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quarta-feira, abril 24, 2013

Con fecha 17 de abril del año 2013, El Consejo Permanente de la Organización de Estados Americanos, entregó Informe Preliminar sobre; Orientación sexual, Identidad de Género y Expresión de Género.

Ministério da Saúde reduz idade para tratamento e cirurgia de mudança de sexo
O Ministério da Saúde (MS) deve publicar ainda nesta semana uma portaria que reduz a idade mínima para a realização da cirurgia de mudança de sexo pela rede pública de saúde de 21 anos para 18. Também muda a referência para o tratamento hormonal, de 18 para 16 anos. Segundo a assessoria da imprensa do MS, o Ministério Público Federal será ouvido antes da publicação da portaria.

Travesti Patricia Araújo fará participação em "Salve Jorge" como traficada
Gloria Perez vem investindo no elenco de traficadas de "Salve Jorge" e dando espaço à diversidade. Depois da atriz transexual Maria Clara Spinelli (Anita) e Mariana Mollina (Beyoncé), chegou a vez da travesti Patricia Araújo, 29.
Mais uma! Travesti Patricia Araújo fará participação em "Salve Jorge" como traficada

Campaigns to get Richard Littlejohn sacked by Daily Mail signed by 240,000
Two petitions calling for Richard Littlejohn to be sacked were delivered to the Daily Mail's offices last week claiming the support 240,000 people.

'I lost 12 STONE for my sex swap': Computer programmer, 29, slims to 9 stone to become the woman he always dreamed of being
Hinoi Tonkin, born Keith, lost 12st in sex swap quest
The IT specialist from Middlesborough was miserable in male body
Used to comfort eat but is now 9st and loves going dancing
Awaiting final stages of £10,000 NHS operation

Marseille gag Joey Barton after Thiago Silva Twitter tirade
The on-loan Marseille man labelled Thiago Silva an "overweight ladyboy" on the social-networking site hours after Paris Saint-Germain's Champions League quarter-final clash with Barcelona.
Joey Barton summoned by Ethics Committee after calling PSG defender Thiago Silva an 'overweight ladyboy' on Twitter
Marseille apologizes for Barton's Twitter rant
Joey Barton acusó de 'transexual' a Thiago Silva
PSG threaten action against Barton for 'ladyboy' tweets
Joey Barton gagged over transphobic ‘ladyboy’ tweet
Joey Barton ordered by Marseille to stop abusing Thiago Silva on Twitter
Barton rapped over Silva slur

LGBTI human rights work in crisis in Nepal
Moral running low at Nepal's biggest LGBTI rights organization, Blue Diamond Society, where staff haven't been paid for seven months

UPSC ducks transgender’s test query
At a time when a number of organisations and social activists are fighting seriously for the social rights of transgenders, sadly there is no provision that allows the community members to appear for the competitive examinations conducted by the UPSC and TNPSC, both government bodies.

ACLU, gay groups file motion to force Medicare to fund sex-change operations
The ACLU and homosexual lobbying groups have joined with a radical lawyer to file a challenge that would force Medicare to offer taxpayer-funded sex change operations.
HHS drops 'public comment' process on medicare/medicaid covering transgender healthcare

Transgender Women 49 Times More Likely To Have HIV, Study Says
Transgender women were 49 times more likely to have HIV compared to a reference population, according to a new study on transgender women and HIV.

PACHA Issues Groundbreaking Transgender HIV/AIDS Resolution
Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS Makes Recommendations for Addressing the Epidemic of HIV/AIDS Among Transgender Communities

Transgender man denied divorce discusses ruling
The Valley resident better known to the world as the "pregnant man" is speaking out about being denied a divorce even though it is what he and his wife want.

John Kavanagh, Arizona State Representative, Defends Transgender Bathroom Bill
The Arizona state legislator who received national attention for promoting a harsh anti-transgender bill aimed at prosecuting transgender people for using a public restroom if their gender appearance didn't match the gender on their identification said yesterday that his effort is indeed “targeting” transgender people, but “only with respect to public accommodations where there is an expectation of privacy” and is about “a balancing of rights.”

Kayla Moore: Death Of Schizophrenic Transgender Woman In Berkeley Police Custody Draws Activists' Ire
On the night of February 12, African American transgender woman Kayla Moore died while in the custody of Berkeley police. And now, Bay Area trans activists are up in arms demanding answers.

Anti-violence rally draws crowd
El/La Para Translatinas, an agency serving transgender people in San Francisco's Mission district, held a rally at the 16th Street BART station plaza Thursday, March 28 to call attention to what the group says is an uptick in anti-transgender violence.

Crowd Rallies in D.C. for Transgender Health
Activists call for competent, culturally sensitive care for transgender people, equal coverage for medical procedures

Transgender MMA Fighter Fallon Fox Set for Next Fight at CFA 11 in Florida
Arrangements are lining up for Fallon Fox and her next MMA bout, as she'll reportedly face regional fighter Allanna Jones in the Championship Fighting Alliance on May 24.
Florida Commission Closes Investigation Clearing the Way for Fallon Fox to Fight
Fallon Fox Did Not Commit Violation When She Applied for License With Florida State Boxing Commission: Ruling

Fourth Idaho city passes LGBT-inclusive non-discrimination ordinance
The Moscow City Council has passed an anti-discrimination ordinance that makes it illegal to make housing and employment decisions based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

Trans-unfriendly Idaho drops surgery requirement for driver’s license gender marker changes
In a state notorious for leaving hurdles in the way of transgender rights, the Idaho Transportation Department dropped it’s policy of requiring sex reassignment surgery before one’s gender marker can be changed on driver’s licenses. The department made the change after the ACLU of Idaho urged them to do so on behalf of two trans residents in that state.

Mass. prison officials ask judge to overturn inmate sex-change ruling
Massachusetts prison officials are asking a federal appeals court to overturn an order to provide taxpayer funded sex change operation to a trans-gender inmate. Michelle Kosilek, formerly Robert Kosilek, is serving a life sentence for the murder of his wife.
Ruling on Mass. inmate’s sex change is fought

EMS Denied Transgender Patient Care Causing Her Death, Alleges Sheepshead Bay Lawyer
Emergency responders left Shaun Smith to die because she is transgender, claims a lawsuit brought by the victim’s mother. The Sheepshead Bay attorney representing her says it’s part of a disturbing national trend of discrimination against transgender patients.

Measure targets campus LGBT centers, says they lead to ‘high-risk’ behavior
An amendment to the Texas Legislature’s general appropriations bill, SB1, would defund gender and LGBT resource centers on the basis that they encourage risky sexual behavior.

Texas Senate Committee Considers Non-Discrimination Protections for LGBT Community
Today the Texas Senate Committee on Economic Development heard testimony on a bill to prohibit employment discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression.

An Interview with Venezuelan Trans Rights Superstar, Tamara Adrian
In honour of International Day of Transgender Visibility we spoke with Tamara Adrian - Venezuelan lawyer, law professor, human rights activist and all round international trans rights superstar. She spoke about transgender visibility in international arenas, the new ’revolution’ in gender identity laws in Latin America, and some key questions facing trans communities in contemporary Venezuela.