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quinta-feira, abril 04, 2013

Nordeste realiza seu X Encontro Regional de Trans
Travestis e transexuais do Nordeste realizam em maio seu X Encontro Regional

Travesti é preso suspeito de tráfico de drogas em operação na zona norte do Rio
Operação da polícia em comunidades da zona norte tem como objetivo combater o tráfico de drogas

Homem preso com arma de uso restrito tenta culpar travesti em Dourados
Policiais Militares da Força Tática prenderam ontem um homem de 35 anos com uma arma de uso restrito. O flagrante aconteceu por volta as 23h50, na casa do acusado, no centro de Dourados.

Travestis e Transexuais reivindicam mundo sem preconceito e discriminação
Audiência com travestis e transexuais integra Consulta Pública Pós-2015, ano limite para o alcance dos ODM

Have you had a sex change? asks council complaint form
Pedestrian Susan Field complained to her council about a set of traffic lights – and was asked if she had ever had a sex change or was gay.

John Lyons TD to launch landmark Human Rights Publication
This Friday (15 March 2013), Labour TD John Lyons will launch the new TENI publication Equality and Identity: Transgender and Intersex Experience in Ireland. The book will be launched in Wood Quay Civic Offices, Dublin at 6pm.

Government hours away from agreement on transsexual marriage rights
An agreement between government and Joanne Cassar is understood to be “imminent” following several meetings between the two sides.
Settlement in gender reassignment case
Transgender woman wins legal right to marry after government drops case
Transsexual to be granted right to marry
Jubilation greets transsexual marriage announcement

Lithuanian Ministry of Justice seeks to remove the requirement to adopt the law on gender reassignment from the Civil Code
Lithuanian Minister of Justice Juozas Bernatonis has suggested deleting from the Civil Code the requirement to envisage gender reassignment procedure by law. On 26 March 2013 the Parliament approved the relevant amendment for deliberation. It will now go to parliamentary committees.

The first russian week of transgender visibility
Last week LGBT organization Coming Out hosted the first Week of Transgender Visibility in St. Petersburg. This was also the first public event dedicated to transgender rights after the infamous “propaganda of sodomy, lesbianism, bisexualism, and transgenderness” law was adopted in St. Petersburg exactly one year ago.

Sampling the 'new gender studies' at Patna University
This week, a collection of university teachers and postgraduate students of English literature attended a presentation on 'Queer Theory' at Darbhanga House. For most, the topic was decidedly unfamiliar and strange. Others had a nodding acquaintance with the term, and shrugged it off as a western literary fad of some kind.

Fraternity to donate $18,000 to charity after insurance agrees to cover trans brother’s surgery
The trans student whose fraternity launched a fundraiser to pay for his chest surgery has learned that insurance will cover his operation, meaning most of the $20,000 (£13,209) raised can go to helping other trans people in need.

Maryland gender identity bill fails to pass Senate committee
A bill which aimed to tackle discrimination in employment, credit, housing and public accommodations, based on gender identity or expression, failed to pass the committee stage of Maryland’s Senate.
Transgender anti-discrimination bill killed by senators in Maryland
Maryland Senate Committee Votes Down Bill That Would Have Banned Transgender Discrimination

GLAD Files Appeal on Behalf of Maine Transgender Student
GLAD has filed an appeal in the Maine Supreme Judicial Court on behalf of our client Susan Doe, a transgender girl who experienced discrimination and harassment at her Orono school.

Signatures Put Royal Oak Inclusive Ordinance At Risk
The battle for equal rights protections in Royal Oak continues, as the Human Rights Ordinance that was passed by the City Commission on March 4 is on hold thanks to a petition of 100 signatures turned in on Tuesday.
Human rights ordinance on hold in Royal Oak, Mich., as opponents seek voter approval

Tempers flare during hearings for 3 LGBT bills
Tempers flared Thursday at a legislative hearing on three bills concerning the rights of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender Nebraskans.
Nebraska lawmakers hear testimony on anti-LGBT discrimination bills

Cross-gender hormones are provided to two Oklahoma inmates
The state Corrections Department provides cross-gender hormones to two of the nearly 25,000 inmates serving time in Oklahoma prisons.
Department spokesman Jerry Massie said the state prison system will provide such hormones “when it's medically appropriate,” but that such cases are rare.

La familia de la transexual Agnes Torres exige justicia por su asesinato
La familia de Agnes Torres, psicóloga y defensora de los derechos de la comunidad transexual, luchan para conseguir que se haga justicia con todos aquellos que estuvieron implicados en la muerte de la joven mexicana en marzo de 2012.

Joven taxista fue agredido por travestis de prostíbulo clandestino
El joven taxista Manuel Rodríguez (23), fue asaltado y agredido esta mañana por inmediaciones de la calle Alto de la Luna del Cercado de nuestra ciudad; por dos travestis quienes golpearon al joven en el rostro dejándolo prácticamente desfigurado.

Comunidad transexual pide justicia por ola de asesinatos
Varios colectivos de transexuales uruguayos, apoyados por organizaciones como Amnistía Internacional, clamaron este viernes en el centro de Montevideo contra la impunidad por los seis asesinatos cometidos en contra de miembros de esta comunidad desde 2011 sobre los que la Justicia no tiene la menor pista.