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quarta-feira, abril 10, 2013

Mulheres transexuais têm 49 vezes mais chances de contraírem HIV
Pesquisa foi realizada com 11 mil transexuais em 15 países
Mulheres transexuais têm 49 vezes mais chances de contraírem HIV

Why prison is no place for transsexuals
The emergency in prisons is not just about overcrowding. Nor is it just a question of general quality and respect for human dignity. It is also linked to specific cases involving transsexuals, which are increasingly finding themselves at the crux of the debate on prisons throughout Europe.

Transformada: Thammy vira Lohane e dança a Conga em "Salve Jorge"; assista
A tão esperada transformação de Thammy em “Salve Jorge” aconteceu no capítulo dessa última segunda (8).

Piauí: Rejeição de projeto para transexuais causa polêmica em Teresina
Câmara não aprovou projeto que previa legalização do uso do nome social. Autor da lei e grupo GPTrans acusam vereadores de discriminação.

Woman jailed for obtaining sexual consent of another woman ‘by fraud’
An 18-year-old woman has been jailed for three years on the grounds of obtaining the sexual consent of another woman “by fraud” because the victim thought she was male.

Call to hire more sex-swap police
The body representing Scotland's transgender police has urged the country's new national police force to recruit more transvestite and sex- swap officers.

GPs face GMC investigation over treatment of transgender patients
The GMC is investigating 39 complaints regarding the medical treatment of transgender patients, including many involving GPs, after campaigners approached the regulator with a dossier of cases.

[South Korea] [Special feature]
For transgenders, sex change but not about organs, but “a question of life and death”
New court ruling makes it possible for transgenders to legally change gender classification on their identification documents

ENDA under review prior to April reintroduction
A long-standing piece of pro-LGBT legislation is under review and may be redrafted prior to its expected introduction in the U.S. House next month.

Legendary Trans Activist Kate Bornstein is Battling Cancer (And You Can Help!)
Kate Bornstein, the famed transgender playwright, author and activist was diagnosed with lung cancer in September 2011. Despite undergoing surgery, she learned in February that the cancer had returned. Doctors are confident that it is curable but her treatments and recovery are complicated by chronic lymphocytic leukemia, which Bornstein has had for more than a decade.
$50,000 raised for trans activist Kate Bornstein's cancer treatment in two days

First book with transgender theme makes it on CA schools reading list
The California Department of Education this week released its long list of recommended books for grades Pre-K-through-12. Between Geoffrey Chaucer and Willa Cather is a new book for high schoolers about a transgender teen’s search for acceptance.

Transgender Fighter Fallon Fox Presents Huge Decision For Dana White
Since MMA fighter Fallon Fox announced that she is transgender on March 5 (via the Huffington Post), many have weighted in on whether or not that part of one's life should impact their place in a specific-gender division.

Is Skateboarding Ready To Openly Embrace A Transgender Skater
A few years ago I would have answered the following question with a definite no. Shit, even finding a home for this story would have proved difficult, if not impossible. For something as open minded and progressive as skateboarding it surprises people that this subject still remains taboo in so much of it.

Nevada Senate votes to cover transgender people under hate crimes statute
The Senate on Thursday approved a bill adding transgender people to the list of those covered by Nevada’s hate crimes statute.

Possible Nondiscrimination Ordinance Explored in County
The still-hypothetical ordinance would offer typical nondiscrimination protections on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity. It's not yet clear whether Montgomery County can enact any nondiscrimination ordinance under state law.