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segunda-feira, abril 01, 2013

Activists demand court stops jailing people for not telling sex partners they are trans
Scottish Transgender Alliance is urging people to sign a petition asking the Crown Office to work with transgender rights groups
Case of trans man facing jail for sex ‘by fraud’ raises concerns of Scottish Transgender Alliance

Transgender teen finds love with mum’s best friend
A brave man who was born a girl wants to give courage to other transgender people after appearing on TV to talk about his struggle.
Transsexual teenager to marry his mum’s best friend who babysat him when he was a baby girl

I want to help transgender people like me, says teenager 'trapped in wrong body'
A man trapped in a woman’s body is drawing on his own experience to smash stereotypes and promote understanding about the transgender community.

Padua 'outraged' by a drag queen contest in a church
The Filipino gay community organizes an event in a meeting room of a parish church, but the locals criticize the move

International Women’s Day: UN Committee / Police violence against trans women in Turkey
On International Women’s Day, Intergroup Co-Presidents Ulrike Lunacek and Michael Cashman recall that violence remains a dire reality for lesbian, bisexual and transgender women in Europe and in the world.

Legal gender recognition for transgender persons in Montenegro
Experience gained within the framework of the project "Implementing the Council of Europe recommendations on LGBT rights," so far achieved significant results in the field of human rights of LGBT people and the Report of the Expert Working Group for the preparation of the Analysis of legal regulations in respect to LGBT rights, put a special emphasis on the need for the introduction of specific measures for legal gender recognition.

Transgender wins polls
Transgender Parveen Banu of the Congress came out with flying colours trouncing her nearest rival by 160 votes from ward 4 of Bellary City Corporation.
Win-win situation for transgenders

State includes sex workers and transgenders in women's policy
In a first of its kind move, the ministry of women and child in state launched the policy on women with a dedicated chapter on issues faced by sex workers. The policy which was launched by chief minister PrithvirajChavan last week speaks of better access to health, education and other development programmes for women.

Eunuchs upset with Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation eviction notice
Resentment is brewing among eunuchs residing near Vani Vihar as the Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation (BMC) has decided to demolish their 'illegal' settlement to facilitate expansion of the National Highway between Rasulgarh and Vani Vihar.

Malaysia still curtailing LGBT people's rights, says Human Rights Watch
Malaysia's human rights record criticized again in report to the UN

Engendering Law
In the video, a transgender Vietnamese in a stringy, low-cut top entertains a crowd by balancing three fiery batons in her hands and on her head. A while later, other transgenders talk about the daily challenges of being at odds with your sex of birth, ranging from which restroom to use to bickering with the police over the gender stipulated on your official I.D.

Why Kids Are Getting Transgender Surgery
As transgender rights gain more attention, parents and doctors are embracing transgender surgery for children at younger ages—even kids in elementary school, writes Margaret Talbot in the New Yorker. The thinking: Early surgery and puberty-suppressing medication will make kids better-looking and mentally stronger as they change genders. But some parents are straining under the pressure of making such a huge decision for a young child. "I wonder if I'm holding him back," says the father of a 3-year-old who seems transgender. "Like, should I be asking, 'Do you want to be called a he or she?'"

Despite DADT Repeal, Transgender Troops Must Remain Closeted
Eighteen months after repeal of “Don't Ask, Don't Tell,” the policy which prevented gay and bisexual troops from serving openly, transgender soldiers must continue to remain closeted.

Trans Golfer Bobbi Lancaster: 'I Shouldn't Compete Against Women My Age'
The 62-year-old former golfer at McMaster Univ. says younger golfers are her appropriate competition

Berkeley coalition demands access to information about death in police custody
Xavier Christopher Moore died Feb. 12 during a situation we believe was instigated by the Berkeley Police Department, at her apartment on the fifth floor of 2116 Allston Way, the Gaia Building. Moore has been referred to as a man in police and media reports, but Moore lived her life as a woman, so out of respect we will refer to Moore as “she.”
How Did Kayla Moore Die?
Protest planned in response to Kayla Moore’s death while in police custody

Bill would protect transgender students’ right to school sports
Saying he is working to ensure that transgender students in California feel fully included in schools, Assemblymember Tom Ammiano, D-San Francisco, last week introduced legislation to give transgender students the right to participate in school sports and use bathroom facilities that correspond with their expressed genders, the Associated Press reported.

25,000 Support Six-Year-Old Trans Girl Facing Discrimination
The family of transgender six-year-old Coy Mathis is standing firm in their refusal to return Coy to Eagleside Elementary School in Fountain, Colorado unless the school allows her to use the girls’ bathroom like the rest of the girls in her first-grade class.

Advocacy Coalition Supports MPD Clarification of Condom Policy
The Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) is taking steps to educate the community and police officers about the possession of condoms – they are not to be considered reasonable cause to stop, search, or arrest someone. In addition to clarifying Department policy via police “roll call” bulletin, MPD has begun to distribute cards in the community explaining that individuals have the right to carry as many condoms as they want in the District of Columbia. The card text reads:

Students find gender-neutral housing on-campus unsatisfactory
When junior Nick Gottuk first heard of the university’s gender-neutral living option, he said he was excited and surprised by such a progressive initiative. However, his excitement soon diminished, he said, when he learned the details of the program.

Iowa judge says transgender woman faced discrimination
A state administrative law judge has ruled that a transgender woman should not have been ordered out of a courthouse women’s restroom by a sheriff’s deputy.

Lawmakers try to reverse transgender law
Lawmakers in Massachusetts are pushing hard to repeal the state’s “Transgender Rights and Hate Crimes Law” – with a bill pending in the State Judiciary committee – before more damage can be done.

Three Charged in Possible Transgender Hate Crime
Police said a transgendered individual and a friend were beat up in downtown Silver Spring by a group of students.

Event promotes discussion of transgender issues
The 1999 film “Boys Don’t Cry” tells the story of a young adult who was born female but identifies as and wishes to live as a male.

Judge Hands Down Fine In Columbus’ First-Ever Transgender Discrimination Case
A judge ordered the owners of the Capital Club to pay a $1,000 fine in the city’s first-ever transgender discrimination case.
Ohio judge fines club in Columbus’ first-ever transgender discrimination case
Company Ordered to Pay $1000 in Columbus’ First-Ever Transgender Discrimination Case
Health club fined for discriminating against transgender massage therapist

'I was a Girl Scout for 3 years but that’s really not the same thing'
The Lane County Concussions are gearing up for another season of men’s roller derby with a new member, A.J. “Pac’n Man” Spencer.
Spencer is the first member of the men’s roller derby team who is a transgender player.

Drag queen invited to read to primary age children
An afterschool programme in the US city of Philadelphia courted controversy when it invited a drag queen to read to its primary-aged children.

Se declara culpable coacusada en caso de la transexual Ivana
Luz Raquel Ponds Morales, una de las acusadas en el caso por el supuesto allanamiento ilegal en el apartamento de la transexual Ivana Fred Millán en Santurce, se declaró culpable este lunes de un cargo de acecho y otro de ofrecer una declaración falsa sobre la comisión de un delito, por lo que fue sentenciada a pagar $400 de multa.

Local bishop speaks out against City Council amendment that would prohibit discrimination toward gays, lesbians, and transsexuals
A ballot proposition put forth by the El PasoCity Council that would prohibit any discrimination toward gays, lesbians, and transsexuals has one local bishop speaking out.

Dallas drag diva Erica Andrews dies
Erica Andrews, a nationally known trans woman and drag diva who headlined the Dallas-filmed indie flick Ticked Off Trannies with Knives, died last night in Chicago from a lung infection, according to reports.
Drag icon Erica Andrews passes away

LGBT non-discrimination bill dies in the legislature
A bill that would prohibit discrimination in housing and employment based on sexual orientation and gender identity died before it even hit the Senate floor.
LGBT Non-Discrimination Bill Dies Quick Death In Utah Legislature
Proposed non-discrimination law won't be heard on Senate floor
Anti-discrimination bill for gays appears dead for 2013
Utah senator: Bill prohibiting anti-LGBT discrimination is dead
Death of anti-discrimination bill sparks protest
Rallies Tuesday, Wednesday for thwarted Utah LGBT antibias law
Mormons rally in support of statewide anti-discrimination efforts

Inclusive Non-Discrimination Bill Introduced in West Virginia Senate
Last Friday, West Virginia Senate President Jeffrey Kessler introduced a inclusive state non-discrimination bill in the West Virginia Senate, saying that this measure was not only about ethical responsibility but also good economic policy. The bill, SB 486, would prohibit discrimination against LGBT people in housing and employment.

[Latin America]
Alerta: violencia contra la población de diversidad sexual
El Secretariado Permanente de la Red Latinoamericana y del Caribe para la Democracia (RedLad) alerta sobre la existencia de altos índices de violencia contra la población sexualmente diversa en la Región.

Comunicado: A proposito de las reformas y la identidad de género
Carta entregada a los Asambleístas de la Comisión de Gobiernos Autónomos y Descentralizados - Ecuador