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sábado, setembro 22, 2012

LGBT Students In Scotland Driven Out Of School By Homophobic And Transphobic Bullies
Nearly 70% of all LGBT youths in Scotland have experienced homophobic bullying and are being driven out of schools, colleges and universities as a result.

Dinamarca cancela la deportación de Fernanda Milan (Transexual Guatemalteca)
A última hora, las autoridades danesas han dejado en suspenso la deportación de una mujer transexual guatemalteca, cuya vida corría peligro en su país de origen.
Fernanda Milán: La mitad de la batalla ha sido ganada
Denmark to reconsider transgender refugee

Family asked hermaphrodite to live as a woman
At 33, Yousuf Al Refal has endured the pain of being born a hermaphrodite — and he’s estranged from his family as a result

Transgenders fight for their rights
One person has exercised her voting right in the State as a third gender in the recent MLC elections held in Nandyal. The other holds a double masters degree, in commerce and social work, and is an ardent advocate of basic rights for the third gender.

SA boost for transgender and intersex ageing
A project looking to address the issues in transgender and intersex ageing will soon begin in South Australia with the help of federal funds.

As DADT Repeal Turns 1, Trans Soldiers Seek Open Service
As advocates across the country commemorate the one year anniversary of the repeal of the military’s discriminatory “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” (DADT) policy, it is important to remember that many servicemembers still cannot serve openly.
No Military Welcome for Transgender Americans
Obama Remark Leaves Out Transgender Soldiers

[Commentary] On This DADT Repeal Anniversary, Let’s Not Forget The T

NCTE Launches Innovative Resource For Transgender Students And Allies
The National Center for Transgender Equality (NCTE) has launched a new resource for transgender advocates and allies in college.

Meeting for the TDOR
Transgender Health Empowerment will again this year be hosting the TDOR November 20, 2012 and is having a planning meeting for those who want to participate, volunteer, or sponsor this event with us.

Chicago House receives national transgender care grant
Chicago House, a local non-profit HIV/AIDS services provider, is one of eight organizations chosen to receive a grant from Health Resources and Services Administration that would help fund research into the link between HIV and retention in care of transgender women of color.

Mom Stands Up For Her Son's Fashion Choice
Nine-year-old Jack Kennedy got an unexpected lesson in equality last week when he was belittled and ostracized for wearing an earring to school. Fellow students did not dole out the social pressure and belittling, rather it came from Coolidge Intermediate Principal Eric Bruner, who claimed it was against school policy. Bruner informed Kennedy's mother, Sheri, that the fourth grade boy would be sent home and not allowed to return to school unless he removed his earring. He did not want boys looking like "playas," and that he wants them to be "respectable men."

Leslie Feinberg files for speedy jury trial
Transgender lesbian activist Leslie Feinberg appeared in court in Minneapolis on Sept. 13 to face a charge of 3rd-degree gross misdemeanor for hir/her June 4 action in solidarity with CeCe McDonald.

Voter ID heads back to lower court
The state’s top court this week further prolonged a suit challenging the controversial new voter-identification law.

Community mourns, investigation continues in Cordova case
There was barely standing room in the lobby of the William Way LGBT Community Center last week as several-hundred community members came together to mourn a murder victim.

Dejan presos dos sujetos por muerte de transexual
El Juzgado de Letras de lo Penal dictó auto de prisión contra dos individuos que supuestamente dieron muerte a un transexual dentro de un hotel del barrio Medina de San Pedro Sula, el 19 de diciembre de 2011.

Movilh denunció brutal ataque a joven transexual en Ancud
Camila fue golpeada en el rostro por cerca de 10 personas cuando salía de una fiesta.
La víctima perdió gran parte de sus piezas dentales y permanece internada en el Hospital San Carlos.
PDI arresta a tres sujetos como presuntos agresores de joven transexual en Ancud
Descartan en primera instancia daño neurológico en joven transexual agredido en Ancud
Individualizan a tres agresores de joven transexual en Ancud
Identifican a los presuntos agresores del joven transexual en Ancud
Transexual agredido recibirá ayuda legal del municipio
Brutal ataque transfóbico en Ancud
Fiscalía solicitó detener a tres sospechosos de agredir a transexual en Ancud