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quarta-feira, maio 01, 2013

Travesti é encontrado morto, com facadas, dentro de casa
Um travesti foi encontrado morto na casa em que residia, na tarde de ontem, no bairro Bela Vista 2, em Rio Preto. O corpo de Fernando Domingues Rosa, de 36 anos, foi achado por vizinhos que chamaram a polícia militar. Segundo a perícia técnica, o corpo estava em cima da cama e apresentava três marcas de golpe de facas: no olho esquerdo, no lado direito do pescoço e também no ombro direito. A polícia suspeita que pode se tratar de um crime passional. “Nada foi levado da casa da vítima. Pode ter sido algum desentendimento de namorado”, disse o delegado Mauro Truzzi, do plantão policial.

Sex-change passenger didn’t pay taxi fare
A man was arrested after running away from a taxi without paying the fare.
Gavin Brannen racked up a £27 fare, travelling from Newcastle to his home in Laygate, South Shields.
But the 20-year-old – who appeared in court dressed as a woman, said he wanted to be called Katie and is due to go through a sex change – fled once he arrived at his street.

Woman who pretended to be boy escapes jail term
A judge has shown mercy to a woman who obtained sexual favours from teenage girls by pretending to be a boy.
Sex fraud woman put on probation
Why wasn't she jailed? Brave female victim of woman who posed as boy to have sex waives her right to anonymity to hit out at judge
Man sentenced for fraud after not telling girlfriend he was trans
Woman given probation after conning teenage girls into thinking she was a boy

Trans woman wins right to marry in Malta
Maltese courts have recognized the European Court of Human Rights ruling that trans women can marry male partners

Gaza Police Cracking Down on Gender Nonconformers
Police in Hamas-controlled Gaza are grabbing young men with unconventional hair and dress and beating them and shaving their heads, according to reports.

Fighting Transphobia in Asia
Four transgender activists! Manisha gave a basic overview of the dangers transwomen experience. Carla talked about the work of the TVT Project: a global project by transpeople, for transpeople, creating stats for trans advocacy through legal and social mapping. Agniva focused on a South Asian context: her group’s surveyed ten states in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka. And Eman, talking about her work in Makassar, Indonesia, educating young transgender people, raising their base knowledge level of sexuality, gender and human rights.

Serial killer refuses to stop dressing as woman in prison
Serial killer Paul Denyer has continued to wear women's underwear and make-up in prison despite repeated orders for him to stop.
Serial killer Paul Denyer defies prison order to stop dressing as woman

Cleveland trans woman found brutally murdered; newspaper hit by HRC for insulting coverage
A Cleveland, Ohio trans woman missing since March 27th is the murder victim found in a retaining pond near Olmsted Township on April 17. The Medical Examiner identified Cemia Acoff (akas CiCi, Cemia Dove) through DNA. She was stabbed and thrown into the pond, tethered to a concrete block. There are no details on motives or suspects.
Brutal Murder Of Transgender Woman Prompts News Organizations To Blame ‘Male’ Victim

Un grupo de travestis reclama una zona para trabajar
30.04.13 Las quejas de los vecinos del barrio Hernando de Lerma motivaron el pedido de un espacio y horario determinado para ejercer la prostitución.