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quinta-feira, abril 18, 2013

Travesti é executado com tiro na cabeça em Gravataí
Um travesti foi morto com um tiro na cabeça na tarde desta quarta-feira em uma rua no bairro Parque dos Eucaliptos, em Gravataí, na região Metropolitana. Moradores ouviram o disparo por volta das 13h45min e comunicaram a Brigada Militar. A vítima ainda não foi identificada. A perícia já está no local. Até agora, ninguém foi preso. Os motivos do crime também não se esclareceram. Vítima ainda não foi identificada.

Uso de nome social de travestis é debatido em audiência pública do AM
Iniciativa contou com a presença de representante do MEC.
Com o uso do nome social, indivíduo não é chamado pelo nome registrado.

Trans media victim Lucy Meadows' death sparks debate in UK parliament
Over 200,000 people have signed a petition urging the Daily Mail to sack columnist Richard Littlejohn for his anti-trans remarks
Lancashire: Inquest opened into death of Lucy Meadows
Over 200,000 sign petition for sacking of Daily Mail columnist Richard Littlejohn over Lucy Meadows article
Inquest opened into death of transgender Accrington teacher Lucy Meadows

Lithuania's JustMin suggests changes to Civil Code
On Tuesday, the parliament approved the relevant amendments for discussion. They will now go to parliamentary committees.

Cameroon police re-arrest freed 'gay' 'Baileys liqueur drinkers'
Cameroon has re-arrested two men who were previously acquitted for appearing 'gay' due to drinking Bailey's Irish liqueur

Bill C-279 looks to preserve the rights of all transgender Canadians
If Bill C-279 becomes law, it would become illegal to discriminate against transgender Canadians.
Bill C-279 Good, but not good enough

San Francisco transgender community reports uptick in targeted violence
Recent reports involving attacks against transgender people in the Mission district have community leaders searching for ways to protect the vulnerable group.

WATCH: Transgender Woman Arrested for Exposing Breasts, Jailed With Men
Ashley Del Valle is a transgender woman from New York who was arrested in Georgia for indecent exposure after she allegedly showed her breasts, but then was housed in an all-male jail.
Blunders abound in Georgia trans woman ‘exposed breasts arrest’ — DA in a pickle

Oregon School Creates Unisex Bathrooms for Trans Students
A high school in Portland, Ore., has created unisex bathrooms to accommodate all students, but especially those who identify as transgender. Gender non-conforming and transgender students at Grant High School will not be mandated to use the six bathrooms, but will have the option.

Trans-Man Denied Name Change from Louisa County Judge
"when it comes to someone needing their name changed for their mental health, they get roadblocked."

[Latin America]
Advancing a Hemispheric Agenda on Trans Rights
Across Latin America and the Caribbean, the trend is an increasing acceptance of lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans[1] and intersex (LGBTI) people. Recent years have seen important strides toward attaining marriage equality, educational access and public visibility for LGBTI people throughout the region.
[1] Trans is used as an umbrella term to describe all gender variant individuals, including those who identify as transvestite, transsexual and transgender.

La Ministra Carina Vance se pronuncia sobre despatologización de la Transexualidad
En el marco del evento: “La Psicología y el Ministerio de Salud Ante la Transexualidad: Un Debate sobre la despatologización”, organizado por la Asociación Silueta X, el viernes 19 de octubre del 2012, en la Facultad de Psicología de la Universidad de Guayaquil y del cual se desarrolló una reseña por el Diario el Telégrafo.