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sexta-feira, setembro 21, 2012

Transexual não pagará pela cirurgia de troca de sexo
A 1ª Vara da Fazenda Pública de Campinas determinou que o atendimento cirúrgio e psicossocial para mudança de sexo de uma transexual seja feito pelo Sistema Único de Saúde.

Guatemalan trans activist saved from deportation at the last hour
Fernanda Milan gains last minute reprieve from being sent back to Guatemala, where her life was in danger

Ultra nationalist party meets with LGBT group
Officials from KAOS GL, a leading support association for Turkey’s LGBT community, have met with the Nationalist Movement Party’s (MHP) vice chairwoman ahead of civil rights report.

Eunuch groups battle over territory
Two groups of eunuchs came to blows over the 'boundaries' of their respective territories near Ambawadi on Wednesday afternoon. One group has filed a complaint of assault against the other with Ellisbridge police.

Cairns International Trans Conference
Evie Ryder reports back on the Queensland Transgender Conference in Cairns and says it’s a critical step towards better health for trans people.

Amended trans bill heads to justice committee
As federal politicians settle in for the fall session, NDP LGBT critic Randall Garrison is confident his trans rights bill will pass a third reading before Christmas, after the justice committee approves it.

The Silent Soldiers Who Are Still ‘Unfit to Serve’
It’s now OK to be gay in the U.S. military, but The Advocate spoke with several transgender people on why policy means they must remain in the closet.

Your lab-grown penis is (almost) ready
Earlier this afternoon, Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal's Zach Weiner floated an interesting thought: "One day," he mused, "there will actually be a pill that grows your penis six inches."

Buck Angel, Porn's Most Famous Trans Man, Transitions to Sex Ed
Buck Angel bills himself as “the man with the pussy.” Decades ago, Angel embarked on a gender transition from female to male. He removed his breasts, began testosterone injections, grew a beard, built his body into a wall of muscle, and left the vagina. “I didn’t want to spend $70,000 on a cock,” Angel explains. “I’d rather just have a truck.” Besides, he says, “a vagina is just a hole.”

'I just want them to stop ...' A study finds a nightmare of abuse, bullying and sexual harassment for Latino students in Little Rock schools
A four-year study finds a nightmare of abuse, bullying and sexual harassment for Latino students in some Little Rock schools, with reports of complaints falling on deaf ears. What's going on, and can anything be done to stop it?

Judge hears arguments in lawsuit over Orono school’s treatment of transgender child
A Superior Court judge will decide whether a lawsuit filed by an Orono couple over the local school district’s handling of their transgender child’s transition from male to female will go forward.
Judge hears arguments in transgender student discrimination case
Maine judge hears arguments in transgender case

Watch transgender speaker push for LGBT protections in state civil rights law
If protections for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people were included in Michigan’s civil rights law, then Rhonda Bacon thinks she would be a foster grandparent.

University Under Attack for Transgender Exhibition
Loren Cameron's photos documenting trans bodies has gotten some Minnesota students up in arms.

Gardnerville man talks about sex change
When Dana Pardee looks at his 2007 high school graduation picture, he sees a beautiful young woman smiling back at him.

Juez de Oklahoma deniega cambio de nombre a personas transexuales citando la Biblia
El juez de Oklahoma Bill Graves se niega sistemáticamente a conceder el cambio legal de nombre a personas transexuales, con independencia de que hayan sometido o no a cirugía de reasignación, argumentando que su ADN no cambia. Para Graves, el ADN es la prueba de que “Dios nos hizo hombre y mujer”, por lo que a su juicio permitirles la modificación del nombre sería “fraudulento”. Ya existe una petición online exigiendo que Graves autorice los cambios o dimita.
[Commentary] Judge Refuses Trans Woman’s Name-Change Request Because “God Meant For [Her] To Stay Male”
Judge Denies Transgender's Request for Name Change

Council Delays Anti-Discrimination Ordinance
When the Memphis City Council got to the real intent this week of the latest version of an anti-discrimination ordinance it has been debating off and on for two years, it wasn’t just a decision about including “sexual orientation” in the wording.

LGBTI group holds protest in Honduras
Honduran LGBTI organization APUVIMEH held a protest on the steps of the public prosecutor's office in the country's capital of Tegucigalpa Sept. 13, according to an organizational press release that the Chicago Religious Leadership Network on Latin America provided.

Another Trans Woman Murdered and Mutilated in Brazil
A young transgender woman was found in a dumpster in a rural part of São Paulo, Brazil, on Sept. 16th, according to Gay Star News. The 20-year-old woman, who investigators have not yet identified publicly, had been murdered and mutilated, her genitals and an ear removed. Police say they suspect she was a sex worker, who was taken to the location and murdered by a john.
Brazil trans woman brutally murdered

Municipalidad de Ancud prestará ayuda legal a joven transexual que sufrió golpiza
Así fue confirmado desde el municipio el Movilh. El mencionado movimiento de la diversidad sexual solicitó además al Ministerio de Salud que ayude gratuitamente a la familia para la reconstrucción del rostro de Camila.

Cerca de 5 mil personas participaron en marcha por la diversidad sexual en Valparaíso
Con una masiva concurrencia se realizó una nueva marcha por la diversidad sexual por las calles de Valparaíso, a 19 años del incendio en la discoteque Divine.