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sexta-feira, abril 12, 2013

Maria Clara Spinelli, a Anita de ‘Salve Jorge’: ‘Minha profissão é ser atriz e não transexual’
Tão logo surgiu em “Salve Jorge” como Anita, transexual que sonha em ganhar uma operação de mudança de sexo e cai na lábia da malvada Wanda (Totia Meirelles), Maria Clara Spinelli viu que seu “segredo” estaria exposto para todo o país.

UK medical council to investigate doctors' treatment of transgender patients, after dozens of complaints
Trans rights campaigner Helen Belcher collected dozens of complaints against GPs after conducting a survey with transgender people

Transsexual Samantha to go under the knife
Transsexual Samantha Valentine is about to undergo the irreversible surgery she describes as “the final piece in my jigsaw”
in what has been the most radical of personal journeys.

PCC rejects complaints about Burchill's transgender column
The Press Complaints Commission, having considered objections about an Observer column by Julie Burchill that caused outrage among transgender people, has decided there was no breach of the editors' code of practice.

First trans woman BBC Radio 1 presenter launches programme tackling prejudice
BBC Radio 1′s first trans woman presenter, Paris Lees, will launch a new programme tackling prejudice across the UK in an “open and honest’ way.

New machine at Gravesham Community Hospital helps raise transsexuals' voices
Transsexuals in Gravesham can now get help with raising or lowering the pitch of their voice thanks to a new machine at Gravesham Community Hospital.

TENI launches STAD campaign
STAD - Stop Transphobia and Discrimination is a new campaign that documents Hate Crimes against trans* and gender variant people in Ireland in 2013. This is an initiative by TENI and supported by ILGA- Europe.

LGBT activists gather from across Asia to plan for UN conference
LGBT activists from across Asia gathered this weekend to plan a strategy ahead of this summer’s United Nations Human Rights Council meeting.
'The assertion that LGBT rights are incompatible with Asian values is false,' says Nepal gov minister

Maharashtra’s ‘progressive’ policy for transgenders seeks ‘preventive measures’
Even as the Maharashtra government congratulated itself for addressing issues of the transgender population in a draft policy announced earlier this month, one of the provisions of the policy, which states people being transgender can be prevented through medical care, has angered the marginalised community. By this, the government has failed to acknowledge that being transgender is a choice of many people, the community’s empathisers say.

Transgender bill a betrayal by Tories – Concerned Christians of Canada
Transgender bill would make violence against transgendered people a hate crime
Transgender bill supported by Alberta trans advocates

GLAAD adds transgender equality to its mission
GLAAD will no longer be an acronym for the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation. The advocacy organization announced Sunday on Melissa Harris-Perry that it is altering its name and broadening its mission to focus more on advocating for equality for transgender people.
GLAAD Commits To Trans Activism With Inclusive Name Change
GLAAD Affirms Commitment To Trans and Bi People, Alters Name
GLAAD affirms commitment to trans people, LGBT community and allies on Melissa Harris-Perry Show
GLAAD ‘no longer an acronym,’ alters name as part of broadened mission

GLAAD to Fox News: You're on Thin Ice
Before softening his message, a spokesman for the media watchdog says Fox News personalities won't be welcomed at GLAAD events until the network cleans up its act.

Transgender AU senior turns personal experience into political action
At 22, Sarah McBride’s resume shows a passion for public service. Former president of American University’s student government. Intern with the White House Office of Public Engagement. Aide to Delaware Gov. Jack Markell (D).

Cyborg Santos Blasts Twitter Haters, Says She's Open to Fighting Fallon Fox
As long as the fighter is licensed by a commission, Cristiane "Cyborg" Santos is willing to step into the cage against anyone, including male-to-female transgender fighter Fallon Fox.
Promoter sets CFA 11 for May 24 with Fallon Fox fight planned
MMA Fighter and Trainer Release Hateful Video About Fallon Fox
Hulk Hogan Jokes He'd Wrestle Fallon Fox

Trans 100 to honor national trans organizers
When transgender people see their stories reflected in the news, the image is almost always the same: scary or tragic.
Little transgender coverage falls outside the bounds of murders, discrimination or people trapped in the "wrong" bodies.

Smith Students Support Tansgender Applicant
Transgender student Calliope Wong has started a firestorm online when she posted a rejection letter from Smith College to her Tumblr page.

Transgender professor Boylan visits UMaine
Respected author and English professor at Colby College Jennifer Finney Boylan spoke on Thursday, March 21, about her autobiography, titled “She’s Not There: A Life in Two Genders.” In front of a full lecture hall in Donald P. Corbett Business Building, Boylan talked about her life as a transgender woman and read an excerpt from her new book, “Stuck in the Middle With You: Parenthood in Three Genders.”

A push for trans-inclusive health care
Labor unions and lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender-equality groups are pushing transgender-inclusive health care as part of the first-of-its-kind national Transgender Month of Action.

Moss Point schools chief: Bullying won't be tolerated
In response to bullying allegations leveled against the Moss Point School District by the Southern Poverty Law Center, schools Superintendent Maggie Griffin released an official statement Friday evening.

Victory Fund Endorses Transgender Candidate for NY City Council
The Victory Fund has endorsed the New York City Council bid of Mel Wymore, an openly transgender candidate.

Psychiatry department launches LGBT health initiative
Columbia’s psychiatry department is hoping to develop better health coverage for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people through a new research program.