says will place the health and safety of those involved in the sex industry at risk.

[New Zealand]
Transsexual backs law change to alter her birth certificate
Stephanie Dixon looks like a woman, talks like a woman and walks like a woman.
She has breasts and female genitalia, but when she had to provide her birth certificate as proof of identification when signing up for a beauty technician's course, it said she was a male.

Gender-inclusive washrooms officially open in the SUB
On Aug. 29, two formerly gendered washrooms in the main concourse of the UVic Student Union Building (SUB) were reopened as multi-stall gender-inclusive washrooms, meaning any person of any perceived gender can use either space.

Lana Wachowski on coming out as trans
Lana Wachowski, who is in town attending the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), has spoken for the first time about why she decided to go public in a recent New Yorker article about her journey as a trans person.
'Cloud Atlas' director comes out as transgender with pink dreads

Democrats Advance Trans Rights, But Rarely Say So In Charlotte
It was difficult to sit long at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte this past week without hearing about the end of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" or the party's now-official statement, "We support marriage equality." Rarely discussed, however, was the dramatic new focus on transgender issues within the Obama administration and the Democratic Party.

Mother of transgender child shares her family’s journey
While audiences nationwide became acquainted with Sarah Tyler and her family following their appearance last year on Anderson Cooper’s talk show, I got to know them in a completely different manner: at church.

City to review LBGT ordinance
Salina city commissioners Monday will begin deciding whether to repeal an ordinance that recently added sexual orientation and gender identity to a list of classes protected from certain types of discrimination or let Salinans decide the issue at a special election.
City To Decide Monday On Controversial Ordinance
Salina to vote on nondiscrimination law repeal
Repeal of LGBT protections to be on Nov. 6 ballot
Salina Voters To Decide On Ordinance Change
People will have a chance to vote on Salina's LGBT ordinance

[MA, USA] [Commentary]
Sex change surgery for convicted killer? Oh, my
Would you, the taxpayer, approve state money to be used to give a convicted murderer a sex change?
Of course you wouldn’t.
Good thing we don’t live in Massachusetts.
[Commentary] OUR OPINION: Taxpayers told to pay for sex surgery for wife-killer

«Mereces morir “put*”»: los trans-asesinatos en Colombia
Pareciera que en Colombia asesinar una persona trans no sea noticia importante, en el último año son varios los asesinatos que ni siquiera han merecido una nota escrita, visual u oral en un medio de comunicación masiva. La transfobia no solo se evidencia en el asesinato de más de 30 trans en Colombia en 2012 y la falta información a la sociedad, sino también en otras formas en que los crímenes de odio hacen de sus víctimas a las travestis y transexuales, especialmente a quienes transitan de las masculinidades a las feminidades. Ante tal violencia ellas mismas se organizan, las ONG denuncian y el Estado ofrece algunas alternativas; por otra parte tan bien es vedad que sobre el tema muchos/as no saben sobre qué se está hablando.

Caribe Afirmativo, registra la muerte en la tarde de hoy de Carolina,mujer trans de 27 años de edad, oriunda de la región Pacifica (Tumaco) quien hace tres meses había llegado a Cartagena para someterse a una cirugía que supuestamente le brindaría reasignación de sexo en la clínica Sol de las Américas y que desde días pasados venia siendo denunciada por sus familiares y amigos, por un supuesto procedimiento no profesional.

Cerca de 5 mil personas participaron en marcha por la diversidad sexual en Valparaíso
Con una masiva concurrencia se realizó una nueva marcha por la diversidad sexual por las calles de Valparaíso, a 19 años del incendio en la discoteque Divine.