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segunda-feira, maio 06, 2013

Equality campaigner starts petition to raise awareness of trans issues after the death of Lucy Meadows
An equality campaigner has started a petition with the hope of raising awareness of issues faced by trans people, particularly in the media, following the media attention around the death of trans woman Lucy Meadows.

Sex-swap Sandra: I fear killer yobs
A former squaddie who became a woman after a sex-swap op has told how she fears cruel yobs could KILL her.
Sandra McDougall, 60, who used to be Ian, says she’s suffered years of callous taunts since switching gender — with one tormentor threatening to cut off her head.
And the former Scots Guard is terrified that after triple-heart bypass surgery in 2011 an attack could leave her dead in the street.

New project shows trans people love
Following hurtful media coverage, a new project based in the UK aims to show trans people they are loved

Sex-swap couple: Now we can marry
A transgender couple hope their love affair will inspire other people and allow them the freedom to live their lives.

Bindiya allowed to contest election
The election tribunal on Saturday allowed Bindiya Rana, a transvestite, to contest an election to a provincial assembly seat, PS-114 Karachi.
Tribunal Verdict: Transgender candidate back in race
Transgender allowed to contest Pakistan polls

Two Bhavnagar youths ‘castrated’ by eunuchs
Two youths from Bhavnagar have allegedly been castrated by a group of eunuchs in Bhuj district.

‘Overcoming gender stigma a daily challenge for us’
Praveen was a bright student in his college days. After graduating in Botany, he got a job in the sales department of a private bank. For him, it was the happiest moment. But soon he was down with depression when his colleagues refused to accept him as one among them and passed crude remarks regarding his ‘feminine’ behaviour. To counter the snide remarks, Praveen adopted a new avatar - which he believes is his natural self - and became Princy.

From kitchens to workshops, hardwork paid them back with a dignified life
Over the years, there have been various efforts on the part of the State Government to integrate members of the transgender community into mainstream society. While nearly 10 years ago, the then Jayalalithaa Government, in a path-breaking initiative issued appointment to transgenders in State government departments, around four years ago, the then DMK regime allowed transgenders to enter colleges under the ‘Third Gender’ category.

‘We need acceptance’
The transgender community has undergone tremendous struggles over the last few decades, and it is only now that they have platforms at which to air their problems, said transgender writer Priya Babu.

State, Centre keep ‘third sex’ waiting
While the largely unnoticed transgenders are making advances in all the major fields, their success story has been dampened by governments in the States and at the Centre. The community has been kept waiting for over six months for a response to a directive of the Supreme Court regarding announcement of transgenders as the third sex.

Chandini keeps her fingers crossed: First transgender to contest polls
Transgender Chandini aka Aslam Pasha made news during the urban local body election with her announcement to contest from a city ward. She is back in the news again, this time as a contestant for the assembly election.

[China/Hong Kong]
Concern over retirement of Hong Kong sex-change surgeon
Patients, doctors worry no one is qualified to perform sex reassignment operations in public hospitals when specialist steps down in 2015

[China/Hong Kong]
Hong Kong court hears transsexual wedding case
A woman who was born a man has taken her fight to marry her boyfriend to Hong Kong's top court.
Hong Kong: Top court to hear trans woman’s final case for marriage
Hong Kong transsexual woman in last fight to wed boyfriend
Hong Kong's Highest Court Considers Trans Woman's Marriage
Birth papers just history, transsexual hearing told

OII Australia testifies to Senate Inquiry on involuntary or coerced sterilisation
Australian intersex organisations OII Australia and AISSGA, together with the National LGBTI Health Alliance, participated in the country’s federal Senate Inquiry on involuntary or coerced sterilisation. The inquiry primarily focuses on people with disability, but the terms of reference specifically include the sterilisation and sexual health of intersex people as well.

Pride to host rally in place of Trans March
Trans activists plan to march down Yonge without a permit

Transgender men and women: Health risks of an isolated group
Minorities’ path to good health is ridden with obstacles, but for some patients receiving the care they need is especially difficult since most physicians don’t know how to treat them. With low awareness and limited acceptance, transgender men and women face serious health problems rooted in the health system’s lack of knowledge and sensitivity toward their issues, further complicated by society’s discrimination.

D.C. shelter drops ban on trans women
A D.C. Superior Court judge on Friday issued a temporary restraining order requiring a city funded shelter for homeless women located near the U.S. Capitol to stop denying transgender women access to the facility.

Family, friends gather to remember Ashley Sinclair
Family and friends gathered to remember Ashley Sinclair Saturday, a transgender woman and local performer who was slain earlier this month in Orange County.

Heated debate follows Michigan Fest boycott petition
What follows are communications related to the Michigan Womyn's Music Festival, held every August in Michigan, and its official ban on trans women entering the festival. The policy is more of a "don't ask, don't tell" ban, as trans women have been at the festival, but the official policy has caused deep divisions in the community.

Pro-LGBT bill advances for 1st time in 12 years
Advocates are hoping the historic advancement of a pro-LGBT bill in the Texas Legislature this week will build momentum for other measures as the session moves into its final months.

Activista trans interpone queja contra secretario de diversidad sexual de Morena
La presidenta de la Asociación Transgénero Hidalgo, Karen Quintero, interpuso una queja por discriminación ante el Consejo Nacional para Prevenir la Discriminación (Conapred) contra Jaime López Vela, actual secretario de Diversidad Sexual del Movimiento de Regeneración Nacional (Morena).

Siete de cada diez trans y homosexuales sufren agresiones
Al menos un 70 por ciento de transexuales, homosexuales y bisexuales en Bolivia sufre agresiones. Esa dura realidad que fue revelada por el estudio “Situación de las poblaciones TLGB en Bolivia”, promovido por Conexión, Fondo de Emancipación.

Asesinan a balazos a un transgenerista en sector de Chapinero
Un transexual o transgenerista fue asesinado esta mañana por un sicario en el sector de Chapinero al norte de la capital de la República, sin que hasta ahora se hayan establecido móviles ni autores.

Un trans y un gay pusieron en ridículo a la legislación del matrimonio
El Registro Civil de Chile, país que aún no tiene matrimonio igualitario, aceptó celebrar este año el primer matrimonio entre dos hombres, porque uno de ellos es legalmente mujer a pesar de su condición de varón trans y su nombre masculino en el documento de identidad.

En un lenguaje llano, accesible, lejano del retorcido lenguaje judicial, la Secretaría General de Derechos Humanos del Ministerio Público Fiscal presentó un cuadernillo que acompaña, paso a paso, el cómo hacer uso de la Ley de Identidad de Género.

“Nunca me gustó prostituirme; lo hago por necesidad”
Esta es la historia de Rosario Sansone, una transexual que ejerce la prostitución y que es un referente de lucha en Sa lta.
“Soy Rosario Sansone. Nací en la Colonia Santa Rosa el 5 de agosto del ‘76 bajo el signo de Leo”. Lloró al respirar desde el vientre de su madre y ese llanto fue el preludio de lo que sería su vida.
“Varón”, dijo la partera y le pusieron ropas celestes. María Luisa, la mamá, y Antonio, el papá, comenzaron a imaginar su camino sin pensar que tomaría atajos insospechados.

So Who Was The First Transgender Character In Mainstream Superhero Comics Anyway?
Today, Wired and Comics Alliance ran with the headlines “DC Introduces First Transgender Character in Mainstream Comics” and “‘Batgirl’ #19 Features First Openly Transgender Character In Mainstream Superhero Comics” to announce the revelation of Alysia Yeoh in Batgirl #19 as transgender, a character first introduced in 2011′s Batgirl #1.