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quinta-feira, setembro 20, 2012

[Portugal] Público - Edição Impressa, não se encontra online.
Divórcios sobem para 625 euros e mudança de sexo custará 200 euros
Bastonário da Ordem dos Notários acusa Estado de ter aumentado taxas para suportar uma estrutura que lhes faz concorrência. Registos de heranças e de automóveis também aumentam de preço

Terrence Higgins Trust launches UK’s first health resource for transgender people
The Terrence Higgins Trust has launched two new guides with health and wellbeing advice for transgender people, the first guide of its kind in the UK.
Currently, research into transgender health is fairly patchy, however, there is a growing consensus that transgender people have a much higher risk of contracting HIV and other sexual diseases.
Terrence Higgins Trust launches UK’s first health guide for trans people
Terrence Higgins Trust launches new transgender online resource

[Denmark] [Commentary]
11th hour appeal makes Danish authorities postpone expulsion of transgender asylum seeker Fernanda Milán. Asylum Activists are optimistic.
We are advised, in a press release, from support group T-Refugee Project which was established to help her , that 26-year-old trans and human rights activist Fernanda Milan from Guatemala has not yet been deported from Denmark on Monday 17th September.
PRESS RELEASE: Refugee Board resumes controversial case involving transgender human rights activist

Protection for gay rights vetoed
Turkey’s ruling Justice and Development Party vetoes a proposal that aims to bring in constitutional protection for gay rights. ‘We don’t find it right to have an expression concerning gays,’ an AKP deputy says

Take decision on eunuchs issues : HC tells Centre
Bombay High Court on Tuesday directed the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment to take a decision on the issues and grievances of eunuchs while hearing a public interest litigation seeking equal rights for them.
Social justice department to look into grievances of eunuchs

New leader for transgenders
In a ceremony steeped in tradition and colour, G. Kanama, 75, was ordained as the main elder of the local Indian transgender community over the weekend here.

Grant helps trans surgery costs
Gender diverse people can expect to pay thousands of dollars to undergo gender reassignment surgery in Australia, but a Melbourne group has announced a unique grant to help with these costs.

[New Zealand] [Commentary]
Would you be seen with me?
So who is up for a date? It is not really the right question to be asking. It should probably be, who is prepared to be seen out on a date with me?
It takes a very special man to date a transsexual and that is a shame.
Believe me, men love transsexuals but being seen with them is a different story.

Campaign Urges Depressed LGBT People to 'Talk About It'
The editors of Original Plumbing magazine say their video campaign will help people know they are not alone as they seek to overcome depression and anxiety.

Singer-songwriter and SF State freshman Ryan Cassata imparts lessons of self-acceptance to transgender community
When Ryan Otto Cassata stands up with his guitar at Dolores Park Café, he seems like a normal 18-year-old. But there is something different about him.
Cassata always felt a little different than everyone else, but didn’t notice what this feeling meant until he met a transgender for the first time.
Cassata, born a girl, didn’t feel like a girl. He felt like a boy.

First government trans awareness ad campaign launched
A new campaign of adverts has launched in Washington DC, with a view to increasing awareness and understanding of the “non gender-conforming” community of the city.
D.C. Launches First-in-Nation Transgender Ad Campaign
Transgender tolerance campaign launches in Washington D.C. in order to promote understanding and positivity

We’re coming closer to you!
We wanted to make sure you were aware that we’re making a bit of a change to our regular meeting pattern. Hearkening back to our guiding principles, we want to increase our accountability to the communities we serve, expand people’s access to our advocacy, and empower new super-awesome activist volunteers. To do that, we’re moving our meetings.

Panel discusses gender issues
Laura Sjoberg once saw a transgendered person being harassed by airport security and knew she wanted to stop it from happening again.

Central Florida: LGBT Workplace Protections Safe, For Now
It appears Orange County’s LGBT employment protections are safe for now.
On Sept. 11, the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) discussed a pair of proposals that would regulate sick leave, and some feared would have had a negative effect on LGBT employee protections that are currently in place.

Chicago House receives national transgender grant
It was announced that local non-profit leader in AIDS services, Chicago House, was selected as one of eight national grant sites to study the link between HIV and retention in care of transgender women of color.

Judge Orders $500,000 in Legal Fees to Transgender Inmate
A transgender inmate may receive more than $500,000 in legal fees after a judge ordered the state of Massachusetts to pay for her gender reassignment surgery.
Inmate Michelle Kosilek says sex change ‘right thing’
Inmate praises ruling on sex change surgery

[Commentary] I'll explain that remark re Kosilek

College student group targets exhibit by noted transsexual photographer
A lecture and photography exhibit by a noted California-based photographer has drawn criticism from a conservative student group affiliated with the Arlington, Va.-based Leadership Institute due to its explicit content documenting his gender reassignment surgery.
University sparks backlash over $4,000 transsexual photography exhibit paid for with college funds
University of Minnesota-Duluth courts controversy for hosting transgender photography exhibit

Born this way: Seeking human rights for transgender students at MSU
Cassidy Medicine Horse was born a boy, but from a young age knew inside that she was really a girl.
Growing up, she was subjected to testosterone shots and growth hormones as her family attempted to change her. For decades, she kept her feminine feelings secret to avoid her father’s terrifying discipline, to land a job and marry, to avoid getting beaten.

[OK, USA] [Commentary]
Judge of the Day: What’s in a (Traditionally Gender Appropriate) Name?
On one level, your name is pretty damn meaningless. Many people aren’t actually called by their names that often. Instead, people just yell: “Dude,” “Hey You,” “Boss,” “sweet cheeks”… whatever.
[Commentary] Editorial: OKC judge denies transgender men name changes

Easton Activist Will Meet With Biden
On Wednesday, Vice President Joe Biden will meet with up-and-coming LGBT leaders from around the country at his home in Washington.
Among those leaders: Easton's Ashley Hope, who hopes the vice president comes away knowing that there's still work to be done when it comes to rights for transgendered people.

Memphis nondiscrimination proposal under spotlight
The Memphis City Council’s final vote on a city nondiscrimination ordinance is set for Tuesday, when a ban on discrimination because of sexual orientation and gender identity is expected to be added.
Anti-discrimination proposal will face a vote Tuesday
City Council To Vote On Anti-Discrimination Policy
Memphis City Council to Vote on Employment Non-Discrimination Ordinance
Memphis delays final vote on nondiscrimination language about sexual identity
Memphis Council delays nondiscrimination vote
Memphis City Council Approves LGBT Amendment to Discrimination Ordinance

Resource Center sends letter to Dallas company about adding LGBT policies
Resource Center Dallas’ CEO Cece Cox sent a letter Friday to Holly Frontier Corp. requesting a meeting with them about adding LGBT protections.
The oil and gas company, based in Downtown Dallas, is one of 17 Fortune 500 companies that the Equality Forum recently listed as not having any LGBT-inclusive policies.

Transgender customer denied restroom access
A transgender customer who identifies herself as a woman says she is being discriminated against by some Hazel Dell area bars because they won’t let her use the women’s room.
Norma Bellhorn recently changed her name from Norman, and is taking hormone therapy medications.

Beck Rosato Lewis: My amazing journey from tomboy to butch lesbian to trans man
Beck Rosato Lewis always knew that something wasn’t quite right growing up, that her feelings were different. She was a tomboy who was attracted to girls, while other girls she played with only liked boys.

Himmel anhela ¡corona de belleza!
Himmel, el transexual mexicano que ha comenzado a destacar en el mundo de la actuación con diversas apariciones en teatro (El Club de las Anas) y cine (Insectos: La Filosofía Natural del Amor) informó a EL SOL DE MEXICO que para el próximo mes de noviembre participará en el certamen internacional Miss Queen Internacional, a realizarse en Tailandia. Destacó que en ese evento, en el que participan únicamente transgéneros, buscará "hacer un digno papel y trataré de traer la corona a nuestro país, por lo que me estoy preparando arduamente".

Proyecto para poner género en vez de sexo
Organizaciones que promueven la diversidad sexual pidieron el jueves a la Asambleaque reforme una ley para que travestis y transexuales cambien sus datos en la cédula de identidad.
Proponen que travestis y transexuales elijan su género en cédula

Durante la noche del día 17 de septiembre fue atacada por un grupo de personas en las calles de Ancud la mujer trans de nombre social Camila, de 29 años de edad, quien salía de una celebración en compañía de su hermano.

[Argentina] [Opinion]
Deshojando la Flor
¿Se debe opinar sobre la decisión de Flor de la V de bautizar a sus hijos y hacerlo público en Gente? Otra opinión que viene a ampliar, responder y discutir la nota que apareció en SOY la semana pasada.

Orgullosa cicatriz
Hace ya cuatro años, Ian Breppes denunciaba en SOY la brutal transfobia de sus vecinos y la dificultad de vivir como hombre trans en su propio barrio. Hoy regresa aquí para compartir la alegría de su encuentro con su mujer, Anita, su vida familiar y, en especial, el relato paso a paso de su histerectomía, un estadio importante en su proceso de transformación personal.