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terça-feira, abril 23, 2013

European Parliament takes stock of LGBT rights in Western Balkans and Turkey
Last week the European Parliament adopted five of its annual progress reports for candidate and potential candidate EU countries. MEPs addressed recommendations on LGBT rights to Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia, Kosovo and Turkey.

Trans in the Spotlight! - TGEU Publication on the Committee of Ministers Recommendations
In the Spotlight! Trans in the Recommendation of the Committee of Ministers to Member States on measures to combat discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation and gender identity

Transexual é assassinada dentro de casa
A transexual e cabeleireira Débora Moreira Mori, 44, foi assassinada na tarde de hoje. Ela estava em casa, onde também funciona o salão de beleza, quando foi encontrada por uma funcionária. De acordo com a Polícia Militar, essa funcionária viu dois rapazes saírem da casa e ligou para o 190.

Ministério da Saúde estuda redução da idade mínima para readequação sexual
Ministério Público será ouvido antes da publicação da portaria.
SUS reduz idade mínima para cirurgia de readequação ao sexo

Joey Barton calls fellow footballer a 'transsexual ladyboy'
English soccer player, currently playing for Olympique de Marseille, has slammed Brazilian Thiago Silva
Joey Barton makes transphobic ‘ladyboy’ Twitter slur at Brazilian footballer

Climate of Fear Imperils LGBT People
The government of Nepal should allow lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) groups to operate freely and end arbitrary arrests of LGBT people, Human Rights Watch said.
Masked attackers harass gay activists in Nepal

Punjab: Two transgenders file nomination papers
Two eunuchs in the Punjab have filed nomination papers for a national assembly and a provincial assembly seat, The Express Tribune has learnt.

For men only
The army needs 94,480 young men as recruits this year. Unlikely to be among them are a small group of people who have changed considerably since their birth certificates identified them as being male.

Gov’t seeks comment on sex, gender records guidelines
Public comment is now being sought on draft national guidelines developed by the Federal Government on the recognition of sex and gender in Commonwealth records.

LGBT Groups Challenge Medicare’s Refusal to Provide Healthcare to Transgender Patients
Last week, several national LGBT groups and a cooperating attorney filed an administrative challenge to Medicare’s ban on medically necessary healthcare for transgender patients. Medicare, which provides healthcare to Americans ages 65 and older and younger people with certain qualifying disabilities, currently prohibits all forms of gender reassignment surgeries regardless of the individual patient’s diagnosis or serious medical needs.
Medicare Update
Medicare Won't Yet Decide Whether to Cover Gender Reassignment Surgery
Medicare asked to review ban on gender reassignment surgery
LGBT Groups Challenge Medicare's Refusal to Provide Healthcare to Transgender Patients

Transgender community faces discrimination
Recently Smith College, a private all women’s college in Massachusetts, officially rejected Calliope Wong, a transgender high school student. While Wong’s application read female, her FAFSA read male. Wong socially transitioned during high school and has not divulged whether or not she is undergoing medical transition.

HRC and Coalition Apologize for Silencing Undocumented, Trans Activists at Supreme Court Rally
Transgender and undocumented activists claim they were told to lower their flags and keep quiet at the March rally supporting same-sex marriage before the Supreme Court.
Human Rights Campaign Statement on March 27 Events
Marriage equality rally groups apologize for exclusionary actions
HRC apologizes for treatment of transgender, immigration rights activists

Transgendered 'Pregnant Man' seeks divorce
A transgendered man said he will appeal after his divorce request was rejected by an Arizona judge, who called his marriage an invalid same-sex marriage.
Transgender Ariz. man denied divorce vows to keep fighting state

Tucson Mayor & City Council Unanimously Oppose Transgender Discrimination!
The Tucson Mayor and City Council have voted unanimously to oppose SB1045.

College faculty hopes to update bathroom policy for transgenders
Some faculty in the Gender and Diversity Committee seek to update bathroom policy for transgenders

Transgender Law Center Co-Sponsors Name & Gender Change Legislation
Assembly Bill 1121, authored by Assemblymember Toni Atkins and co-sponsored by Equality California and Transgender Law Center, simplifies the process required for name changes and ensures that a transgender person’s gender identity is reflected accurately on important identity documents.

Transgender health care rally in D.C. draws more than 100
More than 100 people attended a rally in Columbia Heights on Saturday in support of equal access to health care for transgender people.
“We are here today to advocate for trans competent health care providers and for health care for the transgender community,” organizer Bryce Jordan Celotto said.

Opponent Commits to May Bout vs. Transgender Mixed Martial Arts Fighter Fallon Fox in Coral Gables
The Florida State Boxing Commission may decide the status of Fox, who used to be a man, on Friday

'Trans 100,' Annual Event Honoring Transgender Rights Advocates, Launches In Chicago
Trans 100, an annual celebration of transgender advocates, kicked off March 31 in Chicago.

Court to hear appeal in Mansfield murderer’s sex change case
Massachusetts prison officials are set to ask a federal appeals court to overturn a ruling granting a taxpayer-funded sex change for a transgender inmate serving a life sentence for murder.
Judge asked to overturn sex change ruling
Officials fight taxpayer-funded sex change ruling

Transgender Boy Cries Foul After Double Rejection by Women's College
A transgender teen who was born male but insists he is a female, cried foul last week when all-female Smith College twice rejected his application for admission to the institution because of his male genitalia.

Task force meets on transgender issues
Transgender issues were the focus of Monday’s meeting of the Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Task Force, as speakers offered both academic and personal observations on the topic.

Miles de personas asisten a la marcha en favor de diversidad sexual en Chile
La marcha conmemoró el asesinato hace un año de un joven homosexual a manos de neonazis y pidió al Congreso tramitar un proyecto de ley que legaliza las uniones de hecho.

Salud púbica
Aunque existen sanas excepciones, en muchos lugares aún sigue siendo un tormento para las personas trans recurrir a un consultorio médico para asesorarse sobre todo lo relacionado con los tratamientos hormonales y las cirugías. Integrantes del equipo interdisciplinario del Hospital Iturraspe (Santa Fe), uno de los centros donde hoy se entregan hormonas gratuitamente y se realizan mastectomías, responden a preguntas de lxs interesadxs.

Se recupera bien paciente sometido a mastectomía en hospital platense
Kalym Soria, el primer varón transexual en recibir el año pasado el Documento Nacional de Identidad (DNI), que lo identifica con su verdadero nombre, fue sometido a una mastectomía en el Hospital Gutiérrez de La Plata, pionero en las cirugías de reasignación genital, informaron hoy fuentes oficiales.