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segunda-feira, março 25, 2013

End Trans Discrimination: the Survey
The National Transgender Discrimination Survey is the most extensive survey of transgender discrimination ever undertaken. Over 6,450 responses are included in the survey, which explored discrimination in all aspects of life.

Terapia da fala para trans
O pretende ser um espaço de partilha de conhecimentos destinado a profissionais de saúde que trabalham na área da Identidade de Género, pessoas transexuais e seus familiares, bem como a outros interessados no tema.
Simpatizantes/aderentes do Grupo Transexual Portugal poderão usufruir de descontos que vão de 25 a 100%. As pessoas interessadas deverão contactar o GTP por email ou por msg privada no Facebook.

Lucy Meadows, trans teacher whose gender reassignment made news, found dead at home
Primary school teacher Lucy Meadows has been found dead at her home in Accrington, Lancashire. The news was announced to pupils and parents on the school's website.
Trans teacher found dead after tabloid press tells her story
The Daily Mail: Fire Richard Littlejohn for victimizing Lucy Meadows, leading to her possible suicide (petition)
Primary school teacher, 32, who announced to pupils he was changing sex is found dead at home
Teacher due to begin new term at school as a woman is found dead
Nathan Upton 'Sir' who became 'Miss' found dead: School in shock at death of sex-change teacher, 32
Sir who became Miss is found dead after return to school
Sex change teacher found dead
Transgender teacher found dead at Lancashire home
Media blamed for teacher's suicide
Transsexual teacher dies after media coverage
Trans teacher believed to have killed herself 'had told of press harassment'
Transgender primary school teacher who 'took own life' had sought protection from media hounding before her death
Daily Mail urged to fire Richard Littlejohn after death of Lucy Meadows
Death of trans teacher Lucy Meadows prompts calls for Daily Mail to sack Richard Littlejohn
Daily Mail urged to fire Richard Littlejohn after trans teacher's death
Activist Helen Belcher to meet MPs over media mistreatment of trans people
Analysis: Trans suicide and the way the media reports the trans community

[Commentary] Her name was Lucy: Press coverage of a teacher’s death
[Commentary] Press regulation, freedom of speech and the death of Lucy Meadows
[Commentary] The Ongoing Saga of Tabloids and Trans People
[Commentary] The end of a free press…
Trans Woman Commits Suicide After Being Bullied By The Daily Mail
Death Of Lucy Meadows, British Transgender Teacher, Scrutinized As New Details Emerge
Daily Mail's Richard Littlejohn Faces Online Wrath For Column On Transgender Teacher Lucy Meadows

[Commentary] Lucy Meadows story not in the public interest
[Commentary] What lies behind the monstering of trans people in the press?
[Commentary] Unable to cope with difference?
[Commentary] The death of Lucy Meadows
[Commentary] Lucy’s Law
100,000 sign petition for sacking of Daily Mail columnist Richard Littlejohn over Lucy Meadows article

CeCe has moved to Stillwater!
As of March 2013, CeCe has transferred from the Minnesota state prison in St. Cloud to the prison in Stillwater, MN. She anticipates that she’ll be in Stillwater until her expected release date in December 2013. If you write CeCe, send her books, or visit her, make sure to check for her updated address!

Trans woman gang-raped in New York hotel
Transgender woman was sexually assaulted by three men at gunpoint, with police saying it is possible there were more men involved

FDNY hunk sentenced to five years probation for assaulting transsexual stripper ex-girlfriend
A beefy FDNY calendar boy with a weakness for glamorous transsexual strippers was sentenced to five years probation today for assaulting and then continuing to compulsively contact one of his exotic she-male exes.
Hulking ex-fire fighter Taylor Murphy, convicted of assaulting transgender girlfriend, walks with jail-free sentence

Bill would add gender identity to Nevada’s hate crime law
With her 7-year-old transgender son — he was born as a girl but identifies as a boy — sitting on her lap, a Sparks mother urged the Senate Judiciary Committee today to pass a bill to expand the law on hate crimes.
Nevada lawmakers consider adding gender identity to hate crime statute

Spa World Clarifies Policy
Virginia spa popular with LGBT community says it does not discriminate on gender or sexual orientation
Health spa refuses to allow ‘abnormal’ gay and transgender customers
Centreville’s Spa World at center of controversy, lack of anti-discrimination laws for LGBT customers noted