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segunda-feira, fevereiro 10, 2014

New Website for Trans Youth
A new website, "Trans*youth@md" ( has been established to answer legal questions posed by trans youth and their parents. The site was created by FreeState Legal, Inc. in partnership with local Maryland chapters of PFLAG. FreeState provides legal services to low income members of the LGBT community.

I am a girl’: Transgender children face a society slow to accept them
She is only 6 years old. Already the child who sits, legs tucked, on a canopied bed near a closet filled with princess dresses has lost her best friends.
Kids who used to ask A.J. to birthday parties stopped calling.
Parents back in preschool avoided making eye contact.

Disgruntled worker who is 'not a female or a male' sues for $518,682 over PRONOUNS
A person in Oregon named Valeria Jones is suing catering company Bon Appétit Management for $518,682 because coworkers used female names in reference to Jones despite the fact that Jones had continually expressed the desire to be addressed only with gender neutral pronouns.
Gender-neutral employee sues for $518,000; suit says employee wrongly referred to as woman