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sexta-feira, março 01, 2013

New International Report on Trans Health
Transgender Law Center is thrilled to be profiled in this groundbreaking report on transgender health published by Open Society Foundation.
Transforming Health: International Rights Based Advocacy for Trans Health
Transforming Health: International Rights-Based Advocacy for Trans Health

Polícia prende suspeito de matar travesti na zona sul de SP
Ele foi para a delegacia logo após ter alta do hospital onde estava desde a briga com a vítima

Astrapa nega tráfico de travesti, mas admite que menores podem ser aliciados
A relações públicas da Associação das Travestis da Paraíba, Fernanda Bevenuchi, falou em entrevista ao portal Paraibacombr sobre o suposto tráfico de travestis que existiria na Paraíba, após algumas autoridades políticas terem denunciado este fluxo para cidades européias na última semana. A deputada Lea Toscano (PSB), inclusive, entrou com pedido de criação de uma CPI. “Este fluxo não é de hoje, sempre existiu. Quando eu vim para João Pessoa, com 16 anos, também recebi vários convites para ir para a Europa”, lembrou Bevenuchi.

VIDEO: Boys will be girls at ‘Transvestite Academy’
There really is no business like showbusiness for one group of South Yorkshire men.

L’acteur trans’ Rüzgar Erkoçlar: «Je suis un homme, c’est ma réalité»
L'un des arguments les plus courants des célébrités dans le placard pour justifier leur choix de ne pas faire leur coming-out, c'est la peur que cela mette fin à leur carrière.

TGEU participates in hearing about future Gender Recognition Act in France
TGEU was invited to a hearing of a French Senatorial working group drafting Legal Gender Recognition Act in the next months. The audition took place on January 31st 2013 in Paris, where TGEU participated alongside with national trans organizations and the Council of Europe LGBT Unit. The legal draft shall be finished within the 1st quarter of 2013.

Health ministry earmarks hospitals for gender reassignment testing tasks
The Ministry of Health has just assigned three hospitals to be responsible for ruling on gender reassignment operations.

'It's a baby' - the truth about intersex
Gay Star News interviews the director of Intersexion, a new film that tells the story of the one in 2,000 newborn babies who don't fit neatly into a pink or blue crib - See more at:

Honduran gay leader appeals to U.S. for help
Jose Pepe Palacios says his mission is to inform the U.S. government and LGBT Americans that at least 89 LGBT people in Honduras, including gay rights advocates, have been murdered since military leaders ousted his country’s elected president in a 2009 coup.

UCF adds gender-neutral restrooms
Students at the University of Central Florida will see a different kind of restroom around campus. - See more at:

Mass. Ed Dept issues rules on transgender pupils
The Massachusetts Department of Education on Friday issued directives for handling transgender students, including allowing them to use the bathrooms or play on the sports teams that correspond to the gender with which they identify.
Massachusetts issues gender identity guidelines to schools on how to avoid discrimination
State mandate: Allow boys in girls' locker rooms

Beyond the Gender Box: It's a queer world, after all
Twenty-six-year-old Lindsay Toler of Tower Grove calls herself queer.
'Beyond the Gender Box': Intersex and the city
Beyond the Gender Box: 'ALIVE' co-founder lives authentically as transgender man

Transgender man documents transition on Facebook
The remarkable story of a young transgender man trapped in a girl's body, who made the decision at age 16 to become a boy.

Police End Search for Murdered Transgender Rapper, Body Not Found
Milwaukee Police Sergeant Mark Stanmeyer told reporters yesterday that the department has called off the search for the body of Evon Young (better known as Yung LT), a transgender rapper who was allegedly murdered ealier this year.