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sexta-feira, abril 05, 2013

[Reino Unido]
Transexual brasileira é encontrada morta em seu flat na cidade de Londres
O corpo da Patricia Reigada será cremado em Londres, até o momento o corpo ainda não foi liberado pela polícia, que por sua vez está realizando a 2ª autopsia.
O motivo da morte foi parada cardíaca.

Fear of “third gender” prompts some Swedish legislators to retain transgender sterilization law
Never mind a recent Swedish court ruling stating the current practice of forced sterilization of transgender citizens was a violation of the European Convention on Human Rights, some legislators are arguing that the practice remain in place.
Swedish lawmakers: Sterilize transgender Swedes or risk new ‘third sex’
'Third-sex' fear cited to snip transgender Swedes

New government gives transsexual fresh hope
Law changes may give hairdresser Joanne Cassar the right to get married
Transgender people to be awarded the right to marry

Turkey's First Trans TV Reporter Reveals Her Story
"Activism is not only about demonstrating on the street. It is important to show that 'others' are also capable of doing meaningful things. Therefore, I am marching with my flag in the hand," Michelle Demishevich, Turkey's first trans television reporter, told bianet.
Michelle Demishevich, primera reportera transexual en la historia de la televisión turca

Nepal gov hosts LGBTI rights seminar, but decides not to renew only gay rights group's license
Nepal's government is hosting a UN seminar on LGBTI human rights this week, but has decided not to renew license of the country's only gay rights group

[South Korea]
Sex organ operation not vital to change gender
A Seoul court has ruled that persons who undergo sex change operations can be recognized as the opposite without altering the sex organ for the first time in the country.

Gender-Inclusive Housing Preferences: A Survey of College-Aged Transgender Students
Traditional on-campus housing assignments at colleges and universities are made on the basis of legal sex, where students are housed only with other students of the same legal sex.

Video: TV host claims 6 year old trans girl’s gender identity is a result of her parents’ ‘fetish’
A TV host in Canada has claimed that the parents of a trans girl have committed child abuse by allowing her to live according to her gender identity, and says it amounts to a “fetish”.
School dist. responds to discrimination complaint
School District Responds To Claim Of Discrimination Against Transgender Child
School district responds to discrimination complaint over transgender 6-year-old Coy Mathis
Dispute on Transgender Rights Unfolds at a Colorado School

Twenty gender-neutral bathrooms available on campus
The situation regarding transgender Fountain, Colo., student Coy Mathis, a self-identified 6-year-old girl, has raised questions regarding restroom usage for transgender students on campus.

Police ID transgender woman found shot to death
A person was found shot to death Thursday morning in some woods just off of Rio Grande Drive near Orange Blossom trail in Orange County.
Investigators have not released much about the victim except that it’s a 30-year-old transgender woman.
Orlando Trans Victim Shot Killed, at Mobile Home Park
Black Trans Woman Killed In Florida And Subsequently Misgendered By The Media

Trans woman murdered in Baltimore, police asking for help
Kelly Young died at a hospital after being found by authorities in a West Baltimore, Maryland home following reports of a shooting on Wednesday. Her identity has apparently been confirmed by her mother.
Police: Too early to call transgender woman's death a hate crime